Opinion: Troy Carter Will Represent People Who Have Been Made Invisible

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Someone once told me that Black people in Louisiana would never be truly represented in Congress. I thought that was unacceptable. So, you know what I said?

Let’s sue their asses.

Winning that lawsuit was my biggest accomplishment as an anti-racist community organizer. It led to the creation of the Second Congressional District as the state’s only majority minority district. I fought for this seat so we could elect someone who felt a responsibility to represent people who have been made invisible.

Troy Carter is that someone.

Troy is endorsed by local community organizations that represent people who live and work in Louisiana’s Second Congressional District, including the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO, Alliance for Good Government, United Teachers of New Orleans, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Baptist Pastor’s Conference, IWO New Orleans, Society for Progressive Women, and a variety of others. He knows this district and he reflects it.

 As the son of a single mother of six children, he knows the real issues that people in this district face. He knows what it takes to work to solve those issues, too. 

He is no stranger to groundbreaking change as the first African-American to be elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives from the 102nd District of New Orleans. In 1994, Troy Carter was elected to the New Orleans City Council representing District C, including the historic French Quarter and the New Orleans Westbank – once again, the first African-American to be elected to the position. In 2015, Troy Carter was the first African-American to be elected and sworn in as Senator for District 7 of Louisiana. Now, we have an opportunity to send him to Congress.

When I fought to create this district, I knew that it would be a seat that needed to be filled by someone who understood the responsibility that came with it—the responsibility to be a voice for the people. Troy has proven to me that he will fight for everything that we deserve in this community and that he will never forget who he represents.

We deserve the best. And Troy Carter is the best.

Barbara Major

Anti-Racist Community Organizer

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