Have Online Casinos Spurred Growth in Land Based Casinos?

While land-based casinos have traditionally been more appealing to those who enjoy gambling, online casinos have increasingly become more popular throughout the pandemic. However, the success that online casinos have experienced has not necessarily been at the expense of land-based casinos. In fact, many online gamblers feel that the thrill of virtual gambling influences their desire and experience at land-based casinos. Partaking in either the virtual gambling experience or physical is not mutually exclusive; and in fact, one experience can often enhance the other. 

Virtual is the New Reality

Throughout the pandemic society has had to adapt to the realities of a virus that has affected virtually every aspect of our lives. Because of increased social distancing, mask-wearing, staying home and avoiding germs, many of us have resorted to experiencing our normal activities online instead whether out of necessity of pleasure. For instance, many students —depending on where they live— have the option of learning through platforms such as Zoom and Google Classroom, or they can attend class in-person.  If we cannot visit our families’ in-person due to the pandemic, we can thankfully now communicate with them online in a variety of different ways. Our favorite musicians have adapted and offered virtual shows to their fans in lieu of traditional venues.

Living Life Virtually

While one experience may be preferable over another, students are still logging in or attending classes for learning, and when we communicate with our families, we do so because we want to continue to experience special moments with them even though we are not always able to meet physically. The same sentiment is held for gambling enthusiasts, whether one decides to gamble virtually or in-person, while the lens through which we experience the activity may vary, the purpose does not change. People do not want to miss their favorite pastimes and hobbies even though they might be able to do so in person.

Online Opens Door to New Customers

It is certainly true that the pandemic has given rise to increased activity online; and as a result, industries that have harnessed the power of the internet have been able to weather the unforeseen economic storm that the pandemic has imposed upon us. As more gamblers have turned to the online experience, there has been an increased appreciation for the thrill seeking and convenience that comes with the virtual experience. In fact, offering an online option for gambling has led to a customer base that might not be willing to visit a land-based casino. The aesthetic allure is undeniable at both land based and online casinos, but you get to visit and play from the safety and comfort of your own home while enjoying what different games an online casino has to offer


The bottom line is that people who gamble are going to be open to doing so virtually as well. Those that might not have been as eager to gamble in a casino now see they also can enjoy the activity of gambling in an online environment. As people have turned to the virtual world in general to experience life, online gambling has become an attractive and enticing pastime as we continue to navigate a pandemic that has devastated our routines, lifestyles and ultimately our mental health. It can be argued that the inability to visit venues and go out in public in general has led to an increase in activities such as online gambling; and, in doing so, society has seen an increased overall interest in gambling. Consequently as we continue to gradually return to a sense of normalcy, it’s arguable that the increased attractiveness of online gambling will translate to an influx of people who will seek out the thrill and experience of gambling at land-based casinos. Ironically, out of all the harm that the virus has caused to peoples’ lives, it appears that the experience of online gambling during the pandemic will have unexpectedly affected the growth in the land-based casino industry.

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