Click, Ship, and Sleep: 5 Benefits of Ordering A Mattress Online

Let’s face it – comfort is a non-negotiable luxury that we cannot compromise on, especially when it comes to sleep. Research shows that sleep quality and stress-related symptoms present a correlation with one’s bedding system. This includes the type and quality of your mattress, down to factors such as firmness, surface shape, and material used.

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping or pain in the back, shoulders, or neck that you think are related to your mattress, perhaps it’s high time for you to purchase a new one. In the US alone, you could see a showroom for mattresses in all sizes and materials. However, there are also options now available for you to be able to order online.

Here are reasons for you to order your new mattress online and finally get the quality of sleep you deserve:

1. Save More by Buying Online

Perhaps one of the concerns for online purchasing is the additional shipping cost to have an order delivered right at your given address. However, you cannot miss that you can save more money, as you don’t incur transportation expenses by making a trip to the showroom to look at mattress options that you might not even finalize buying.

Moreover, it is essential to note that showrooms, like any other physical business, have overhead costs for operating the establishment itself. There is also a factor of commission-based sales, wherein sales representatives would try to sell you the higher-priced models. Thus this trickles down to the cost of the products they sell. 

With buying a mattress online, you get the price of the mattress you want without additional charges. There are many options of stores to choose from, and you can also order other sleeping items such as pillows, bed sheets, duvet covers, and more. One fascinating concept introduced for purchasing your sleeping comfort needs is purchasing a mattress in a box online.  

2. More Room for Choosing Your Preferred Mattress

The wonder of going to a mattress showroom is getting to see all the different kinds of mattresses, with bed frames, pillows, sheets, and everything else that goes with sleeping needs. However, this showroom can only show some brands or a limited selection of choices.

Now imagine how many stores are there online – and how much you can browse when going mattress shopping. You might even get overwhelmed with the numerous varieties and even options on how to get your dream mattress. 

Online mattress shopping gives you the freedom to choose anything you want, minus the pressure of a sales representative hounding you around the store while you browse. Moreover, reviews left by previous purchasers can give you a first-hand account of the experience of using the product, as well as the services provided by the store you are eyeing to buy from.

3. Get Comfortable with Online Mattress Purchasing

Comfortable in this sense means that you can shop right in the comfort and luxury of your own home. Just sit all snuggly on your couch, bring out your phone or laptop, head on to an online store of your preference, and voila! You can now browse through their online catalog of mattress choices. 

Just click, pay, wait for it to be shipped, and comfort would be delivered right at your doorstep. No more having to allot time off your daily schedule to head on to the showroom or putting off your relaxation time to drive up into the city. 

4. Online Mattress Stores are Open 24/7

One remarkable aspect of online shopping is you won’t ever have to worry about not making it to a showroom’s store hours – because they are open every day, every hour of the week. You even get to have customer service representatives who are readily available to assist you should you have any concerns regarding the product itself, delivery, or payment. 

As there is no more pressure from actual commission-based employees who will ask for your decision to purchase, you can bookmark the mattress you are interested in and come back to the page or link at some other time. For mattress online shopping, time is solely yours and instantly at your disposal.

5. Enjoy the Perks of Promo Offers, and Even Free Delivery

Some online mattress stores offer seasonal promotions and sales and even discounts during events. Cashbacks are also a trend for online store shopping, which you could also avail of if you frequently buy stuff online. Some stores also conduct gimmicks such as trivia or quiz challenges, with prizes in the form of discounts or coupons for your next purchase.

Free delivery is also given as an incentive if you are a frequent buyer or chance upon an event such as the store’s anniversary celebration. Although it may take weeks to receive your mattress if you purchase it online, who can’t say no to free delivery and shipping, right?


Online purchasing has made everything so much easier and accessible to the everyday consumer. Comfort has now become a commodity that has also evolved along with the trend. Online shopping is the sure way to immediately address your sleeping needs, especially when it comes to the mattress you use.

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