Internet Safety Advice: Top Tips for Parents

Learning to navigate the internet has become an essential skill for today’s kids. So, keeping them away from it is no longer an option for parents. Evidently, the internet has become an essential tool to learn, connect, and consume entertainment. But protecting your kids from the various dangers of the virtual world is an important responsibility that rests on your shoulders as a parent.

Cyber threats could take countless forms, from cyberbullying and predatory acts to phishing and malware attacks. According to a Comparitech study, one in five kids experiences cyberbullying on social media. And the dangers of online sex predators are equally worrying and are on the rise.

So, what options do you have to keep your kids safe? Here are three essential tips every parent must know.

1. Make use of tech tools and resources to strengthen safety.

A range of technological tools and resources are available today to help parents ensure the safety of their children. So, if you still haven’t made use of them, it is time to educate yourself.

Here are five must-have tech tools to keep your kids safe:

Google Family Link

Many children get access to smartphones and tablets at an early age now. So, the Google Family Link app is an excellent option to monitor and control their online activities on these mobile devices. It allows you to block app downloads, control screen time, and lock devices from a remote location. The GPS location tracking feature will even let you track your children’s whereabouts. 


When you notice your kids are making new cyber friends, you need a way to ensure their safety. This is where Nuwber comes in. This people search site will help you run background checks on individuals your kids are interacting with online. All you need is a name, contact number, or an address, and Nuwber will provide a detailed report to verify their identity.


If you need parental controls for a range of devices, then Qustodio could be a great option. It works across multiple platforms and will enable you to set daily limits on screen time, use filters to block out inappropriate content, and monitor social media networks like Facebook and YouTube. It even adds a panic button to your kids’ smartphones to alert you when there’s an emergency. You can also get daily and weekly reports on their online activities to help identify any red flags.


A virtual private network can encrypt online activities and shield your kids from the advances of cyber predators and criminals. It is a simple way to remain anonymous on the internet and mask your IP address for complete privacy.

Anti-virus software

Your kids are bound to make a few mistakes as they explore the internet; they might try to download a virus-infected email attachment or visit a malicious website. A reputed anti-virus guard can protect them from most of these cyber-attacks and alert you to any potential threats.

2. Set rules and guidelines.

Setting your own rules and guidelines is essential to bring order and discipline until your child learns the rules of the internet. This is also important to prevent tech addiction and ensure that they spend a healthy amount of time playing outdoors, studying, and having real conversations with family and friends.

So, here are some essential rules to set:

  • Assign limits on how much time they can spend on the internet each day.
  • Outline which websites they may visit.
  • Define what personal information they can share online.
  • Set rules on when they should seek your permission. For example, they should get your consent before sharing posts on social media or disclosing personal information like name, age, and contact details.
  • Let them browse the internet using your account credentials until they are old enough to manage their personal profiles. It will help you keep track of their activities.
  • If they need to sign up for new online accounts for whatever reason, set them up yourself. It will allow you to have access to account credentials and monitor activities regularly.
  • Define the type of incidents they should keep you informed of, such as acts of bullying and harassment.
  • Keep the computer in a common area so you can easily monitor your kids’ online activities.

3. Work together with your child.

No amount of rules and tech tools could outweigh the importance of working together with your child to help them understand the various dangers of the internet and how they could protect themselves against possible threats.

Here are a few essential points to keep in mind:

  • It’s important to maintain an open dialogue with your child from an early age, so they feel welcomed to ask questions.
  • Create a non-judgmental environment, so they are comfortable enough to share their experiences with you no matter what happens.
  • Explain the importance of protecting personal information like identifiable details and why it is essential to get your permission before disclosing them to an outsider.
  • Help them understand why they should be cautious when speaking to strangers online. Explain how even adults could disguise themselves as a youngster with a fake profile.
  • Teach them to respect different views and opinions and to be respectful in how they express theirs.
  • And once they are old enough to understand, explain the different types of cyber dangers they could get exposed to online.
  • Teach them the basic measures to protect themselves. For example, explain how to avoid phishing emails, check privacy settings on online profiles, and backup important data. Also, teach them how to set up strong passwords and the importance of keeping them safe without sharing.

Ensure that your child understands your concerns for their online safety with open and transparent conversations. Avoid being overly restrictive and instead, encourage them to share responsibility and be part of the solution.

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