Don’t Swipe Left on This New App: The Meetery Makes Dating Easy in the Big Easy

The only thing more difficult than choosing which dating profiles you want to swipe left and right on is actually picking a dating app. There are countless out there, and most are based on the exact same idea. You swipe. You chat. And sometimes you go on disappointing dates.

Two New Orleans women are hoping to change the dating game with their new app The Meetery. Yes, it’s another dating app, but this one truly is different. 

It was born from a conversation between the app’s two co-founders, Bayleigh Frickey and Stephanie Hilton, about how much they hated traditional dating apps. 

In a blog post on the Meetery’s website, Frickey described the company’s origin story. “Stephanie and I were going over one of my latest dates, how exhausting being single is and particularly, how pointless the endless chatting is. How can you make a real connection over chats? You can’t…Stephanie and I started talking about how WE think a dating app should look, what WE thought was fundamentally wrong with them.  We began plotting out a path to escape the cycle of chatting and never connecting….Our solution? Take the chat feature out and make the dates 15 minutes. No back and forth, no indecision, no hiding.” 

The app works in a similar way to other dating apps in that you view other people’s profiles, and either swipe yes or no on them. However, then things take a unique turn. 

Co-Founder Stephanie Hilton explained, “The Meetery is different from other dating apps mainly because we do not offer a chat feature after you match with someone, your only option is to invite them on a date or dismiss them. Our entire premise is to get people off their phones and make connections in real life. The other unique feature is that when a user sets up their dates they are only 15-minute 1:1 ‘first impression’ dates.” 

To use the Meetery you set up your date calendar, picking a day, time, and place for the dates, browse prospective date’s profiles, send people you’re interested in your calendar, and wait for confirmation from them. Once your calendar fills up with 15-minute mini-dates, you go on them, using the in-app timer to stay on track.

Whether it’s the perfect date or a disaster, it ends after those 15 minutes. Afterward, you rate the date with a thumbs up or thumbs down to let them know if you would like to see them again. If you give them a thumbs down, they disappear. If you give them a thumbs up, you can exchange information and keep dating. 

You can only meet up at public locations for the dates. Restaurants, bars, and event spaces in New Orleans can even sign up to be a Featured Meetery Location

Hilton commented that the app includes many safety precautions like this. “We would like to emphasize that we have built-in several safety measures since we understand our app is a lot different from the way people have become accustomed to dating. Users are only allowed to choose from public establishments to host their dates. We also have a built-in photo verification feature when someone sets up their profile so users can rest easy knowing other users are who they say they are.” 

In an industry with a market of approximately 124 million people, 70% of current dating app users have stated that they didn’t meet their matches in real life and 84% of millennials would rather find love “in real life” than online. 

“There is a problem with the current state of dating apps. Millions of people use them but are constantly complaining about dating app fatigue.” Frickey elaborated, “The endless swiping and being stuck in messaging. However, they keep downloading them because they are desperate to make connections. Where other apps abandon the user after they match, The Meetery eliminates that awkward chat phase and gets you face to face to make a connection.” 

You can currently download the app in the Apple App Store or through the Google Play Store, and join its waitlist. The Meetery needs 1000 users in New Orleans to sign up before it will go active. 

Not only are The Meetery’s founders from New Orleans, but the app is also being developed by New Orleans native Elizabeth Kukla with FullyStacked, LLC. When asked why The Meetery chose New Orleans as the city to focus on in its launch, Hilton explained, “The Meetery is a great dating app for New Orleanians because we live in a fast-paced city, where there’s always somewhere to go and something to do. Our 15-minute mini-dates allow people to date smarter, not harder with their limited free time. Also, since dates on our app are restricted to public locations, for safety reasons, we feel New Orleans is the perfect place to launch due to the rich culture and vast array of businesses which all New Orleanians love to support anyway, might as well find love while they’re at it!” 

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