How the Future of Restaurant Dining Becomes Visible Right Now?

Every fifty years, our means of dining with our favorite local restaurant changes. And with that change, diners can set trends with how restaurants are setting new dining norms for the future. After all, the customer is always right. By setting up surveys with websites like, it’s easy to see just how successful your dining restaurant is.

But as the expected shift in dining is going to happen 20 years from now, the pandemic fastens the change in just a year. And that change is associated with many technological applications in checking in, ordering, and payment. 

With all these changes being present during the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant’s use of wireless technologies like QR codes is prevailing today. 

Through their use of it, the future of restaurant dining becomes visible right now. Before jumping in how QR codes are integrated into the future of restaurant dining, the basics such as knowing what they are and its type is necessary. 

What is a QR code? 

A QR code or Quick Response code is a smartphone-readable type of barcode that embeds different types of data such as URL, Files, text, and more. In today’s technological classification, QR codes are categorized into two types: static and dynamic. 

The static QR code is a type of QR code that stores data on its graphics. As it stores the data on its graphics, the information you store stays forever. And if you have more information to embed in the codes, the number of boxes it produces increases. Because of that, many users only use a small amount of data to convert into a static QR code through the use of a URL shortener. 

While static QR codes pose many restrictions in most of its generation process and usage, a better type is integrated to solve this issue and allow changing the QR code information within a printed QR code. 

And that type is called dynamic QR code, the better type of QR code that store and edit information, as well as track pertinent scanning results. 

How the future of Restaurant Dining Becomes Visible Right Now?

The future of restaurant dining has arrived in today’s new normal setup. With the use of a Free QR code generator to set the restaurant’s futuristic dining means for its customers, here are five ways how the future of restaurant dining becomes visible right now.

1. Contactless check-ins

To strengthen their contact tracing force against COVID-19, restaurants are doing their part by mandating all people who will dine in with them to fill up their dedicated check-in forms in a contactless manner. 

As doing paperback check-ins can still increase the chance of transmitting disease from one person to another, the use of contactless check-in means becomes an effective tool for restaurants to check who enters their restaurant and dine in with them.

2. Scan-to-view menus

Since the start of the pandemic, scan-to-view menus are popping up in every restaurant that operates during that time. As producing disposable menus can empty the restaurants’ funds and increase the number of trees being cut down, the use of scan to view menus saves both the restaurant and environment’s resources from going down the drain. 

Whether it’s a fad or not, the use of a scan-to-view menu or menu QR code has helped the future of restaurant dining be executed in a scan and view manner. Thus, eradicating the use of physical

3. Online ordering systems

As virus transfers from one person to another, restaurants are upgrading their means in accepting orders from their customers. And as a way to upgrade it, they take the chance to switch from physical to online ordering to keep their customers and staff safe. 

Aside from that, online ordering systems clarify and provide more in-depth details on how should the dish be prepped.

4. Touchless payment modes

One of the means that we can say that the future of restaurant dining is visible now is the touchless payment modes implemented by most restaurants today. 

And one of the touchless modes they use is QR code payments and RFID. While RFID is a more expensive model to implement in restaurants, QR code payments are topping the touchless payment arena.

5. Machine-accessible Customer Surveys

By including the customers as a part of the decisions restaurants make to implement changes, the transition in implementing them smoothens. Because of that, doing machine-accessible customer surveys is one of the game-changing factors that restaurants do in futurizing their operations. 

Although customer surveys are deemed as an ancient yet effective tactic to do in every business, the machine-accessible mode of doing a survey plays an important role in the future of restaurant dining. 


As the restaurants’ goal is to provide better food and service to its valued customers, an occasional shift in operations and more are adopted by most of them. Every change restaurants encounter, its implementation takes few years before people get the hang of using them. 

But with the pandemic affecting most of our daily transactions, the change restaurants take years to implement narrows down to a year. And for their customers to adjust swiftly, they take the use of QR codes as a gateway towards the future of restaurant dining.

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