Rainbow Riches Puts Historic Gaming Company, Scientific Games, on the Map

Scientific Games is an American company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada that produces computerized and mechanical slot machines, electronic card shufflers, instant lotto games, online casino games and social and sports gaming. It was also the first ever corporation to introduce the secure instant lottery ticket in 1974, and provides software and hardware for retailers to print out lottery tickets.

Employing over 9500 people across the globe, the company was founded in 1973, and from that point has been a pioneer in the world of online casino games and associated software. By the mid-2000s, two thirds of the total wagers on racing made in the US were processed by SG software, and currently offers a huge variety of gaming and lottery experience to suit all players, with a focus on quality, security and innovative technology.

Over the last few years, SG has won a number of awards for their games, people, and technologies, including Casino player Award for best themed games 2019 (Monopoly, Wizard of Oz, and James Bond: Casino Royale), Gaming Intelligence Hot 50 award for both the Chief Executive Office Gaming and Chief product Officer in 2020, and so far in 2021 numerous awards for their strategic leadership and investment in gaming.

One of the biggest successes of recent years for SG is the Rainbow Riches franchise, which includes the original game, as well as a number of spin-offs and additional bonuses for players.

  • Rainbow Riches: the original game is the perfect starting point, with an offering of a 500x multiplier for players hoping to win big! By unlocking the bronze, silver, and gold pots at the end of the game players can further increase their winnings.
  • Rainbow Riches: Drops of Gold adds to the base game, offering cumulative wins and even bigger pay-outs, with silver and gold pots as wild cards. 
  • Fortune Favours further increases the wagering and winning potential for players, with a Big Bet Game section. 
  • Free Spins offering up to 999 free spins
  • Megaways, offering over 177 thousand ways to win
  • Pick’n’mix, with multiple ways of multiplying wagers by 500X
  • Reels of Gold with a whopping eight different ways to secure a win

So does this mean that Rainbow Riches is the best game Scientific Games has ever made? There is definitely huge evidence of its popularity, not least because of the sheer investment in the development of a whole franchise of different types of games for all types of gamers, but also the creation of a dedicated site just for Rainbow Riches games launched by Scientific Games themselves.

There are a huge number of other games published by SG, which are also hugely popular and instantly recognisable.

  • Raging Rhino

Unusual for a slot game, Raging Rhino has six reels, offering players a massive 4096 pay lines, making the game a little different to others on the market. There are multipliers available of up to 400x, and wagers can be placed anywhere from 40p all the way to £60, making it a popular game for all types of player. However, more pay lines does not mean more pay outs, and other offerings from SG are more exciting and interesting to play.

  • Zeus

This slot game based on Greek Mythology is fun to play but a very basic, entry level offering from SG. The main hook is getting free spins, supported by simply beautiful graphics featuring Pegasus, Trojan boats, harps, soldiers helmets, and coins to name but a few. It is not likely to set the world on fire but is a solid offering. The updated version, Zeus 100 adds more reels and rows.

  • Spartacus: Call to Arms

Aiming to bring the fun and excitement of the Gladiatorial fights of Ancient Rome, this game is not the best in terms of graphics and sounds. Though the actual gameplay is good enough, and the 96% RTP is relatively high, it is not a particularly pretty game to play, and there is nothing special to set it apart from the competition.

  • Elvis: The King Lives

This is an unusual offering again, with a very different feel and set up to most slot games. There are 11 reels; eight on the left have one rom, and the three large reels have 6, making it a breath of fresh air for players, though it does take some getting used to! Winning does not happen often, but when it does the 96% TRP means big wins when it does happen. The cool retro vibe, classic rock tunes and graphics make this an engaging and fun game to play.

All these games can be found on many reputable casino sites, including Virgin Games, and offer hours of entertainment to players. However, none of these games have built up quite the same following or cult status that Rainbow Riches has amassed over its lifetime. The sheer number of spin offs and different games available in the franchise, and the simple fact that the developers have created a stand-alone website to showcase all that Rainbow Riches has to offer, definitely makes it a top contender for their most popular game. As to whether it is their best game, it is hard to say, as ‘best’ can be quite subjective. 

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