How To Renovate Your House To Get It Ready for Selling

Small changes can make a big difference when you are selling your house. A tidy garden, clean front door, and freshly painted kitchen, or an elegant installation of indoor fountains, can help you sell your home quickly and easily. You should identify any structural and aesthetical issues before selling your home. Make your property more attractive to buyers with a bit of touching up. Of course, more extensive renovations will have more significant rewards than small DIY jobs.

Here are a few ways you can renovate your home to get it ready for selling.

Keep it clean

Cleaning can be a tedious task that many of us dread doing. However, cleaning your home can make a huge difference when selling. Fix anything that’s broken, catch up on routine maintenance checks and consider hiring a professional to deep clean your carpets and curtains. 


You also need to tidy up your garden by removing weeds, rubbish and any dead plants. Make it look neat, well-maintained, and a nice space to spend time in. Consider installing a decking space to create an indoor/outdoor living atmosphere for those with a large budget. Only 3% of homes sold in 2019 had a summer garden, so adding an outdoor entertaining space could give your home an edge on the property ladder. 


Redecorating is one of the most popular home improvements. Give your space a new lease of life with a bright accent wall and modern accessories. Make sure to fix any superficial defects, like peeling paint, dirty walls, squeaky floorboards and broken light fixtures. Do not try to hide any larger issues, like damp and significant cracking, under paint or carpets. Surveys will reveal these to future buyers and could come back to damage your real estate reputation seriously.

Smart technology

New buyers are starting to look for homes with innovative technology already installed. Younger buyers are keen to invest in properties that are environmentally conscious and use renewable energy.

Install a new boiler into your property to promote energy efficiency and hook it up to mobile control smart heating system. Only 2% of homes sold in 2019 included smart technology. Get ahead in the property market and make your home in the place to be in 2021.

Modern appliances

If your home is on the older side, it might be time for a few renovations. Install more modern appliances in the kitchen and bathroom to give your property an ultra-luxe feel.

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