How Many Bedrooms Do I Need When Buying a New House?

For whatever reason you need to move to a new house, knowing how many bedrooms you will need in the new house will be very useful. This information will help you cut down on excesses and will help you determine the good-to-have and nice-to-have aspects of a new home.

So, how many bedroom house do you need? 

Ideally, your house should have one bedroom per person, then a guest room and, maybe, an office if you work from home. This means that if yours is a family of three, for instance, you will need four bedrooms. So, the larger your family, the more bedrooms you will need.

Note that this is what should happen in an ideal situation. However, there are several factors to consider before you consider working with this model.

First, it is important to note that while you can build a house to have any number of bedrooms that you want, should you decide to sell it later, selling a house with more than five rooms may prove difficult since the demand for a large number of bedrooms isn’t likely to increase significantly. The same thing applies to buying or renting a house now. It may be difficult (and quite expensive) to find a property with more than 5 bedrooms (essentially a luxury home) to buy or rent.

Also, remember that many people convert one bedroom in their house to a study or an office. However, if the new house already has an office or a study, then you won’t need one extra room apart from the required sleeping rooms. 

Factors that Determine How Many Bedrooms You Need

Knowing the important factors to consider before deciding on how many rooms you need will help you determine what matters.

Here are some factors to consider:

1. The Number of Occupants

This is, perhaps, one of the most important factors to consider. If you will be living in the house with your family, how many people are in your family? If yours is a family of 2 adults and 2 toddlers, then you may consider a 3-bedroom apartment; two for the adults and 1 with 2 beds or a bunk bed for the toddlers.

If the occupants are all adults or there are teenage children and adults, then each occupant may need a room. Meanwhile, if you live alone, then a 2-bedroom house will be suitable for you and any visiting relative or friend who may want to pass the night at your place.

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2. Possibility of Growth

Do you plan to have a larger family sometime soon? Then you may want to save yourself from future stress and select an apartment that has more bedrooms than you currently need. 

3. Guest Room

If you host friends and families in your home for short to long periods, then you may want to consider going for an apartment that has a dedicated guest room. Otherwise, a guest room may not be necessary.

4. Study or Home Office

More people have been working from home since the current pandemic started. Some have had to convert spaces or one room in their houses to work stations. 

So, if you work from home, then a dedicated home office or an extra room for the purpose will be useful.

5. Caring for Elderly Parents or Relatives

As parents and relatives get older, the younger relatives tend to want to spend more time with them. This is why some people choose to have their elderly parents and relatives live with them as opposed to putting them in an old people’s home. If you are that younger relative, then you may want to consider an extra room for the purpose. 

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6. Hobbies and Leisure Activities

Are you a game freak and would rather play your games in a game room than use the living room when your friends come around? Then you may want to consider an extra room for the purpose. Alternatively, with proper planning and design, you can use your basement for this purpose.

Bottom Line

Whether you plan to build, rent or buy a new house, it is important to know how many bedrooms you need before you make financial commitments and move into the new apartment.

There are important factors to consider to determine how many rooms you will need. Such factors include how many people will be living in the apartment, the possibility of an increase in family size, provisions for when you work from home, the possibility of your aged relatives living with you at some point.

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