The Top Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate

Renovation comes with huge amounts of work and pressure, and some of that pressure is on the environment. Due to the extensive materials and manpower used in renovation, there’s no doubt that high amounts of waste and energy consumption are possible. 

To avoid any excessive impact, here is how you can renovate with the environment in mind without compromising on your remodel plans.

  • Be More Mindful of Your Materials

Huge renovation projects can use a lot of materials and also force a higher carbon footprint if being shipped from an overseas location. There are so many great options when it comes to materials, including repurposed materials and local material sellers so that you can avoid extensive shipping. 

It may take longer to plan out your materials with the environment in mind, but it will be well worth it in the end, and you may even end up with higher-quality materials at a lower price if they’ve been repurposed.

  • Plan for Natural Lighting 

Renovation is the perfect opportunity to think about encouraging more healthy sources of light. If you’re looking to replace or build new windows, think about where these can be positioned for maximum natural light. This will not only save you money down the line on energy bills but also help the environment by reducing energy consumption. 

  • Scout Out Your Home Before Work Gets Underway 

For a large renovation job, you may be starting from scratch and destroying what is already there in order to rebuild. However, there may be a lot you can salvage and reuse if you think about it creatively. Take a look around your home and the materials that might go to waste, and see what else you can do with them. If you do need to completely get rid of anything, see if it can be sold or recycled to give it a new purpose and avoid waste.

Many things you already have may be able to be used in a different way within your restructured home. To clear away your home ready for renovation, be sure to store any items you want to keep off-site so that it’s out of the way and protected. You can use a self-storage facility near you; click here for Tampa storage locations and browse others.

  • Put Energy-Efficiency into Your New Home Plan

Be sure to think about the environment down the line, too, and implement this into your home’s remodel design. Be sure to install high-quality insulation to keep your home heated in the best way, consider double or triple glazing to improve your home’s heat capabilities, and you may even want to install solar panels if within your budget. Getting a Melbourne carbon neutral design strategies is a good start. 

  • Shop for Used Items 

When the renovation is complete, the next step may be to furnish your remodeled home with new items. Would you consider shopping or browsing second-hand? There are many hidden gems to be found within antique and second-hand stores, so you can help to reduce your environmental impact by using items that are already there.

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