A Drive To Abu Dhabi In The Best Supercars

The best thing you can do during your Dubai trip or vacation is a short trip to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi located in the proximity of Dubai also attracts a number of tourists to explore the grand historical building. No matter whether you are in Dubai with your family or friends, a drive to Abu Dhabi will really be fascinating and memorable when you will be traveling in a supercar.

Not only tourists and commercialists but also residents get worried about traveling. No need to get depressed if you don’t have your own motor. There are various options available for commuting to Abu Dhabi. People usually don’t prefer to board on public transport when they are with the family. If you are one of them, you can enjoy traveling to Abu Dhabi in a luxury automobile by maintaining your privacy. 

In this blog, we will discuss the complete details to enjoy an exciting trip to Abu Dhabi in your own supercar. No worries if you can’t afford the supercar as you can rent it out easily from any best and professional Dubai Rent A Car company. 

How can you drive in a supercar to Abu Dhabi?

There are a number of automobile rental companies in Dubai that offer vehicles on rent. You will be amazed to see the vast rental fleet of these rental companies. From economy to a luxury exotic motor, all vehicles are available. Now you might be thinking why we are claiming that your trip will be memorable and enjoyable when you will travel in one of the supercars. 

Well! The reason is that supercars are the most comfortable and convenient to drive to Abu Dhabi due to comfy seats. Along with the interior comfy cushioned seats, the engines of these automobiles are smooth running. Moreover, the outlook of these cars will mask your elite impression on others. What else can be more lavishing than traveling in an exotic car! 

Drive to Abu Dhabi in Supercar

No doubt Dubai is a city of unparalleled attraction and constructional framework. But breathing in a natural landscape is more soothing and recreational than anything else. If you are looking for such a calm and serene environment to inhale in natural beauty, you need to escape out from adrenaline-pumping Dubai life. 

After entering Abu Dhabi, you will feel just like you are in heaven because the environment and nature pamper tourists very well. You will be amazed to know that Abu Dhabi’s popularity is due to its shopping plazas, cultural and traditional monuments. It depicts that your family is going to enjoy a bumper of entertainment on a one-day tour to Abu Dhabi in one of the supercars.

Firstly, you need to rent a luxury vehicle like Ferrari from the professional Dubai Rent A Car company. After getting into the driving seat, direct your supercar toward Abu Dhabi. You will have to cross Sheik Zayed Road in the UAE to go to Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed Road is a highway, basically, connecting a number of cities with one another. 

When you enter Abu Dhabi through this road, this road will be stretched across the city as Sheikh Maktoum Road. This city consists of an advanced, well-developed road infrastructure making your road trips easier. It has been observed that people follow landmarks to reach a destination. 

If you just want to enjoy a luxury road trip, you need to turn around Corniche. Just take a short round from the Corniche that is moving along the coastal area. Doing so will give you a fresh charming sensation when your hair will be flying in the air through the wind. Enjoy a super-amazing ultra-suspension road trip around the corniche in the Abu Dhabi town. 

Furthermore, there are many wonderful tourist spots and top sights to explore in Abu Dhabi during your one-day trip. The place that you should never forget to visit is The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This mosque is a really fascinating concoction structured with glittering marbles, domes, and minarets. 

For those who are in search of panoramic spectacles, we suggest you visit Etihad Towers located in the proximity of the Emirates Palace Hotel. Besides this, you can enjoy lunch and dinner at the many restaurants and hotels. Whichever restaurant you visited, must try their yummy signature cuisine. 

Final thoughts

Your trip to Abu Dhabi will be full of fun when you will travel in your dream car. So, hire a luxury motor like Lamborghini. Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, and Bentley, and move ahead to Abu Dhabi. We recommend hiring a car from RentalcarsUAE to enjoy quality time with your friends and family. You can easily book your car online at quite a commendable cost from this company. They will deliver your car to your desired location without any additional fee. This is the best Monthly rent a car Dubai company to choose if you are stay duration is a month or more than that. 

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