4 Essential Things To Know About Vaping

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If you’re new to vaping, it’s understandable if you find this concept intimidating and overwhelming. In fact, some people are still a bit clueless about what vaping actually is and are hesitant to ask questions. Essentially, vaping is a modernized form of smoking. Instead of using the typical cigarette, you’ll use an electronic vape device to inhale an e-liquid or a nicotine-infused vapor. 

The vape devices may be purchased in different sizes, styles, and formats. The e-liquid also comes in numerous choices of flavors. When you’re a newbie to vaping, you may be confused about which device and flavor you should use. The good news is, if you have a guide to help you out, you’re on your way to becoming a pro vaper.  

As soon as you become more informed about how to use e-liquids and maintain your vaping device, adding vaping into your daily life will be a simple walk in the park. Read on below for the essential things you need to know first about vaping.

1. Vaping Is Different from Cigarettes (And Way Better Too!)

Everyone already knows how smoking cigarettes is toxic to your health. When you smoke, nicotine is delivered into your body when tobacco burned. Meanwhile, when you vape, nicotine is produced by heating the liquid, which is believed to be less harmful than the former. An article from healthwaymag.com elaborates on the difference between the two and how vaping can help you quit your smoking habits.  

You can also buy tobacco free pouches. These pouches provide a discreet and convenient way to satisfy nicotine cravings without the harmful effects of tobacco and the negative stigma associated with smoking or vaping.

It’s understandable how long-time smokers find it difficult to quit smoking for the rest of their lives. It’s an addiction that can be hard to break, especially if it’s been part of your daily routine for a long time. Thankfully, vaping helps smokers end their toxic tobacco habits and transition to a less harmful practice. So, if you’re one of those smokers looking for ways to quit smoking, then vaping is for you. Find nicotine free tabacco here.

2. Choose Premium E-Liquids

The quality of your device and e-liquid use can affect your whole vaping experience. While going for the cheaper e-liquids can help you save money, you’re actually putting yourself at risk. Cheap and low-quality e-liquids are filled with impurities that can be dangerous for your health. To avoid risking your health to such low-quality chemicals, choose premium e-liquids. This article from brokeinlondon.com can help you find the best places to shop for high-quality e-liquids and vape kits. Take your time to do your research.

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3. Learn About The PG/VG Ratios

This may be a bit complicated for those who are just getting started with vaping. However, learning about what VG and PG stand for will help you optimize your vaping experience. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • PG means Propylene Glycol. It may look like water due to its colorless and odorless characteristics, but it’s an alcoholic type of chemical used in almost everything. PG is often used in asthma inhalers and shampoo. While it’s used in various products, it’s non-toxic. This option is best for people who are trying to quit smoking but still want to feel the same throat sensation they feel when they smoke cigarettes. The only drawback of PG Vape juice is it can’t create big vapors. 
  • Meanwhile, VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. From the name itself, it’s manufactured from plant fibers. While some people may say this is way better due to its organic nature, the truth is it’s just as safe as the PG Vape juice because both are non-toxic. Another more obvious difference between the two is that VG vape juice has a naturally sweet flavor. Thus, this type is best for people who have a sweet tooth. It also creates big vapors, which might entice vapers who like doing cool tricks.  

If you’re new to vaping, the safest ratio for you may be a 60/40 ratio. This ratio has flavor but isn’t too sweet. It also offers an adequate throat hit and a fair amount of vapor.

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4. Proper E-liquid And Tank Maintenance

Besides purchasing the best quality vaping kits and e-liquids, another essential key you must remember is its maintenance requirements. Make sure your e-liquids are tightly sealed, as leaving them open will ruin the juice’s flavor. Additionally, avoid exposing your e-liquids directly to heat and sunlight, as this will decrease their nicotine levels.  

Moreover, it’s also essential to clean your e-tank regularly. You can do this at least once a week by disassembling your vape kit, taking out the remains of the e-liquid, and rinsing everything under warm running water. After that, let them air dry before assembling them again. Doing this will help prevent any buildup in your vape kit which may affect the flavor of your vape juice.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is an effective way to help you slowly quit smoking. Make sure to remember the essential things mentioned above to ensure that you have a good vaping experience. Vape kits are available in different sizes and shapes, each having its own drawbacks and advantages. If you’re looking for one, make sure to use the vape kit that is safer for you and can last longer. Use quality products and indulge in your chosen premium e-liquid flavor.

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