How to Choose the Best Pair of Eyeglasses?

All types of frames, whether those are sporty or classic teardrop aviator glasses, rimless or cat-eye glasses, tend to look good on the majority of face shapes. Only on display! When it comes to choosing one, you keep picking up one after the other, looking at your face through all possible angles in the hope of getting the perfect one. It’s no secret that all of us spectacle wearers face some kind of difficulty when choosing the best frames that simultaneously go perfectly well with our face. Well, worry no longer, for here you’ll find out about the frame that looks best with your type of face and lots more.

What is your face shape?

To find the perfect match, first and foremost, what you need to do is to recognize the shape of your face. The five main types of facial features are listed below:

  • Round.
  • Oval.
  • Heart-shaped
  • Triangular
  • Square

Very few people have a perfect heart-shaped face. The same goes for the rest of the features. It’s not necessary for your face to be perfectly square or spherical; it can also be heart-shaped from the top while round at the bottom. So how can you identify the exact shape of your face? Following is a detailed guide (not a rulebook) on the features of your face, along with which frame best complements it.

Heart-shaped face

Faces that are closest to a heart are usually wider at the forehead with every so often a widow’s peak, giving it the perfect heart-shaped look. The cheekbones are somewhat high, along with a narrow chin. Some people also have an oval chin, which may count as a heart-shaped feature. No matter which type of complexion, oval, round or Harry Potter-shaped glasses (make sure they aren’t oversized) will be sure to flatter your face and bring out the unique qualities. Also, you can choose a light-colored and thin frame with no heavy bottoms and over the top designing elements.

Round face

A round face has roughly the same width and length. The lines are also curvy, along with a quite prominent cheekbone. A round face is easiest to identify because it has a soft look to it. Also, the spherical chin and cheeks contribute to putting the cards on the table. Angular frames with especially sharp angles help focus on the distinct features and provide a type of sharpness to the face. Rim and rimless glasses both are good options for a round face. Try to avoid a small or round frame so that the discrete features of your face aren’t obscured.

Square face

Square faces are believed to have bold, sharp corners alongside a straight-lined, prominent forehead with a similar square chin and pronounced jawline. Square face shapes (and diamond face shapes) go best with round or oval-shaped frames. Darker upper rims and lighter lower rims also help balance your cheekbones and, at the same time, soften the sharper angles. Colorful frames are also best suited for flattering your facial features and to divert attention away from the square structure of your face. 

Oval face

Oval faced people will most probably look good in a variety of glasses. If you have a narrow forehead with a somewhat narrow chin, and if the length of your face is more than that of the width, accompanied by no distinctively sharp edges or angles, it means that your face is oval. Oval faces are most common; that’s the reason most of the trendy frames suit oval faces.

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck; you can try rectangular, square, and geometric shaped frames. You can also be as daring as to go with a sharp cat-eye (that is if it suits you). This doesn’t, however, mean that you can blindly pick up a pair of spectacles from the shelf and purchase it. A very useful tip for oval-faced people is to look for glasses that are as wide as the area around the eyes.

Triangular face

A triangular-shaped face is quite rare. It is the narrowest on the top, widest at the bottom, with broad cheekbones in the middle. A cat-eye is best suited for triangular-base faces as it complements the jawline and brings about the angular features of the face. Broad topped such as circular, geometric, and even aviator frames atone for the slimmer forehead, all the while bringing about the unique features of the face.


As mentioned above, this is not a rulebook. It’s not at all compulsory to wear round spectacles if you have a heart-shaped face or so forth. In the general run of things, there’s always a pair of spectacles that seem to be made just for you in the general run of things, don’t hesitate to buy those glasses despite the fact that they don’t go with this guide.

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