Why Are the History of New Orleans and Roulette So Intertwined?

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Louisiana has a richly intertwined history with gambling games. With a state-run lottery being run as far back as 1753 – years before the USA was even ratified into being – the importance of the pastime for the state remains today. One of the most influential of these games, roulette, and the most influential city of Louisiana seemed to rise in prominence at a similar rate. How have roulette and the culture of New Orleans grown together?

Nowadays, most people have distinct ideas of both roulette and New Orleans. As both are examples of a distant past, it could have been difficult to remain relevant. Yet both managed to continue to thrive as technology moved forwards. 

Roulette and New Orleans Today 

Gone are the days of riverboat casinos – and for many, casinos in general. Instead, online options for playing roulette have taken over. Indeed, there are so many ways to engage with online roulette on your device that many are suggesting the game is undergoing a renaissance. For example, players can engage with a standard format of the game which uses digital technology to offer a more immersive experience through video. They can also even play a live version of roulette where they see the dealer spin the wheel in real time in front of them.  

New Orleans has similarly allowed its culture and traditions to thrive in a digital era. The city is known for its parades and public festivals – Mardi Gras, for example, is another French hangover. During times where it may be inappropriate to celebrate the carnival in the same way, many people moved to virtual and digitally powered events.  

Image by meineresterampe from Pixabay

Roulette and New Orleans: A Shared History

Roulette, as its name may indicate, was popular in France. As the French began to emigrate to the Americas, many people settled in Louisiana and New Orleans. As they did so, they brought with them their entertainment staple of roulette. Las Vegas didn’t gain its crown as the gambling capital until the last century, meaning those who wanted to play games such as roulette often visited New Orleans. 

As roulette grew in popularity among the French settlers of Louisiana, so too did New Orleans itself. The city traded on its unique heritage of French and Caribbean culture. Many of the traditions of Caribbean nations such as Haiti were absorbed and merged together to create something of the New Orleans we know today. While many aspects of culture remained with the people of Louisiana, few things were adopted by the rest of the USA like roulette has been. Similarly, as entertainment began to move online, roulette was readily adopted there too. 

If roulette and the city of New Orleans teach us something it is that things that are popular will transcend time. No matter what year it is, people will still want to play roulette and they will still be enamored by the city of New Orleans. As history continues to move forwards, there is little doubt that both roulette and New Orleans will play a part in it.

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