RemBalance Reviews (Golden After 50) Scam Complaints or Weight Loss Ingredients Really Work?

RemBalance is a newly released metabolism and sleep support supplement that assists people in weight management. The official website of this product reveals its unique model of action that is a ‘deep sleep action’. Ideally, it helps those who have tried everything and are still unable to see a difference in their weight. Interestingly, it doesn’t require any hard dietary changes, so it is easy to follow, even for those people who have never tried a weight loss diet before.

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Sometimes a weight loss plan and exercise are not enough to lose weight because people expect drastic results, which are only achievable with unnatural weight-loss strategies. On the other hand, a natural weight loss is slow but long-term, but you may not see the results within a couple of weeks. If you are not losing weight and can’t understand the reason, it is high time to try a performance booster to address the slow metabolism.

The all-natural ingredient list of RemBalance offers an easy-to-follow and affordable way to accelerate weight loss progress. Let’s find out more details about its ingredients, working pricing, and where to buy RemBalance in this comprehensive RemBalance review.


RemBalance Review – An Overview 

Medical experts emphasize a goodnight’s sleep for overall improved health, but people get surprised to know the link between gut health and sleep. There is plenty of scientific data that suggests people with poor sleep cycles are more likely to experience slow metabolism, mainly because of the hormonal changes inside their bodies. RemBalance Natural Sleep Aid & Metabolic Support uses this sleep deficiency to heal weight loss issues, especially hormonal irregularities and works by inducing deep sleep. 

 Deep sleep is a sleeping stage when the brain waves are slowest and are perfectly synchronized with the body. It is difficult to achieve but once reached, it assures hormonal regulation, damage repair, and cellular regeneration inside the body, lowering the chances to get sick, anxious, or obese. 

Due to extremely busy work routines and not paying attention to the diet, a large number of people fall prey to insomnia. When their bodies don’t get a sufficient sleeping period, their mental health effects and their physical health suffers. However, it is manageable with basic changes and some external help, for example, the RemBalance supplement. 

The human body also burns calories during sleeping, but the amount of these burnt calories is different for everyone and is mainly affected by sleep duration and quality. That’s why the sleep cycle can’t be ignored while trying to lose weight, and it is easy to regulate your sleep cycle by taking RemBalance pills every day. 

This Golden After 50 RemBalance review will take a closer look at how its ingredients induce a ‘deep sleep’ and affect gut health. 

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What is RemBalance?

RemBalance is a metabolism and sleep support supplement made from premium quality natural ingredients. It comes in easy-to-use capsule form, and every bottle contains 60 capsules inside. The recommended dose of this supplement is two capsules per day, taken with water or fruit juice. When used with basic dietary and lifestyle changes, these capsules make it easy to get plentiful resting hours and maintain a healthy weight without trying anything extra. 

There is no secret that aging affects all body systems, including metabolism. But people fail to comprehend that their sleeping cycle is also changed with age which is why they never truly enjoy the same sleep they did in their younger years. It is also possible to sleep for lesser hours every night, and the struggle to sleep is real, especially for people who are near or over 50. 

 The official website of RemBalance mentions that everyone over 30 years of age witnesses a decrease in his sleeping hours along with metabolic changes. Not many people know, but natural aging starts from the middle ages, so paying attention to gut health and sleep quality should also start from the middle ages. If ignored, it worsens every year, eventually leading to obesity and insomnia in the ’50s and ’60s. 

Golden After 50 RemBalance helps a person lose extra weight and maintain a healthy weight as its ingredients trigger metabolism and start a natural fat burn. At the same time, the body enjoys a peaceful sleep. Although not necessary, it works better if you take it with a plant-based diet, with the controlled sugar/alcohol/junk food consumption, and an active lifestyle. 

Before jumping to how RemBalance pills work inside the body, let’s understand the connection between sleep and weight loss first. 

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How is Sleep Linked with Weight Loss?

Many people deny the link between weight loss and sleep, but it doesn’t mean it is not there. Sleeping habits directly control the weight loss progress and heal the damaged sites, muscles, and improve cellular turnover. It controls metabolism by affecting a hormone called cortisol, also famous as the stress hormone, that plays a part in fat deposition. When cortisol levels are irregular, the body tends to store fat cells making a person obese, but controlling cortisol regulates the excessive fat and maintains a healthy weight.

Long working hours, stressful jobs, added screen time, exposure to artificial lights, and unnatural stimuli, especially before going to bed, all can affect the brain and cause sleep-related troubles. When the sleeping pattern is not regular, it affects all primary body functions, including metabolism and eventually gaining weight. But when a person starts taking RemBalance, it somehow protects the body from dangers of the aforementioned risk factors that may contribute to sleeping difficulties. Moreover, its ingredients improve hormonal response, regrowth, and damage repair that typically occur during sleeping time. 

RemBalance supplement by Golden After 50 is a US-made product marketed as a natural formula, free from artificial ingredients or toxins. The website of this product enlists all its ingredients, along with their potential benefits, implying that it has no additive or filler inside. Besides, the supplement has been launched after certification from third-party testing, suggesting that it is fit for everyday use. 

Is RemBalance FDA approved? Does the FDA evaluate supplements at all? For more information, check out the details on

RemBalance and Weight Loss – How Does It Work?

According to the official website, this supplement uses a unique way to help in weight loss while the body rests. It is opposite to the typical idea of weight loss that requires eating a calorie deficit and involving yourself in strenuous exercises, hoping to lose weight. Although the dietary and lifestyle interventions do help in losing weight, not everyone can follow them. That’s why the use of dietary supplements, especially natural fat burners, has become immensely popular in the last few decades. 

The sleeping stage targeted by the RemBalance supplement is called a ‘deep sleep’ or ‘fat loss dream stage’. This stage is already a part of the normal sleeping cycle, but it takes at least two to three hours to get into this state. Once the body enters into it, the ingredients of RemBalance diet pills start taking action, and they mainly target three hormones called;

  1. Ghrelin
  2. Leptin
  3. Growth hormone

A regular intake of RemBalance regulates ghrelin and eventually gives control over appetite to the body. Having normal ghrelin levels ensures mindful eating and lowers the chances of overeating or emotional eating. It also upregulates the hormone leptin to recreate energy homeostasis. The stable leptin levels ensure that CNS is adjusting the dietary intake and using it to generate and use the energy created from this food. 

Lastly, RemBalance may also improve the production of growth hormone, which further acts upon the insulin-like growth factor and regulates metabolism as well as the growth of the body. Plus, releasing more growth hormone ensures better sleep, diet, and cognition in a person. All these benefits suggest that taking RemBalance can possibly help a person sleep better at night and maintain an ideal weight without inviting risks or side effects.

Individual results may vary. Remember that the exact benefits of RemBalance pills may vary from one user to another. 

Reasons to Choose RemBalance Over Other Supplements

The supplement market is huge, and it would be unfair to say that RemBalance is the only supplement offering deep sleep. Many other products promise to use this same technique for weight loss, but product analysis is necessary before making a final decision.

Comparing RemBalance supplement for weight loss with similar products clearly shows that all of these alternatives are slow and not much efficient. On the other side, this supplement improved sleeping habits and covered a slow metabolism, supporting a natural weight loss. Additionally, these other supplements use synthetic formulas and hidden ingredients, which may cause unwanted side effects, but there is no such risk if you are taking RemBalance diet pills.  

According to RemBalance reviews online, a few things that make it stand out among the rest include the following. 

  • Safety level: RemBalance ingredient list shows it has premium quality natural ingredients that are 100% safe for humans. 
  • Affordability: the price per bottle is set in a way that meets everyone’s budget. The price further decreases if you choose bundle packs instead of single bottles. 
  • Refund policy: the company has a 90-day refund policy, under which you can get your money back if dissatisfied with it. 
  • Larger audience: RemBalance is suitable for most patients without any discrimination in age or gender. However, it is not suitable for underage people. 
  • Long-term results: the results are different in every user, but they are most likely to last for a very long time, as compared to a drastic weight loss which usually comes back as soon as you stop following your weight loss routine. 

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Ingredients Inside RemBalance Diet Pills 

Not all weight loss supplements offer dietary benefits; in fact, it is rare to find one offering it. RemBalance, on the other hand, contains high-quality ingredients that promote sound sleep. It means that all benefits associated with this formula are mainly due to its composition, but what are these ingredients?

The complete RemBalance ingredients are posted on the official website of Golden After 50 and the dosage information. If you have more than one option available and choosing one seems difficult, try comparing these ingredients with each other and choose the best option.

Here are all RemBalance ingredients and their benefits for the body. 

  • Valerian root (150mg) 

The first name in the RemBalance ingredients list is valerian root which has been traditionally used to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. It is a natural sleep inducer that relieves the body from unwanted stress and helps relaxing. 

  • Passionflower (100mg) 

 The next name in the RemBalance formula is passionflower which compliments the working of valerian root and aid in sleep. There is plenty of data that suggests its role in relaxation, making a person stress-free and happy. 

  • Forskolin Extract (100mg)

You may see this ingredient in various diet pills because of its natural fat-burning property. The company making RemBalance has also added it inside the formula for helping in a fat breakdown while the user sleeps. 

  • Ashwagandha Root Extract (100mg) 

Ashwagandha is a famous name in Ayurveda and other traditional medicines. Golden After 50 has decided to add ashwagandha to its RemBalance ingredient list to get over everyday stress by improving the cortisol levels inside the body.

  • GABA (100mg) 

You may also see a unique name in the RemBalance formula that is nearly 100mg of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The company has not fully explained its role, but there is data suggesting its benefits for cognition, memory, and relaxation. 

  • L-Tryptophan (100mg) 

This RemBalance ingredient is an amino acid that naturally exists inside the body. You may also get it from dietary sources such as turkey, but you can’t eat turkey every day for sleep regulation. For this reason, it is added to this formula to help users sleep better at night.  

  • Chamomile Extract (100mg) 

This natural herb is loaded with relaxing properties. Some studies reveal that chamomile also helps inducing sleep. It also lowers inflammation, menstrual pain, and sugar levels inside the body.  

  • Lemon Balm (100mg) 

The addition of Lemon Balm into this formula helps the brain and the body relax and achieve a deep sleep or fat loss dream stage.  

  • Melatonin (2mg) 

This is the ingredient added in the lowest amount inside the RemBalance formula. Melatonin is a natural sleep regulator which is safe and effective even for those who have used sleeping pills in the past.  

This ingredient list reveals that there are no artificial ingredients inside the RemBalance formula; hence it is least likely to cause any side effects. 

Every user is expected to take two RemBalance pills before going to bed every night. Ideally, these pills should be used 20 to 30 minutes before sleeping. The best results are achieved after three to six months of use. If you are prescribed sleeping pills or any sleep-related supplements, feel free to talk to your doctor before taking this supplement. Never use it with antidepressants, sleeping pills, or any other medicine that may interact and cause severe side effects. 

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Where to Buy RemBalance? Pricing and Refund Policy

Right now, RemBalance Natural Sleep Aid & Metabolic Support is not available anywhere except its official website – You may also not find it at Amazon, Walmart, or any pharmacy. The reason for this limited availability is because the company doesn’t have local retailers or partners to distribute this product. The only way to buy RemBalance is by placing an online order through its official website. 

The pricing details on the official website explain that the price of one bottle of RemBalance is $49 only. This one bottle order is a starter pack, best suited for people who have never tried a supplement before. 

Those who have some experience with supplements can look for three and six bottle packs, paying $44 and $39 per bottle, respectively. These standardized bundle packs are ideal for users who wish to use RemBalance for a longer time. 

Follow the recommended dosage of RemBalance and never exceed it in any case. In case of misuse, the side effects may show up.

Note- A single bottle pack would shipment charges while the bulk orders are shipped for free.

Individual results may vary. If you are worried about losing your money, you will be relieved to know that not all online products are scams. Coming from an authentic company called ‘Golden After 50’, RemBalance surely knows how to make its customers happy. All orders are backed up with a 90-day money-back offer. 

Under this period, the company ensures that your money is safe with it. This money-back offer is most helpful for people who hesitate to try a new product. Here, in this case, if any user is unhappy or dissatisfied with RemBalance, he can contact the company and get a refund of his money in no time.  

RemBalance Reviews – Final Verdict 

After going through all the details of RemBalance, one thing is clear that it uses a different approach than most diet pills that offer unbelievable benefits. Made with the finest natural ingredients, this formula uses natural sleeping habits to govern hormonal levels. When all these hormones work in harmony, the body maintains a healthy weight on its own. 

This decision of using a performance booster is mostly a personal choice but comparing all the available options with each other helps to choose the best supplement. Start using RemBalance to overcome sleep-related difficulties and get into shape without going to a gym.   

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