Spring Cleaning: Boat Readiness for Summer

Spring Cleaning: Boat Readiness for Summer

In New Orleans we will soon be feeling the hot days of summer, which means boating days are ahead. Getting your boat ready for summer means starting in the spring. Get your water vessel ready for fun with some cleaning, prep, and maintenance.

Uncover Your Boat

It’s time to let your boat breathe. Like a trusty old friend, it has sat through the long winter, awaiting your return. Now, you get to rekindle that water friendship, and the first step is to uncover your boat. Spread the cover out and let it dry, then neatly fold it and store it for the next time.

Wax and Buff

To protect the paint job and keep your boat shining all summer, apply a boat wax and buff it by hand or with an electric handheld buffer. You’ll know you’ve waxed correctly when the sun reflects off the boat’s paint job.

The Drain Plug

Imagine cleaning and prepping your boat, heading out on a beautiful sunny day, then watching the boat fill with water. As long as you are getting your boat ready for summer, go ahead and stick the drain plug in now, so you don’t accidentally forget it later.


A maintenance check is wise while doing a thorough cleaning before getting out on the water. There are a few important items to check:

  • Engine — make sure it is running, fueled, and has all parts in good shape.
  • Throttle and shift cables — lubricate if necessary
  • Fluids — check the levels of transmission fluids, coolant, etc.
  • Wiring — make sure connections are in good shape after sitting through temperature changes.

Registration and License

It’ll be disappointing to head out on a beautiful day only to find that you forgot to renew your boat’s registration. Renew if necessary and keep the registration information in a safe place on the boat, along with your boating license.

The Comforts of Home

Now that the boat is clean and ready to go, get it stocked and ready for boaters. Use your storage spaces for towels, sunscreen, and snacks that can sit for a while on the boat without going bad. Anything you can get on the boat now to enjoy the boating days ahead will make spontaneous boating trips easier.

Boating is sure to be popular this summer, as people long to enjoy the outdoors again. Have your vessel ready to go and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

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