3 Animals That Are Crucial To Our Ecosystem

3 Animals That Are Crucial To Our Ecosystem

Taking care of others and the environment we share is simply part of life on earth. Some animals are way ahead of us, already doing their part to preserve and regulate natural resources for everyone’s benefit. It’s our job to give these creatures the thanks they deserve. More importantly, humans need to ensure animals can keep doing their jobs in a safe and healthy environment. How do we do that? The first step is to learn more about these animal superstars. From New Orleans locals to creatures across the world, here are three animals that are crucial to our ecosystem.

Beavers Better Our Rivers

Humans once thought of beavers as little more than pesky rodents, but research has proven that we have beavers to thank for regulating river ecosystems. When they gnaw through trees and build dams, they’re actually performing a vital service that combats some of the dangerous symptoms of climate change. Beavers help reduce flooding, drought, and wildfire damage. They also help preserve fish populations and freshwater reservoirs.

Studious Seals and Sea Lions

There’s a lot we don’t know about the ocean, but much of what we do know is thanks to seals and sea lions. These are animals that are crucial to our ecosystem because they help us further our knowledge of the environment. Scientists can attach monitors to seals and sea lions and use them to learn more about ocean circulation patterns, the effects of climate change on arctic ice, and other crucial knowledge.

Bees: Our Best and Busiest Pollinators

When a bee lands on you, is your first instinct to swat at it? Don’t. Not only will you likely get a sting for your troubles, but you’re also hurting an environmental VIP. There’s no end to the reasons why bees are so important. One of their best attributes is their pollination work. When bees float from flower to flower in the spring, they’re actually spreading pollen and helping plants reproduce. On top of creating a colorful, flourishing ecosystem, bees also perform crucial agriculture work through pollination. Next time you snack on almonds, oranges, or celery, be sure to thank a bee.

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