Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Chicken

The popularity of organic chicken seems to rise as time progresses. More chicken lovers are discovering that organic chicken is a healthier option. Organic chicken is free of pesticides and many other harmful ingredients found in non-organic chicken.

Why are some consumers hesitant about purchasing organic chicken at their grocery market? There are several reasons, but we believe that the price tag is the main reason why they shy away from free-range chickens. 

In our humble opinion, your health is priceless. Spending several extra dollars to preserve your health is worth the extra cost. 

Should you add organic chicken to your diet? This is an excellent question. We will cover five reasons why you should switch to eating free-range chicken. 

1. Organic Chicken Tastes Better

This may be a controversial statement, but organic chicken has a better taste. When it comes to feeding organic chickens, short cuts don’t take place. Their diet must meet the strict guidelines set by the federal government. 

We support the argument that organic chicken is packed with more flavor. According to the American Culinary Federation, non-commercial chicken is tender and has a complex flavor. This is probably why it’s served at many popular diners throughout the country. 

We’re confident that you’re familiar with the old saying, “You are what you eat.” This also applies to chickens. If they’re fed junk, they will taste like junk. 

2. You’re supporting the Environment

Research shows that industrial chicken farming causes serious water quality issues. Most farmers will spread their chicken litter in their fields. From their perspective, the chicken litter fertilizes the soil. 

A huge problem comes into play when this so-called fertilizer is carried by the rain into streams and waterways. This has a negative impact on our environment. 

You can help safeguard our environment by buying organic chicken at your local grocery market. 

3. An Organic Chicken has a Happier Life

It’s sad to see chickens living their last days in small cages. It’s fair to say that chickens deserve better treatment from commercial farmers. 

When you have several chickens sharing the same cage, it’s not unusual for them to get sick. No one in their right mind is interested in serving a sick chicken to their family. 

Fortunately, organic chickens cannot be raised in cramped conditions with other chickens. By law, they must have free-range of their field

You should do your due diligence on farmers. This will help you see how they raise their chickens. Several hours of online research will help you learn more about farmers. If they raise their chickens humanely, it would be a great idea for you to support their brand. 

4. Organic Chicken May be Healthier for Your

There’s really no significant nutrient difference between organic chicken and chickens raised at a conventional factory

However, it’s important to note that non-organic chickens are given antibiotics. In some instances, antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria can develop in their body. Non-organic chickens are also well known for being infected with salmonella. 

Cooking your chicken can eliminate the bacteria, but we believe you should protect yourself by sticking with organic chicken. There’s no need for you to take any chances with your health. 

5. You’ll be Supporting Small Farmers

To our surprise, a high amount of factory farming takes place in 15 states. When you buy organic chicken from hard-working small farmers, you are playing a critical role in supporting a family business. It always feels good when you know that you’re making a difference. 

We’ve covered five solid reasons why you should buy organic chicken. However, you will find more than one brand of organic chicken in grocery markets. 

Which one should you buy? Choosing a good brand can be challenging for anyone. Luckily, we have some insider secrets that can help you make the best decision. 

Look at the trim – Deboning and trimming chicken at home calls for diligent food safety methods. You don’t want to contaminate your kitchen countertop and cooking utensils. Focus on finding trimmed chicken so that you won’t have any problems with maintaining sanitary conditions in your home. 

Diet – Organic chicken should be fed a diet that does not include animal by-products. Vegetable-fed should be listed on the label. 

Appearance and Smell – Fresh chicken has a distinct pinkish color. Don’t buy organic chicken that has dark visible marks or tears. 

Test the texture of the chicken by pressing it with your fingers. The chicken should be plump. It should also show some resiliency pressing it. 

Farmed Raised without any Antibiotics – Real organic chickens are raised without antibiotics. If this is not stated on the label, you should think twice about buying that brand of organic chicken. 

Final Summary

The popularity of organic chicken continues to pick up steam as the years go by. Many people are now starting to see the wonderful benefits of adding free-range chicken to their diet. Besides tasting better, many believe organic chicken is a healthier option. 

Hopefully, you will take heed to the information in this article. Your taste buds and health will appreciate it.

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