Which Institutions Use the Wonderlic Test in their Application Process?

No matter if you’re looking for a job, a career in professional sports, or even just seeking admissions in your local college or nearby university, it is almost part of the experience to prepare for a pre-employment or admissions exam as the very first step in achieving your dreams.

This is not surprising considering the fact that employers, educational institutions, and even athletic groups want to make sure that the candidate in front of them isn’t just physically capable but also mentally sharp. At times like these, students seek assistance from experts who offer admission essay writing service as well as assistance with studying and exam preparation.

As such, companies predominantly use the Wonderlic test to confirm this due to its ability to not only measure a person’s cognitive skills but also their decision-making and critical thinking skills.

It is due to this that many applicants decide to look up study guides or a free Wonderlic practice test so that they can improve their chances of being hired or allowed to continue in the admissions process as a means to preserve its reputation or company image..

To give you an idea on which institutions use the Wonderlic exam as part of its application process, here is a list of them so that you can have an idea of which industries make good use of it.

1. The NFL

In order for an aspiring athlete to have a good chance of being selected by a NFL, they must have a good track record as a football player in the college that they belong to in addition to having to meet the minimum score of the position that they play for.

This means that if you want to be selected as a quarterback recruit, your Wonderlic test score must be at least 24; if you want to be a halfback, you must get a score of at least 16; and so on.

However, the score of an athlete is just one of the many factors that NFL scouts will take into consideration, and there are many instances where a low-scoring player got selected in the first round of the NFL draft due to how exceptional they were on the field.

2. Educational institutions

Some universities and colleges are known to be highly prestigious because of their strict requirements as well as their entrance exams.

If you’re an incoming freshman this year, there is a high chance that on top of getting a good GWA or GED, you will have to pass the Wonderlic assessment and meet the minimum score of the institution.

The minimum passing score will depend on two things: the prestigiousness of the educational institution and the course that you want to take.

This means that if you’re aiming to join a well-known school on top of a difficult field like medicine or even criminal justice or nursing, then you can expect needing to get a score of 20 or above.

3. Private corporations and companies

In order for them to find the best possible candidate for the job, companies utilize a special version of the Wonderlic, known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test.

This is to confirm that the person has the minimum cognitive skills needed to function or succeed in the job that they are applying for and to prevent a ‘bad hire’ from getting the position, even if their resume or application looks highly enticing.

Like the NFL and college admissions version of the Wonderlic exam, applicants will have to do their best to try to meet the minimum score that the company wants for that particular position.

Unfortunately, this minimum score is fluid and varies from company to company. 

In the case of them needing to hire a lot of people, it is not uncommon for them to lower the mandated score of their organization.

Should there only be a few or even just a single position available, and there are dozens applying for it, then it is not uncommon for the company to raise the minimum passing score in an attempt to further boost the competition.

What you can do to succeed in the Wonderlic assessments

No matter which version of the Wonderlic test that you are about to take, it will measure a certain set of skills that are closely related to a person’s cognitive abilities as a whole without being too specific, namely your numerical, verbal, logical, and graphical reasoning skills.

If you discover that the institution that you want to join utilizes a Wonderlic exam in the application or admissions process, then you should do your best to prepare as much as you can.

With universities demanding so much of a student when it comes to college entrance exam scores, and with companies giving preference to those who are able to exceed expectations, looking up a Wonderlic practice test or study guide online is the least that you can do.

After all, most people usually only have a single chance to succeed and who knows when the next opportunity will arrive should they fail.

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