Tips to Control the Pigeon Population Around Your Home

Pigeons can be found all around the world, in the busiest of cities and the most rural of towns. Pigeons thrive when they live around humans, as they are very resourceful and use many of the common food scraps and products humans throw out every day. These birds are a serious nuisance to many homeowners, as they can cause a wide variety of issues. It is important to keep these birds away from your home. Continue reading and visit to find out more about the pigeon and how to control the population of birds around your home.

Why Worry About Pigeons?

There are many people who do not see the harm in having pigeons around their home or place of work. It is important that every person realizes how serious of a problem these birds are. They carry dozens of diseases, from histoplasmosis to psittacosis, each of which can seriously harm and potentially kill humans. Pigeons spread these diseases through the droppings that they leave everywhere around areas they roost. In addition to the health risks associated with them, pigeons also have the potential to cause fires, structural damage, and even mild flooding. Since their nest materials are easily flammable, they have been found to cause many fires in HVAC systems. Pigeon droppings cause corrosion on the metal of pipes and structural designs, which eventually can weaken to the point of catastrophic failure. As can be seen, pigeons are a very serious problem. Below are some pigeon prevention tips that can help you control the pigeon population around your home:

Bird Spikes

Since pigeons love to roost around homes and other buildings, a highly effective way to keep them off of your property is to set up roosting spikes. These spikes deter the pigeons from landing on your various ledges and should keep them away from your home after a while. There are many different bird spikes on the market, but most are commonly found in durable plastic, and they are usually clear so that people can barely see them in your home.

Make Your Yard Less Attractive

One of the best ways to keep the pigeon population controlled around your home is to eliminate the things that attract them. A great pigeon prevention tip is to get rid of any easy food sources, as this is the best way to dramatically reduce your yard’s attractiveness to pigeons, as they are opportunistic feeders. Pay attention to any trash you have sitting out, any fruits, grains, seeds, or berries, as they love each of these food sources. One really big step you can take is to remove any bird baths as well, as pigeons enjoy finding an area to bathe.

Trap Them

While trying to trap pigeons can cost some money, it can be an effective way to remove the pigeons from around your home. To do this, simply find some pigeon traps and bait them for several days without being set to capture the pigeons. This should allow them to get comfortable. Once they are used to the traps, feel free to set them and actually catch the pigeons. Once they are caught, you will want to go a long way away from your home, as pigeons can often locate the same area again and again. These traps often even have comforts for the pigeons, such as a bowl for water and shade covers. When nothing else seems to be working, trapping pigeons might end up being the best route that you can take, as it is a direct way to control the pigeon population around your home.

Chimney Cap

One of the biggest issues encountered with pigeons is their likelihood of causing fires in various places. Pigeons especially love to build nests in chimneys, as it provides a safe place to get out of the elements and raise their young. Since this is a serious fire hazard, it is important to solve this problem as soon as possible. One of the best pigeon prevention tips is to install a chimney cap. There are many different chimney caps on the market today, ranging in price, style, fit, and finish. Just be sure that there are no gaps or holes in it large enough to allow entrance for bats, rodents, squirrels, or birds.

Find a Professional

Sometimes, no matter what a homeowner does, pigeons just will not go away. If this happens to you, it would be a great idea to find a professional and hire them to control your pigeon population. These companies have decades of experience in dealing with all kinds of different scenarios and situations. While the services may be pricey sometimes, they are well worth it, as they will get rid of your pigeon problem once and for all. In addition to removing the pigeons, these companies will oftentimes work with you to fix damage animals have caused, and will even help you prevent future pest problems.


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