5 Things to Consider When Going for A Business Trip to The Philippines

In the current world, global businesses have become a norm. Depending on the company an individual works for, the company will need them to travel overseas to attend meetings and conferences. It is crucial to prepare before you travel adequately. 

This article will define what a business trip is and look at a few helpful things to consider before traveling. In a very summarized way, we will look at our travel destination: The Philippines. We will also vividly explain why it is essential to prepare appropriately. 

What’s a business trip?

A business trip is a trip involving a journey of some distance, undertaken for business purposes. Business trips are mainly held for personal interactions. Personal interactions build great foundations for future relationships. Other reasons for traveling on a business trip are:

  • Attending sales meetings.
  • Conferences.
  • Meeting a client.
  • Identifying new market trends in other places. 
  • Networking.
  • Attending a course. 

In simple terms, an overseas trip you make for your company is considered a business trip. Now let’s have a look at our travel destination.

The Philippines.

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It consists of 7641 islands. It is a rapidly developing country, and its increasing urbanization is making it a ground for many business activities. 

Below are helpful things to consider when going on a business trip to the Philippines. 

  • Check the visa requirements.

It is required that you have a work visa to carry on with business while visiting. You are required to present the proper visa documentation for you to gain access to the new country. Every country has its visa requirements. These are a few of the visa requirements for the Philippines.

  • Visa application forms.
  • A passport with a validity of six months beyond expected stay in the country.
  • Two passport photos.
  • Proof of bona fide status as a businessman.
  • Tickets for the return journey.
  •  Payment of visa fees.

Failure to possess these documents may make you miss out on the business trip. So make sure to prepare them at least a month before your trip. Those coming from Canada may want to visit Photo Studio Calgary to have your updated passport photos taken.

  • Research about the destination. 

Immediately you receive a notice of travel from your company, researching your travel destination should be the next thing to do. Get well informed about the Philippines, especially if it is your first time visiting the country. If you are considering driving while you are visiting, you might want to consider getting a driving permit from the International Drivers Association. While your driver’s license might be acceptable in your home, it may not be enough to be legally able to drive a car abroad. Below are a few other reasons why you should research your travel destination.

  • To know about the culture prevalent in that area. Helps in building conversations accordingly, thereby avoiding social faux-pas 
  • To know about the food culture to understand what is readily available and what’s not.
  • To evade scammers.
  • Researching about a place allows you to make knowledgeable choices. 
  • Checking the weather condition will allow you to pack accordingly. 

The above reasons should give you reasons to do some digging before setting off.

  • Currency.

Traveling to the Philippines may open more money-making opportunities while still working for your company. You getting a job depends on how long you will be staying in the Philippines. You may want to send money back to your loved ones from your home country. You’ll need to consider accessing banks and other money transfer platforms to send the money quickly.

It is best to be well informed about the exchange rates since every bank has its transfer fee and exchange rates.

With so many banks offering varying exchange rates, it may leave you wondering if you’re getting the right services. To solve this problem, CompareRemit provides a solution by displaying all the exchange rates on one platform. Let’s say you move back to the US and would like to be able to send money to the Philippines. You will need to consider looking for the current USD to PHP exchange rate from a trustworthy comparison site like CompareRemit. Don’t spend time researching individual money transfer companies when you can cross-compare all of the top money transfer companies in one place, CompareRemit, and have confidence you found the best rate.

  • Keep track of your purchases.

Some companies may give you a company card when traveling to cater to all purchases and accommodation expenses. Others will ask you to use your own pocket money then get reimbursed when you return from the trip. It all depends on your company.

Either way, always keep track of all purchases and payments you make while abroad. A simple way to keep track is by taking pictures of all your receipts. In case you misplace one, you’ll have a place to retrieve the tickets.

Make sure to check with the company’s terms and policies when it comes to traveling. With this, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings between you and the company. 


For maximum productivity, ensure to consider the easy tips we have highlighted above. With that, you will get the most out of your trip and may consider planning to visit the Philippines for a vacation. I hope that this article has inspired you to make that trip to the Philippines. 

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