Opinion: Troy Carter Has Stood With LGBTQ+ Community for Thirty Years

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As the first openly gay man to run for office in the City of New Orleans, I’ve seen unimaginable ugliness hurdled at the LGBTQ+ community. I’ve spent years repeatedly fighting hateful legislation in our state. Through it all, in the midst of the AIDS pandemic and the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, one man stood with us.

His name is Troy Carter.

In the legislature, Troy helped defeat bills designed to target and even kill LGBTQ+ people. Were it not for the fact that we defeated these bills with Troy’s help, HIV-positive people could have to have their medical status tattooed on their arms, and killing someone who was suspected of being HIV-positive would be legally considered justifiable homicide. In all, Troy helped the LGBTQ+ community defeat over 100 discriminatory bills at the state level.

In our community, Troy has long stood out as a role model who treats LGBTQ+ people with dignity and respect. The lives of countless LGBTQ+ individuals were saved because Troy stood with us in the face of hatred and discrimination. He stood tall in 1993 and introduced the first bill in the Louisiana State Legislature to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Troy’s support for equality and dignity made a difference not only in the political realm, but also in our communities. Many parents became more accepting of their children because of the example he set. I don’t even think Troy himself realizes just how much he’s done for the LGBTQ+ community here in Louisiana.

Troy’s record of working for equity and justice against all odds speaks for itself. That’s the spirit and work ethic he’ll bring to Washington to fight threats to the health and safety of people who are transgender. With Troy representing us in Congress, all of our communities will have someone who listens to them no matter the political consequences.

I’m asking you to continue our progress and vote Troy Carter. Early voting starts Saturday, April 10th.

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