5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Depending on who you ask, spring is either upon us or almost here, but in both cases, it’s high time you indulged in a little spring cleaning. And while this may refer to dusting off the blinds, and putting the thick clothes away, it also means taking other steps to prepare your home for the coming spring. But what might those steps be?

Spring is the season of renewal, of change. It’s a time when anything might happen, and often, sprucing up your home can help put you in the right frame of mind for welcoming the new season.

1. Clean your gutters

We know, we know – cleaning up the gutters is something that no one wants to do, but it might turn out to be one of the smartest things you do this year. Cleaning your gutters really doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, or at most, an hour, but can end up saving you a lot of effort and money in the long run. 

One obvious issue with dirty, clogged gutters is that they are not attractive. It’s hard to get in the mood for spring when the first thing you see when you go outside is a clogged gutter. And if you’ve been thinking about selling your property, having someone like this Gutter Cleaning Long Island service come out to clean your gutters for you before putting your house on the market can improve your chances of making a good first impression on potential buyers.

What’s more, dirty gutters pose the risk of flooding when spring rains roll around, and that in turn will mean a lot more time and effort spent on cleaning! 

2. Check on those pests

Another excellent thing you could do this spring is to hire a professional company like Elite Wildlife Solutions to inspect your home for pest activity. While some signs of invasion are rather easy to spot, others are less so, and not noticing the signs in time can seriously endanger your property. For example, insect pests are a common concern among homeowners, and with good reason, since termites can seriously damage the structure of your home, and cause damage. And while you’re at it, we recommend having someone look for other types of pests as well, such as bats, snakes, rats, and so on. While sometimes, evidence of their presence is rather obvious, you can go weeks and even months with such an unwanted guest in your home and not even know it. 

So investing in a routine check-up at the beginning of the season may end up saving you a lot of grief in the long run. You can also learn more about insect pests here

3. Trim your lawn!

And your hedges. And your trees. In fact, take out a day in your busy schedule to really spruce up the exterior of your home, because really, winter is over, and there’s no excuse for a poorly-maintained property. 

First of all, performing some maintenance on your home has the obvious benefit of safeguarding it from pests. Squirrels, snakes, and pretty much any other intruder you can think of is more likely to be attracted to tall grass and messy hedges for one simple reason – it allows them to hide. Furthermore, by trimming your lawn, you will be able to notice signs of pest activity, like molehills created by moles

Secondly, sprucing up your yard has a psychological effect, just like a new haircut would.

4. Take time to declutter

Winter is an ideal season for amassing clutter. Boxes of unused things litter the carpets and the corridors, and it works, because the mess somehow mimics warmth, which makes it acceptable for winter. Spring, however, not so much. 

The mess has the unpleasant psychological effect of dragging you down emotionally. In other words, it goes against the natural renaissance of spring. Besides, think of all the free space you’ll have once you throw all that old junk out. Or think about the extra money you can get by selling that old gold neckless you never wear.

5. Repair windows, set up screens.

It’s natural for winter to leave behind some damage on your property, especially around the windows and doors. And pretty soon, as winter transitions to spring, this damage will provide easy access to bugs, critters, and other, larger pests. So it’s important, as you prepare to welcome spring into your life, to make sure that by leaving the window open, you’re not inviting a mess into your life. 

So run a thorough check of your property, install screens where you could use them, and fix up any damage to the existing property.

CDL Plumbing Newcastle tells us that your plumbing system could be among the many casualties of the past winter. From leaking pipes to sewer line damage, heavy snow and freezing temperatures can do several damages to your plumbing system. Therefore, make it a priority to check your water pipes, sewer line, water heater, and sump pump as soon as the snow melts. If you haven’t done so already, install a useful tool such as the Febco Backflow Device, to prevent your water source from getting contaminated due to the potential damage caused by the winter season to your plumbing system.

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