Technology in Relationships: A Benefit or a Distraction?

There can be no denying the impact technology has had on relationships. At a conservative estimate, around one-in-three of today’s partnerships will have been instigated when the couples met on a dating site. The industry itself is generating billions of dollars per annum. But has technology always been beneficial for romance? Here we look into some of the reasons why innovations have benefitted relationships, and also the occasions when technology has been a distraction.

Nuanced dating choices

Dating is such a generic and subjective term, with individual tastes covering all the bases from straight, gay/lesbian, bisexual to more nuanced areas, such as polyamorous dating and age-gap romance. There are websites dedicated to those with an interest in larger partners (BBW or big and beautiful women), while others focus on topics like LGBTQ relationships. There are a lot of specialized dating review services out there, and if you decided to try a new site, like trumingle, you can check trumingle dating site reviews at first and then make your final decision. Given the diversity of what’s available to singles, it does make sense to pay attention to third-party reviews of different websites, allowing you to take on board aspects like unique features, or precisely who a website is targeting, before deciding to complete any application forms. The tech has evolved in tandem with the explosion in romantic preferences, with software – known as algorithms – being employed to help singles find appropriate matches amongst the bewildering array of choices. Artificial intelligence can analyze how site users interact with each other, offering date suggestions. 

Convenient communication

Dating outlets harness so many aspects of technology to allow members the most convenient channels to touch base with prospective partners. They will apply all the usual ways that any Internet user can enjoy for exchanging messages, via texts, emails, WhatsApp groups, phone calls, or video chats. Increasingly, virtual reality is encroaching. Certain camcorder sites allow sensory software to be actioned by users interacting with models in chat rooms. This is taken the stage further when virtual reality headsets are introduced into the equation, allowing even more realistic layers of experience to be created. The technology behind what could be described as virtual sex has been embraced in some of the unlikeliest of quarters, with the US military employing this method to allow frontline troops to maintain close personal relationships with loved ones, even although they are separated by many thousands of miles. This has proved to be an excellent way of maintaining morale in stressful combat situations.

Empowering individuals

Having access to online resources has been so beneficial for those individuals who often feel marginalized by mainstream society. The LGBTQ community, or those impaired by health conditions, have found their options for socializing limited compared to ‘majority’ demographics. They have embraced the technology that has created websites where they can communicate with like-minded individuals, in an environment where interaction is convenient, and they are never judged.

Tech as a distraction

Much as technology has been wonderful for the world of dating and romance, this has to be tempered with the fact it can also encroach on the dynamic of natural conversation. It is hardly an uncommon sight to see a couple in what appears to be a date situation, perhaps sitting together in a coffee shop or on opposite sides of a restaurant table, and instead of indulging in small talk, each is engrossed in their smart device screens, reacting to a string of notifications from their respective social media platforms.

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