Geaux Get a J&J Vaccine (and Drunk?) at the New Orleans Bar Offering a “Shot for a Shot”

Photo Courtesy of Crescent Care’s Facebook page

Only in New Orleans, would getting vaccinated, a largely sterile and arduous process in most of the country, become a party. At the beginning of the pandemic, hard liquor was repurposed into hand sanitizer but now it could serve an even greater purpose: incentivizing people to get vaccinated. 

Dragon’s Den, a New Orleans live music venue on Frenchmen Street, is offering a “shot for a shot” deal where if you get the COVID-19 Johnson & Johnson vaccine at their vaccination pop-up, they’ll give you a free shot. 

Their Facebook Post explained, “This Friday starting at 830pm we are teaming up with CrescentCare and will be offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on the neutral ground in front of Dragon’s Den. Get a shot, then get a free shot at Den. Get vaccinated!!!”

To sweeten the deal, they posted yesterday that not only will you get a free shot on the Den if you attend their vaccination event, but also free, delicious Yakamein from their chef Linda Green. Vaccines, alcohol, and yakamein, oh my! What more could you want from a pandemic event in New Orleans? 

CrescentCare confirmed partnering with the Dragon’s Den, noting that the event was being hosted by the city of New Orleans and would occur until they run out of the 200 doses of the vaccine they were provided with. Since so many people have expressed interest in the event, they’re trying to obtain more doses and set up other vaccination pop-up dates. 

If you’re busy this Friday though, don’t worry. Dragon’s Den isn’t the only bar hosting vaccination events in New Orleans.

Kermit’s Treme Mother In Law Lounge is also hosting a vaccination pop-up. They posted on Facebook that “On Saturday the 17th you can come get vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson one shot at the Mother In Law Lounge at 11am till 3 first come first serve there’s enough for 200 people and we will do it again soon.” 

Right now, everyone 16 and up is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in New Orleans. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which these pop-ups are offering, only requires one dose, unlike the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines which require two doses. 

According to the COVID-19 New Orleans Dashboard, the city is doing an exceptional job vaccinating residents, with almost 40% of New Orleanians already receiving at least their first shot. Programs like this could further widen access to the vaccine for residents, speeding up the city’s vaccination program. 

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