Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews 2021 – Scam or Legit Portable Air Conditioner?

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is a new piece of portable air conditioner designed to make summer easy for most users. As per its official website, is not just a typical table fan but a battery-powered portable air conditioner that you can carry anywhere. It has been specifically designed to be used on a working desk, but considering how half of the whole world is working from home, Blast Auxiliary  AC can be used anywhere in the house where you prefer to work. 

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Summer is right across the corner, and no one likes sweaty palms while working on a laptop or any document. A portable air conditioner such as the Blast Auxiliary compact AC can not only improve the quality of air in your house but may also save you from excessive sweating. Just place it around you and allow it to work on squeezing the dry air, changing it to the cool and humid air, and saving you from the dryness, sweat, and oily skin. 

blast auxiliary classic ac

Those who may question how it differs from a regular air conditioning unit: the Blast Auxiliary portable AC doesn’t target to cool down the whole room, and it is only set to a specific person. So you can practically take it anywhere, set it in a direction that you like, and start enjoying the cool air, no matter what’s the temperature around you. 

Before you make your decision, read this Blast Auxiliary Classic AC review to know all the necessary details, especially regarding its orders, refunds, and information about where to buy Blast Auxiliary Classic AC. Continue reading till the end. 

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Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Review

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can be a perfect summer buddy to save you from the hot and humid days at the office or home. It is a portable AC that can be recharged and taken anywhere. Don’t confuse it with a table fan because it is a powerful mini air conditioner equipped with water curtains to produce cooler air. These water curtains can be replaced whenever needed. 

Interestingly, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC has three-speed levels in it to cater to every user. Moreover, it has a built-in illuminating feature and is almost noiseless. 

Some people may believe that they don’t need an AC because it is never ‘too hot’ inside their house. However, humidity and dryness are extremely common in an enclosed space, especially if you use electronic appliances that may produce heat. Because of these uncertain changes, people tend to experience unpleasant events such as skin issues, rashes, itch, nose bleeding, cracked lips, coughs, wheeziness, flu, and allergies. That’s why using a climate control air coolant like the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can be a good investment in health. 

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Best Features Of Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner

According to, here are a few notable features that you should know about Blast Auxiliary AC. 

  • Strong air cooling system in a set direction 
  • Low power device that may not add much to the electric bill 
  • 3 adjustable fan settings to control the intensity of airflow 
  • A built-in feature for illumination that can be used as a nightlight 
  • A built-in feature for mood lighting 
  • 300ml water capacity that is easy to fill 
  • Type C charging through a USB port as well as a standard power outlet  
  • Low noise, no disturbance 
  • Easy to move and very lightweight 
  • Compact design and portable

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What is Blast Auxiliary AC For?

As stated by the company, having a Blast Auxiliary portable AC at home can help in many ways. Improving the hot to cool air is an obvious benefit, but Blast air conditioner may also save from a number of air-related health conditions such as:

  • Allergic attacks
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat 
  • Dry flakey skin
  • Itchiness and rashes on the skin
  • Nose bleeding due to heat 
  • Cracked and chapped lips
  • Heatstroke 
  • Nighttime wheezing and cough 

Individual results may vary. The exact health benefits that this cooling unit may provide vary from one person to another.

How Does Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Work?

Although portable ACs are common, people don’t invest their money into them, mainly because they aren’t sure if these gadgets work. Reading the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC user reviews 2021 implies that most of its users are happy with their decision to buy their personal air cooler to get through the scorching heat of the summer. 

You won’t believe its flexibility and compact design unless you see it working. According to the official website, the Blast Auxiliary transportable AC can be your perfect travel partner. Contrary to other products, it has a short charging time and a longer running battery that allows you to take it anywhere you go.

There are three settings of Blast Auxiliary AC that you can adjust, as per your liking. Place it around you and plug it into a socket. It will start working at the same time as it’s charging its battery. Once it is charged, you can unplug it and use it without the cord. 

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What Makes Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Better Than Other Air Conditioners?

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC can be a good option that saves you from buying a whole air cooling unit that not only costs a lot but also increases your electricity usage. Being a handy and portable device makes it the most desirable, especially among people who frequently travel or have a very active routine. 

Some users call the Blast Auxiliary transportable AC their very own climate control system, which charges incredibly fast, takes only tiny space, and doesn’t cause extra on the power charges. 

How To Use The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

There are many portable air conditioners available in the market that are expensive, noisy, and have a huge size. Having so much variety can easily confuse a person; that’s why many people end up making the wrong choices. However, according to the company, Blast Auxiliary AC is a two-in-one option that is compact, lightweight, and easy to move. 

You can simply place it on your desk and connect it to the power inlet. If there is no power source around, recharge it beforehand and benefit from its cordless function. You can also place it outdoors, especially in your yard while enjoying a sunset, or take it with you on a picnic or a family vacation. The rechargeable battery allows you to use it even when there is no electricity available. Here is a three-step guide on how to use the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC. 

  1. Add water to the water storage tank of this AC; you can add up to 300 ml water to it. 
  2. Place the water curtain in the unit. This curtain needs to be changed after a few months. 
  3. Turn on the AC and enjoy the cool, humid air on a dry, hot day.

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Does Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Require Installation?

As it is a portable device, the Blast Auxiliary classic AC doesn’t require any installation or assembling by the user. It is delivered as a whole machine, with a power cable and an instructions manual which explains how to fill the water and start using the AC. 

Although it is designed for workstations, it can be placed in any room wherever you need it. But don’t expect Blast Portable Air Conditioner to cool the entire room because it is a small device designed only for a single user. However, if your room is small, it may change the overall temperature of the room to some extent. Still, this cooling can’t be compared to a central cooling system. 

Where to Buy Blast Auxiliary Classic AC at Best Discounts?

Blast Auxiliary AC is available online at only. It is not up for purchase at any other local and online store, including Amazon.

Comparing its price with other portable air conditioners shows that it is more affordable than most options. Plus, if you buy it in bulk for your friends and family members, you can save more money on its orders. 

The original price of one Blast Portable AC was $138.45, but right now, it is available for a discounted price of $89.99 only. You can also check the bundle packs to save more money. 

Right now, the company is offering two-, three-, and four-bundle offers. 

  • Get two Blast Auxiliary Classic AC for $179.98 instead of $276.89 
  • Get three Blast ACs for $202.48 instead of $415.34 
  • Get four units for $247.47 instead of $553.78 

You will have to pay a small amount in terms of delivery charges. However, there is no way that you would be wasting all this money on buying Blast Auxiliary Classic AC because every order is protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can place your order and start using it for a couple of weeks. If the Blast air conditioner doesn’t impress you, contact the customer care line and ask for your money back. 

Note- the shipping charges are non-refundable, and you will only receive the value of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC as a part of the refund policy. The company will not facilitate the refund requests made after 30 days of purchasing. 

Pros and Cons of Using Blast Auxiliary Air Conditioner 

Going through the pros and cons of any product can help you evaluate it better. From the details mentioned on the official website, here is a quick summary of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC pros and cons to help you make a better decision. 


  • High-quality device, portable and compact size- these characteristics make it more convenient for daily use on dry and hot weather days when you need relief. The best part is that it is portable and can be moved anywhere with you. 
  • Easy set-up, no installation required- it is a fairly easy-to-use device that doesn’t need any installation or professional services. You can set it up by yourself within minutes. 
  • Chargeable device- it is a cordless machine that can be charged and used later. It has a USB type C charging port, and it can be charged before or during its usage. Once the charging is complete, you can start using it cordless and move it anywhere. 
  • Easy maintenance- maintaining room fan and air conditioning units are problematic because they are bigger, away from proximity, and require professional cleaning. However, Blast Auxiliary portable AC may not require any such effort as it can be cleaned with a dry cloth only. 
  • Protects the health- Blast Auxiliary AC can save a person from climate-related skin and breathing issues. It also helps lower the onset and frequency of allergy symptoms and makes a person feel better despite the extreme weather conditions. 
  • No disturbance, noise-free machine- surprisingly, Blast Auxiliary AC produces no sound which may bug you during work. You can even use it while sleeping as it barely produces any sound. 
  • Refund policy- the company has a refund policy on all its orders. It means you will not lose any money even if you want to give it a try for a few days. 


While most things about Blast Auxiliary Classic AC make it a good investment, there are some things about it that you should know. 

  • Single-use device Blast air conditioner is small and has a limited capacity; you can’t use it for a bigger room or for your entire family or colleagues to share. 
  • Only available online- you can only purchase the Blast Auxiliary compact AC online through its official website here, and you can’t find it anywhere else. While it is probably better to receive it at your doorstep without going anywhere else, some people may not like this idea of online shopping. 
  • Limited availability- all the orders are dealt with by the company directly. There are only limited pieces available at a time, and the company only restocks them when an entire batch is sold out. Considering the high demand and popularity, this portable AC runs out of stock within a few days, so it is better to make a quick decision and place an order today. 

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews – The Final Word

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is a portable electronic cooling system that is different from other alternatives due to the simplicity of usage and its handy size. It can work with and without a cord, and you can even take it outdoors on a picnic by charging it beforehand. It can be a perfect fix for dry and warm weather when you are unable to focus on work or can’t help getting dry, itchy skin, lips, and fatigue. 

You can conveniently move it to any place you sit or live, from the nightstand to the work desk; it works perfectly everywhere. Not only does it make it easy to tolerate a high temperature, but also works on cleaning the air from allergens, dust, and toxins, allowing a person to breathe better. Its LED screen illuminates and creates a perfect relaxing atmosphere at night. In less than $100, you can get your hands on this device to make your summer better and more productive. 

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Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews & Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should you change the water curtains of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

The water curtains of Blast Auxiliary AC can be changed after three to six months, depending upon how frequently you are using this device. If your usage is high, it could be changed after three months. If your usage is moderate, it is good to go for six to eight months. 

  • How noisy is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

Surprisingly, Blast Auxiliary Classic AC doesn’t make any noise and remains quiet throughout the time when you are charging or using it. 

  • How much electricity would Blast Auxiliary Classic AC need?

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is designed as per an energy-saving strategy called ‘evaporation technology.’ It is very efficient and takes limited units to convert dry air and heat into cool air. 

  • Is Blast Portable AC available at Amazon and Walmart?

The only way to buy the Blast Auxiliary air conditioner is through its official website. You may not find it anywhere else. 

  • Do you need professional help to install Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

Installing the Blast Auxiliary compact AC is very easy and doesn’t require any professional help. If you have never set up any air conditioner before, read the manual and follow the instructions. 

  • Can you share Blast Auxiliary Classic Air Conditioner with another person?

Yes, you can share the cool air of Blast Auxiliary transportable AC with a friend or partner if he/she is sitting very close to you. Otherwise, Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is designed for single-handed use only and can’t be shared with multiple people. 

  • Where to keep Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

The best position for Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is on a flat surface i.e. a table, shelf, or cabinet, preferably close to an open window for easy exhaust.   

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