Placing Your Bet Safely: Choosing The Optimal Product Photography Studio

Since the cost of product images will constitute a significant part of your ecommerce initial budget, you want to invest your money into the most reliable photo venue. Your desire is fully understandable and laudable, yet the question is, how to choose the right place? Every other ad promises quality and customer satisfaction, but what stands behind these words?

Basically, some benchmarks explicitly signify the reliability of a studio or lack thereof. You can compare a studio you have in mind against these criteria and arrive at conclusions regarding its reliability. Truly reputable product photography studios will check all boxes and make you sure that you will obtain excellent images without breaking your bank.


Do not fall for the cheapest price available. Ask yourself, why professionals would hold their skills in such low esteem. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the sky-high prices do not guarantee quality either. They may be charged for the brand name or the posh location, but have little to do with the actual skills of the team. Research the average market prices and aim for this level. Besides, ask the studio what are their fee plans – if they charge per image, per product, or hourly. Clarify what additional expenses may be and who will carry them. A good venue will offer different approaches depending on your needs or will charge per image – that’s the fairest approach to the work. 


Opt for a studio that has some experience. The record may not include famous companies or brands, but the history of work should be in place. An experienced studio will be able to push you in the right direction, prompt you to make product images that you forgot to mention, and will ensure that you have the shots that are most successful with the customers.

It is even better if the experience includes working with products similar to your own. It means that the venue has all necessary equipment and streamlined processes that will make their work a breeze.

The list of collaborations should be provided somewhere on the main page of the site, or it should not be a problem for the studio to send you a link to their portfolio. Then you will know they are worth your attention and your money.

Customer Reviews

Testimonies are the clue to what the studio services really are. If the customers are unhappy about the work with this company, they will express it openly. Preferably, look for reviews somewhere on the web. If the customers’ opinions on third-party sites are positive, then choose this studio safely.


Prices and reviews are only a part of the equation. Another part is what the studio promises to you specifically and what guarantees they provide. The guarantee of quality is a very vague concept. If the studio is ready to make a few test images to confirm the order guidelines with you before proceeding with the whole shoot is a good sign. The guarantee of re-editing and re-shooting for free if the images do not meet your initial requirements is essential. Guarantee of a refund with clear conditions of its allocation is a real thing too. And so on. The more specific points in the contract about what you are entitled to and under what conditions, the better.

Making a Live Call

If you have checked all mentioned points and they meet the standard, it is time to make a call with the company reps. They should be able to answer your questions (at least most of them), and then you can decide on what studio to choose. Now it will be a wise and weighted choice. Good luck!

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