Easy Ways To Increase Your Chances Fishing

Easy Ways To Increase Your Chances Fishing

If you prefer sports that are relaxing—and who in the south doesn’t—then you know that fishing is an ingenious way to spend the day doing nothing. But if you’d like to have something to show for your time, there are some easy ways to increase your chances fishing. These tips can help you nab some redfish or speckled trout at Lake Pontchartrain.

Use Live Bait

It’s an extra stop and gross as all get-out, but you need bait the fish are used to; they’re smarter than you think. Make sure you keep your bait in the shade so they don’t get overheated. You can cool the water off with an ice cube, but too much cold all at once will kill them. At Lake Pontchartrain, you’re safe using unpainted 3/8-ounce or ½-ounce jigheads. And if you run out of minnows, you can default to plastic grubs.

Let It Sink

Make sure you’re giving your bait a chance to sink all the way to the bottom in the strike zone before you start reeling in your braided line. At this point, you can wiggle the rod with your other hand to mimic a live worm. It’s a trick that works.

Take Your Time

You have one secret weapon on the lake: patience. It’s true that if the fish aren’t biting, you should move on in an hour or two. But don’t give up on an intriguing piece of cover after your first cast. Lob a few more casts in the same area so the fish get a chance to register the bait and respond.

Go at Night

Habitual anglers like to go out at dawn and when the sun is setting, but many fish are more active at night. You want to catch them when they’re pursuing their own prey. Equip yourself with a colored light to attract fish to the surface, and you can have them all to yourself. The lights add a little more suspense to the man vs. nature battle, too.

Pay Attention

One of the easiest ways to increase your chances fishing is to look around every now and then. You don’t have to guess where the fish are biting when you have so many natural clues to guide you. Are the herons circling in one area? Is the water dimpling? Are the flies buzzing? Take in the scene—but don’t forget to keep an eye on your line, too.

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