New Orleans – One of the Best Casino Gaming Cities in the South!

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At the time of writing, there are quite a number of cities across North America that support a great range of physical casinos. Of course, this includes Canada, with cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal being hot spots for gamblers. As it happens, we’d like to focus on our hometown of New Orleans. To some, it may be one of the less well-known gambling cities in North America, but that is about to change. Not only is this city full of character, but it’s also loaded with top-notch casinos that you may have never heard of. 

So, let’s take a look at how New Orleans became a great gambling city, and mention some of the three most popular resorts in this fabulous city.

A bit of History 

If you’re wondering why New Orleans has quite a bit of French and Canadian influences all over the city, that’s because it was founded by two brothers that were actually born in French Canada. Sure, hundreds of years later this influence has somewhat faded, but it’s still there. Why is this important? Well, it provides a historical and direct connection between New Orleans and Canada, especially when it comes to gambling. While most Canadians today prefer low-budget casinos with $1 deposits, residents and visitors from Canada and other countries enjoy going out to gamble in New Orleans. These casino resorts are just as popular today as they were when the first few gambling establishments opened in the mid-18th century.

Range of casinos

Rewind a few hundred years, and New Orleans was only just flowering in the gambling industry. There were a few locations to place bets on the likes of blackjack and poker, but now in 2021, it would be fair to say that New Orleans is one of the best gambling cities in North America. As it happens, New Orleans has more than 10 different physical locations to make casino bets right now, and some of the biggest brands in the business have a presence here. The likes of Harrah’s and Caesars are both operating within the city, and thanks to the number of locations that are there, casino gamers can enjoy thousands of different slot games, world-class poker rooms, and so much more.

The best ones to visit

  • Treasure Chest Casino Complex

Sitting right on the main river running through New Orleans, not only does this one have a great setting and excellent dining, it also has a sensational gambling offering. While it’s a spectacle in the daytime, at nighttime, this one has a feeling of magic to it. When you walk through the door you are greeted by a wealth of slot machines, and the blackjack/roulette tables are rarely unoccupied. Of course, when the drinks get flowing, this casino truly comes to life, with that typical New Orleans vibe.

  • Harrah’s New Orleans

If you’re worried about a limited range of games when you wander through the doors at a casino, Harrah’s will put those worries to bed. Not only does this casino have more than 100 table games, but it also has 1,500+ slot machines, as well as poker rooms that are open until late. It’s pretty cool that you can just sit down at the slot machines, order a drink, and keep playing while the waiter/waitress comes to fulfill your order. This casino is slap-bang in the middle of New Orleans too, which makes it a perfect location for tourists.

  • Boomtown Casino

Our third pick for one of the best casinos in New Orleans is Boomtown Casino, and it’s one that is a favorite among both residents and tourists. This one might be a little out of the way compared to some of the others, but it’s worth leaving the city center for, to say the least. This casino/hotel combo offers a truly premium gambling experience, with thousands of games, incredible architecture inside the building, and even its very own rewards scheme. Finally – the rates for some of the rooms are very respectable too, especially when you think about the overall quality of the venue.

Final thoughts

In our opinion, New Orleans is right up there with some of the other gambling hot spots across North America. Sure, cities such as Las Vegas, Montreal, Atlantic City, and even Miami might still rank above New Orleans, but they all come with a considerable price tag, whereas New Orleans doesn’t. For that reason, it’s a city that we would absolutely categorize as one of the best, especially in the south!

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