A Guide To Achieving A Professional Driveway

As the entrance to your property, your driveway should command the attention of visitors. You will find that some do a better job of this than others. A driveway refers to a section of road that provides access to an off-street area that accommodates parked vehicles. 

Maybe you have a wasted area in front of your home or perhaps you have a driveway that could benefit from an upgrade. Whatever, the reason a professional driveway provides an excellent solution. If you are questioning how you can achieve such a transformation, we have provided you with a detailed guide below. 

The Type Of Driveway

First, you must determine the desired type of surface. This can be a difficult task due to the options available. For those seeking a cost-effective solution, Tarmac provides the most viable option. While it may not offer the ‘professional appeal’ that you are looking for, it can be installed with ease. Another affordable option is concrete. When installed correctly, a concrete driveway can last for a lengthy period. You can also add dyes or patterns to create a unique look. Gravel is a particularly effective option for larger surfaces. It is often used to enhance the appearance of older, countryside-style homes. Perhaps the most commonly sought-after surface type is paving. As paving is available in a range of colors and styles it can be designed to suit the aesthetic of your property. The different variations of paving include black paving or paving slabs. Should you opt for a paved surface, you can use a sealer to enhance its lifespan. A wet paver sealer is a great option. A sealer of this kind can be used on most types of natural outdoor stone providing a protective and durable coating with a ‘wet look’ appearance. 

There isn’t a specific type of surface that is deemed to be more professional than another although you will most certainly find some with a more attractive appearance.

Planning Permission 

In some areas, there are laws regarding the construction of driveways. To ensure that your driveway conforms to such regulations it is worth checking with your local council beforehand to ensure that the correct approach is adhered to. Proceeding to carry out work without being granted permission beforehand in many cities will be seen as a violation of regulations. Planning the project and researching the laws of your area are crucial steps in the process of creating a professional driveway. 

Practicality and Style

You will need to consider the aesthetic that you are hoping to emulate through your driveway. The surface type that you opt for will influence the look that is created, however, surfaces such as paving are available in modern and contemporary variations. You also have the opportunity to mix blocks of different colors and sizes to create your envisioned driveway. Concrete tends to be the most commonly used material to create modern driveways. The finishing touches such as the style of the gates that you opt for can also help to create a specific look. 

Number of Vehicles to Accommodate

Of course, your driveway needs to accommodate the number of vehicles that are going to be parked on it. While the intention is to create a professional driveway, ultimately, the purpose of this area is to provide enough space for each driver to be able to park their vehicles comfortably. A driveway that is too small is going to provide greater challenges. 

The Drainage

According to US state building codes, a driveway should be designed so that it is resistant to soil erosion and also refrains from retaining rainwater on the surface. Permeable surfaces such as gravel provide good drainage. Certain types of paving will also be designed to allow the water to pass through rather than collect. Other surfaces that are not permeable will require the installation of a drainage system which will likely require planning permission. 


Once the driveway has been surfaced you can then decide on any accessories that you wish to add to enhance the final look. Trees and shrubs can help to create a more private area, although you will likely benefit from contact with a contractor who can advise you on the best placement for them. Also, consider whether you would like edging. Although edging isn’t essential it can create a neat border. Another option is to add LED lights which will provide greater visibility during the dark but will also add a modern appeal to the surface. 


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