Attorney General Jeff Landry Warns Websites Against Selling Fake Vaccine Cards

Attorney General Jeff Landry

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry put out a warning on the internet to stop vaccine card fraud. Shopify, eBay, and Twitter are providing ways to access or buy fraudulent COVID vaccine cards, and he’s had enough of it. However, it wasn’t just him though. As he points out, 45 other attorney generals have joined him in this mission.

On his official website, he writes to the companies mentioned, “The use of your platform to disseminate the deceptive marketing and sales of fake vaccine cards is a threat to residents of our states.” Landry adds, “As a result, we are asking you to take immediate action to prevent your platform from being used as a vehicle to commit these fraudulent and deceptive acts that harm our communities.”

Not only is it a threat to residents, but he says it’s also illegal. “The false and deceptive marketing and sales of fake COVID vaccine cards threatens the health of our communities, slows progress in getting our residents protected from the virus, and is a violation of the laws of many states.”

If you are worried about losing your vaccine card, you have much better options than purchasing a fake card. First of all, there are lanyards and other ways of keeping your card safe. Another thing to do is take a picture of your card, with storing it on your phone being an excellent place to keep it. Lastly, if you do lose your card, it should be on file and you should be able to receive another card providing proof of your vaccination. Either go to where you received your vaccine and request a new copy or if it was a temporary site, and that’s no longer possible, get in touch with the Louisiana Department of Health here.

If you know of any COVID scams, including those related to fake COVID vaccine cards you can reach out to the National Center for Disaster Fraud by calling 866-720-5721 or click here.

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