5 Decisions You Can Make that Impact Your Lifestyle

People have diverse personalities, so it makes sense that they’d make different choices and be into different things. You might have one particular lifestyle that appeals to one person, and someone else might not like it at all. It’s not that one’s better than the other. It’s just that different strokes are for different folks, as the old saying goes.

With that in mind, let’s look at five choices you can make in your life and what they say about you. Each one of these areas and the choices you make there indicates the sort of person you are.

Your Transportation Method

Your chosen transportation method is the first area we’ll examine. If you like a calm, steady life, then you’re probably going to select a vehicle like a family sedan that has the highest safety ratings. It might have the newest safety features as well, like automatic front braking, blind-spot detection alerts, rear backup cameras, and so forth.

It’s probably going to look utilitarian rather than flashy. By contrast, if you’re an attention-seeking individual, you probably will opt for a super-fast sports car or a motorcycle. This vehicle will attract attention because you like it when people look at you and notice you.   

If you get a sports car or a motorcycle, you’re leading a more dangerous lifestyle. With a motorcycle, for instance, you have a 3-4 times higher injury risk if you speed versus if you’re driving the standard passenger vehicle. Your chosen transportation method shows what you prioritize.

Your Job

Your job also reveals a lot about you. If you’re an accountant, computer programmer, or financial advisor, that probably means that you want predictability in your work. You don’t mind doing similar tasks day in and day out. You can expect the same paycheck at the week’s end from doing the same predictable work.

If you become a firefighter, a police officer, or you join the active-duty military, that means you prefer excitement. You might also become a bounty hunter, a professional wrestler, or something equally dangerous.

You don’t want to sit behind a desk. The thought of doing the same thing each day is anathema to you. If you have a more dangerous job, your days are seldom the same, but your injury risk is probably higher.

Your Relationship Status

When you’re young, your relationship status doesn’t necessarily say much about you. As you get older, 

though, it becomes more revealing.

If you marry someone, and you stay with that same person for the next several decades, that indicates that you like both traditionalism and stability. It’s becoming rarer that two people marry and stay together for the rest of their lives. If you’re able to do it, that means you’re willing to commit to someone in a profound and lasting way.

If you have married and divorced several times, that often means that you gravitate toward more volatile relationships. That’s also true if you date many different people, but you never settle down with any of them.

You might not ever feel like you can trust a single person, or maybe you have tendencies that you’re not willing to change so that you can cohabitate with someone. Of course, it could simply mean you like being on your own. However, if that’s the case, you might get lonely after a certain point.

Whether You Have Children or Not

Whether you have children or not will undoubtedly say a great deal about you. Some people are not able to have children for medical reasons. If so, that’s not so much of a character indicator.

Assuming you’re physically capable of having children, though, and you elect not to, that can mean several different things. It can mean that you never found the right person with whom you decided to become a parent.

It might mean that you’d prefer to focus on other things, like your career. Some people don’t ever feel like they would be fit parents, so they elect not to have kids. You and your partner not liking what’s happening in the world and not wanting to bring young people into it would be another possibility.

If you do decide to have kids, you might want to pass your beliefs on to them. That means you are a traditionalist. 

You also might be a warm and loving person, and you want to have children because you want to share those feelings with individuals you have brought into the world. You can shape and mold them, and they can care for you when you’re older as well.

What You Do in Your Spare Time

When you want to know about a person, you can also look at what they do in their spare time. You might have the thrill seeker. If you fit that mold, you probably want to do things like skydiving, hang gliding, zip-lining, surfing, base jumping, and all manner of other daredevil activities.

On the other side of that coin, you might love nothing more than gardening during your downtime. You might like curling up on the couch with a good book, knitting, or taking long walks around the neighborhood. You might have streaming services you like to use to watch some classic movies.

One person might like going club hopping and shooting pool, while another would prefer to be in bed by nine. One individual might like going big game hunting, while another would be happier baking a pie in their kitchen at home.

Every decision you make reveals something about you, and together, they make up a comprehensive whole. It’s helpful sometimes to be introspective and to consider the choices that you have made. They show yourself and the entire world who you are.

If you like what you see when you examine yourself, then there’s no reason to change. If you no longer like the image of yourself that you see, you might feel like now’s the time to make some changes.

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