Top 5 Reasons to Date Older People

So, you’re interested in dating an older person. Not just a few years your senior, but someone that’s 10+ years older. Dating an older person should no longer be a taboo subject or succumb to unnecessary stereotypes. There are plenty of great qualities in older people that should not be overlooked. You like what you like and everyone has their preferences.

It may be their maturity or the way they handle conflict in difficult situations that attracts you. Dating someone older than you has great benefits. An older person can challenge you mentally that someone your age couldn’t. Their self-sufficiency and independence are a breath of fresh air because let’s face it, some people our age don’t have it together. It’s sexy to be with someone experienced and confident. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to date older people. Hopefully, you can stop second-guessing yourself and just go for it! And let’s be honest here, we know we’ll take an experienced older person over an inexperienced younger person any day. When you are ready to leap there are so many amazing mature dating apps and sites to turn to.

5 Reasons to Date Older People

  1. They are experienced and cultured 
  2. They are better in bed
  3. They are financially stable 
  4. They know what they want
  5. They are independent 

They Are Experienced and Cultured

People who have lived on this earth longer have made mistakes and learned the lessons that come with it. They are experts at handling the stresses that come with day-to-day life and have developed the coping skill to handle them. This makes them be more patient and understanding. We’ve all dated that younger person that freaks out at life’s curveballs. You won’t find this with older dating. 

This also makes them so much more understanding and empathetic. If any arguments lie ahead the person you’re considering dating will be patient with you. If you feel misunderstood Trust me, they have seen and dealt with everything. They will understand. 

As for being cultured, I’m also 100% sure they have been around the world or at least had life experiences! They are extremely well-mannered and have respect for so many other cultures. I don’t know about you but I think it is hot when an older person is knowledgeable about the world and has an educated opinion on what’s going on. 

At a certain age, your perspective on life changes and travel helps you continue to learn and grow. Young people that have only experienced a small part of the world lose all that perspective. 

They Are Better In Bed

Older people have had their fair share of short-term and long-term relationships. With experience in relationships comes experience in sex. They can understand us better with what we want in bed. 

Since they are more experienced in the bedroom they are more attentive to our needs. They can read our body language better. They are also more romantic as well! And nothing is out of the ordinary to them, do not be surprised if they have done it all when it comes to kinks and niches.

Intimacy is very important in a relationship, and the fact that they know how to please someone is a win! They aren’t afraid to ask you what you want in the bedroom. Communication is a key factor when it comes to sex. They will know how to make you happy in the sheets and out of them too.

They Are Financially Stable

Let’s be honest, we want someone who can support themselves but can also contribute financially. Someone older can provide financial security. This will put your mind at ease because they are self-sufficient and won’t put either of you in financial ruin. 

Since this person is probably in their 40s, 50s, and maybe 60s, they have accumulated a mass amount of savings. They know what it takes to work hard for their financial stability and have earned where they are now. 

But don’t think this doesn’t shine the light on you. You have to be financially responsible and capable of supporting yourself as well. No person in a relationship should be financially dependent on the other. Dating an older person might mean that they can and want to shower you with some extra gifts here and there because they can. 

They know what they want 

Nothing is sexier than someone who knows what they want. Whether it’s in a relationship, their career, or even decisions to make for themselves, they know what they want! If they want something they will get it, and that can mean you. We all love it when someone has no hesitation in expressing that they want you.

You don’t have to second guess if they want you because they are firm in their decisions. They don’t have time to beat around the bush and waste not only their time but your time. 

This also shows confidence in an older person. Just like the wise and famous RuPaul says, “If you don’t love yourself how the hell are you going to love someone else”? With experience in relationships comes confidence in who they are. They’ve dealt with rejection and hardship but they don’t let it slow them down. You will be able to trust them for who they are and be assured that they are choosing you.

They are Independent

Someone older has probably dealt with marriage or multiple relationships throughout their life. And relationships come to an end. They are comfortable with being alone and relying on only themselves. 

They know the importance of not losing themselves in another person. They know to let their partner grow individually and to make decisions for themselves. They respect your space and that can be so relieving. 

Always know that they want you, but they don’t need you. While they enjoy spending time with you they value time to themselves. They aren’t clingy or attention-seeking. This will make an older person easier to date because are not dating you out of necessity they are dating you because you enriched their life in some way. 

In Conclusion: Date an older person! 

What have you got to lose? Chances are you’ve already tried dating someone your age or younger. Stop playing the games and be with someone confident in what they want and need in a relationship. Have fun and enjoy it! 

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