Is Marijuana the Only Product in the Cannabis Industry?


Marijuana has always been a relatively popular product consumed by people of all ages above the legal age. However it was always particularly difficult to find marijuana due to the fact that it was illegal around the world for a very long time. 

In recent years various countries around the world have started legalizing the use of marijuana recreationally as well as selling it for the same type of use. Since the marijuana industry is relatively new and has only recently become widespread, most people don’t actually know a whole lot about it and think all the whole thing revolves around smoking a joint. As the stigma related to marijuana usage slowly falls away, not only are people becoming more knowledgeable, but the industry is producing much more than just marijuana itself. 

If you would like to know more about what the marijuana market has to offer and what other products are out there ready to be used, here are a few. 

Dry herb vaporizers

Much like a regular vaporizer that you can find at any physical or online store, such as Smoke Cartel, dry herb vaporizers make use of heat and liquid to create a vapor which is then inhaled. Unlike regular liquid vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers use the actual herb in the heating chamber instead of a liquid, juice, or oil. Dry herb vaporizers have become incredibly popular in the last few years because they are easy to use, and are relatively easy to conceal and use on the go whenever wanted.

When it comes to choosing the right one for you, there are two different kinds: some that use conduction heating and others that use convection heating. Vaporizers that use conduction are generally cheaper and more accessible; however, they tend to be a bit more finnicky because the product is only heated from the bottom and will need to be stirred every so often. 

Convection heated vaporizers, while being quite a bit more costly, are much easier to use and are considered an investment. If you are just testing them out it may be better to go for the cheaper option to start off with. You can check out this Kingston dispensary to find many vaping and smoking products that experienced users always go to.


If you don’t want to inhale any marijuana or are worried about risking the integrity of your lungs, then maybe you should be looking toward edibles instead. Edibles are a way of consuming marijuana products, or rather an extract of marijuana, through the process of eating. 

Typically, oral consumption is more often used by those who make use of marijuana for medicinal purposes as it will increase the potency of the THC or the effects of the marijuana. However it is important to note that when consuming marijuana orally or eating edibles, it will take much longer than normal to feel the effects of it. If you are an inexperienced user this could lead to excessive intake and could suffer from its effects 2 or 3 hours later. 


With fast acting effects and the ability to control the dosage easily, tinctures are a cannabis extract in the form of a liquid that is mixed with some kind of solvent like alcohol or ethanol, something others are used too. When used, typically 2 to 3 drops of the liquid are placed under the tongue and from there is absorbed by the body. Much like the edibles, or even more so, tinctures are used in a more medicinal way since you don’t get any of the experience or social aspect of actually smoking, and its is a more controlled way to get the correct dosage.  

By making use of tinctures, you get to avoid any risks that one might fear when it comes to smoking or vaping 


CBD is a fantastic product for those seeking alternative methods to modern medicine. CBD is a product of the hemp or cannabis plant which contains less than 1% THC which is the psychoactive chemical that make you experience a high. By only consuming THC you can completely avoid any psychoactive effects and carry on your day as per usual.

THC can come in many forms from vape, to edibles, to even just topical creams and oils, and is very helpful when it comes to relieving pain, inflammation, insomnia and anxiety. It is a great multipurpose medication and will leave you feeling super relaxed while still being fully functional and aware.

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