Synthetic Urine: A Quick Fix Solution to Pass the Drug Test

As the use of recreational marijuana and opioids rises at a rapid pace, urine test remains the most viable option to detect drug abuse in the body. However, failing a urine drug test can jeopardize an individual’s career as well as integrity and reputation. Therefore, a growing number of people who do not want to fail a urine drug test are now turning to synthetic urine. It fakes natural human urine and is free of toxins and other hazardous impurities that could put your drug test results at stake.       

The “new artificial urine protocol” imitates human urine and can successfully pass laboratory tests if proper instructions are followed. It is a thriving market today and provides more confidence to individuals who use recreational marijuana quite rarely. Thankfully, there are several options available in the market and you should choose carefully based on the popularity and reviews of the brand. Read more to find out why sub-solution synthetic urine can help you get a clean test.    

How Synthetic Urine Mimics Human Urine? 

One of the biggest concerns for any person taking a laboratory test is the increased likelihood of detecting THC or other drug traces in the urine. If the amount of drug found in the urine exceeds the threshold limit, then you fail the test. To address this issue, synthetic urine is made of three staple ingredients found in human urine – uric acid, creatinine, and urea. 

Other essential compounds further make the synthetic urine more natural and genuine. Optimal pH and specific gravity levels are also maintained within the threshold. Check TooSlick to understand the key ingredients and composition of synthetic urine.   

This typically comes as a kit, including powdered or liquid synthetic urine, heat activator powder, a heat pad, mixing container, and an instruction manual. The heat pad or heat activator helps achieve the optimal human urine temperature. This further makes it easier to fake real urine. 

Synthetic urine is artificially-composed and therefore, 100% free of any forms of drugs such as marijuana, opioid, etc. However, to pass the urine drug test, it is important to follow the instructions carefully for the product you use. Furthermore, simply carrying the container in your pocket can be risky. Therefore, using urine belts and accessories are recommended to conceal the synthetic urine at the time of screening.           

Powdered or Liquid Synthetic Urine – Which One to Use? 

Synthetic urine typically comes in two different forms – liquid and powdered. So, you may want to know which is more effective in passing a urine test. 

Powdered synthetic urine, when mixed with water, renders a look, feel, odor, and chemical composition quite equivalent to real human urine. However, liquid synthetic urine is ready to use. Hence, many people prefer using the latter to save time and hassles. Powdered urine comes with clear instructions and if you follow them, you can have the right composition of synthetic urine – 100% drug-free and ready to mimic your natural urine. 

The decision will depend on whether you want to go the easy way round by purchasing liquid synthetic urine or prefer mixing the formulation yourself to get the desired results. 

Why You Should Consider Synthetic Urine? 

Synthetic urine is a complete savior for people who smoke or use recreational drugs occasionally, and do want to fail the urine test. It takes longer for the body to completely detoxify and flush out all harmful chemicals and toxins. So, if you have a urine drug test lined up in 2-3 days, you may consider using synthetic urine to fake your real urine and pass the lab test. There are also detoxifying supplements that you can use before 2 hours of taking a test. This will help flush out all toxins and improve your chance of passing the test.          

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