The Best Tech Tools for Startups

Starting a new business is a big undertaking, and you will need to work hard to make your company profitable. Fortunately, modern businesses have access to a massive variety of software that can improve workplace efficiency and increase revenue potential. Business owners should take full advantage of available tools and utilize software to maximize their return on investment. With that in mind, here are some of the best tech tools for startups:

Cloud computing platforms 

Every startup should utilize cloud computing platforms to store, share, and access data. Using cloud software will reduce your operational costs as you won’t need to spend money purchasing and maintaining on-premise servers. Storing sensitive information on the cloud will also improve your data security and reduce the likelihood of a network breach. Another great benefit of cloud computing is that it makes collaboration easier by allowing employees to work on documents simultaneously from anywhere. Integrating cloud computing into your businesses will boost your productivity and collaboration as they are cost-effective, reliable and provide unlimited storage capacity. Depending on your company size you can choose between the private, public and hybrid cloud. All of them are offering remarkable savings as you will pay only for the services that you are using. For instance, public clouds are managed by third-party and are a good choice for a small business that allows renting the same hardware, networking technologies and storage with other businesses. These systems are beneficial for every kind of business as they provide the flexibility, mobility and security of the workflow.

You can complete a Google cloud platform training qualification to improve your expertise and knowledge of cloud computing software. Earning a Google cloud platform certification will make you feel more confident when integrating cloud technology in your startup. It may also boost the credentials and reputation of your company, especially if you are working in the IT or tech industry. 

Project management software

Project management software will help you plan and schedule business tasks in a way that is predictable and profitable. Project management software will also help you manage your team more efficiently and keep employees engaged in their work activities. This will help you create a more productive and profitable working environment. According to, the “best project management software in 2021 is, Asana, Workzone, and Smartsheet.” Many of these tools are free to download and use and can be upgraded to include additional features. 

Communication apps

Communication between team members can be difficult to monitor, especially as your startup grows. A communication app like Slack will improve workplace communication and help you keep a record of employee messages. Communication tools allow team members to talk and share files in real-time. This makes it easier to collaborate on projects and work on group tasks efficiently. Many communication tools can be integrating with existing apps like project management software and time-recording apps. 

Website builder 

Every startup needs a website to be competitive in the modern business world. A website makes your company appear legitimate, improves brand awareness, and increases revenue through online sales. Having a website built by a professional web developer can be expensive, and it may be outside of your budget. Luckily, you can easily design a clean, user-friendly website using a website builder tool like Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress. Often content management systems like these offer free trials before signing up for a paid plan. 


Technology has advanced quickly and improved business operations in dozens of ways. Startups must utilize tools and software to gain a competitive edge in their industry and increase sales revenue. Above are some effective tech tools that every startup should use to improve workplace efficiency and boost profits. 

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