Biggest Wins on Online Casinos Around the World

In the past few years, the online casino industry has seen a massive growth spurt. Casinos and gambling have always been popular, but now with casinos making their way online they enable players from all around the world to play at any time of the day to get 150 chances to win $1 million from anywhere, be it at home or on the commute to work to pass the time. All that is needed is a mobile device compatible with the casino and an internet connection. 

Due to popular demand, new online casinos, like Casino Secret, which Japan-101 has recently reviewed and can be seen here, are being launched practically every day. It comes as no surprise that many people win jackpots almost daily, and sometime people will even win a very large sum of money that is worth bragging about, after placing just one bet.

If you would like to know who the lucky people are and how they managed to win, here are a few of the biggest gambling victors that have been made on online casinos from around the world.   

Rawiri Pou

All the way back in 2016, around the middle of the June, a man from New Zealand found himself winning big while playing at Casinoland. While there is not much information about how much he bet or how many times he had bet before he won, it is still an impressive win. While playing the progressive slot machine, Mega Moolah, Rawiri Pou found himself winning the jackpot prize of NZ$10,233,395.82 which is equal to around $7.4 million USD. Typically, progressive slots are one of the hardest games to win at any casino, online or in-person, with the minimum qualifying betting requirement being particularly high. The fact that there are not too many people who win this, makes Pou’s win one of the rarer ones out there. 

Pou says that this win will be life changing to him and allow him to do so much for his family. He further states that this win couldn’t come at a better time. 

John Heywood

Coming in at number 2 on the list of biggest wins at online casinos, we have John Heyward. As a young 25 -year-old soldier, who was recently released from his duties in Afghanistan, he was definitely one of the most deserving people to win big at the casino. 

Heywood states that he wasn’t looking to break the bank but rather just to have a good time and find some entertainment, when he found himself playing at the Betway online casino. Supposedly, Heywood only deposited around $40 USD and was just relaxing and watching TV at the time, trying his luck. After only a few spins, he managed to hit the jackpot and win big, finding himself with a lump sum of more than $17 million. 

With this money, Heywood said that he was looking at buying a brand new car and possibly spoiling his family with a cruise, although a year later it was noted that a big sum of this money ended up going towards his father’s medical bills instead


It is quite common for winner to want to remain anonymous, so for this next winner, the player prefers to go by the initials D.P.. All the way back in 2016, a woman who chose to play at Zodiac Casino, also on the Mega Moolah Jackpot, and found herself in a fortunate situation when she won a jackpot of roughly $8.82 million. 

It is said that the most amazing part of this win is that she only deposited 1 dollar. 

World Record

Among these three big winners at online casinos, there is one who won a prize so big that he actually achieved the world record for winning the most amount of money. TWo years after his massive jackpot, John Heywood’s win was recorded in the Guinness world book of records, as the biggest jackpot won at an online slot machine. Today, no one has beat the record. 

There was a short documentary released about John Heywood’s win by the casino, Betway. Since then, he has spent his winning mostly on his father’s medical bill, as mentioned previously, as well as on a number of various investments. It is safe to say that his money was definitely used wisely and should see him through for a while.

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