Things Every New Boat Owner Should Know

Things Every New Boat Owner Should Know

If you’re considering buying your own boat for the summer, consider this first: while it’s exciting, it’s also a huge investment to undertake. In order to help protect your investment, there are a few things every new boat owner should know to ensure your boat stays in good condition and enjoys a long lifespan.

Boat Storage

Before you actually get your hands on a boat, you should plan out where and how you’ll store it. The less exposed your boat is when not in your use, the better, but we understand that getting an entire boathouse isn’t a practical solution. If you plan to keep it on the water, you should have a boat cradle where you can park and lift the vessel out of the water when you’re not using it. This will prevent large waves from tossing it about and scum and barnacles from gathering onto the hull. If you’re not leaving it in the water, then you can store it on a trailer. To save some funds, you can find interesting used boat trailers for sale within a good price range instead of purchasing a brand new one. Regardless of what method you use, ensure you have a cover for your boat to protect the interior from the weather or animals that would make a home out of it.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your boat well-tuned will prevent larger mechanical failures by catching problems early on, if not preventing them altogether. This includes basic engine maintenance, oil and filter changes, and other basic processes. Of the things every new boat owner should know, however, nothing is more important than keeping an eye on your propeller. It’s one of the most vital components of your vessel; if it has problems, the rest of your boat will as well. Know how to identify common propeller issues so that you can address them as quickly as possible.

Frequent Cleaning

Because boats spend so much time in the water, it’s a common misconception that they don’t need to be washed as much as other vehicles. This simply isn’t true, however, as your vessel’s hull needs to be cleaned in order to get rid of salt from seawater or barnacles and scrum trying to grow along the bottom.

Basic Equipment

For boater safety, you’ll need to keep your boat well stocked with basic equipment to address any emergencies. Life jackets, in the event you must abandon ship or have children aboard; a fire extinguisher, should something ever go wrong with the engine, and a first aid kit to address any injuries are good places to start. It’s also a good idea to have signaling devices and a way to get in contact with shore should you ever find yourself stranded in the open water. The signaling devices will help you flag down other boats.

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