5 Productivity-Boosting Tips for Freelancers

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Freelancers have the benefit of being able to work almost wherever and whenever they choose, but this level of flexibility also comes with a few disadvantages. Since you control the number of hours you can take in, you may not be able to maximize your time doing productive work. Freelancing pays well so long as you put in the hours and focus on providing quality results for your clients. If you are having trouble along those lines, consider these tips that are meant to improve your productivity:

1. Pick a quiet workplace

Are you the type of person that gets easily distracted? If you are working from home, there will always be things and situations that can steer your attention away from the task at hand. One way you can deal with this is to pick a quiet and secure place. Consider a public library or your favorite coffee shop. You can also share a workstation with other freelancers at a coworking space near you.

2. Declutter your workspace

They say that a cluttered desk is a mark of having high intellect. Then again, how can you work in an environment littered with scraps of paper and misplaced items? Tidying up your workspace can do more than create a cleaner environment. It also helps you stay organized so you won’t have to spend precious minutes finding documents and other items you need. Make it a habit to declutter your desk and throw away the things you don’t need anymore. That way, you have less to worry about as you sit down and start working.

3. Listen to music that pumps you up

If you like listening to music while working, you might have a playlist that puts you in the zone. Everyone has their taste when it comes to picking tunes that cause productivity levels to rise. Whether you are into 80s hair metal or jazz fusion, let your playlist set your work rhythm and make the task less stressful than it is. You can also use music to mask outside noise. You just need to find tips for a good sound boost Mac and PC users often do. Consider using a sound equalizer and other tools that work great when it comes to maximizing audio output.

4. Learn to take notes

Procrastination is often caused by disorganization. If you lack a system and timetable to keep track of the work that you do, you are inclined to put less effort into anything you are tasked to handle. For this reason, jotting down notes and keeping checklists helps your mind focus on what matters and prevents you from doing anything that might spoil your momentum.

5. Communicate with your clients 

How are you supposed to maximize the time you spend on a task if there is a lack of clear instructions? If you are not sure how to go about doing a certain task, take the initiative to ask your client. They might give you suggestions on how you can do it properly within the time frame.  

There is no single formula that could help you achieve better productivity as a freelancer. You just have to master certain techniques when it comes to priming your mind and your environment for the work that lies ahead. 

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