A 2021 Guide: Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattresses

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When testing out a mattress, you’re lying down under the fluorescent, surrounded by other buyers and a sales rep that watches you. If you’re pressured to buy a bed there because of the salesperson’s presence, you shouldn’t let the pressure decide for you.

Read the information about innerspring mattresses, memory foam, hybrid, gel, and air beds below to make your decision:

1. Innerspring Mattresses 

Innerspring has been around since 1870, and it’s the first modern bed. It has different layers and spring coils at the core. It has numerous comfort layers that you can choose like memory foam, polyfoam, or latex.


If you sleep on your back, you would want this type of mattress because of its firmness. In most cases, an innerspring mattress is the healthier option compared to a firm memory foam bed. It has good ventilation because the separation between the springs is hollow. It can keep you cool at night in comparison to a memory foam mattress. 

The springs have different strength levels making them a fun addition to your children’s bedroom because it can create a delightful childhood that can jump and down in their bedroom. It’s a beautiful stress reliever, even for adults.


Innerspring mattresses have layers of foam and wool, and fiber which is prone to dust mites. If you have allergies, then the bed can affect you negatively. Of course, the risk is reduced if you clean it regularly. If you sleep beside someone that tosses and turns every night, then you might not get any sleep because there’s no separation of movement. If an individual moves, it will affect the mattress’s whole surface.

2. Hybrid Mattresses 

A hybrid bed blends pocket springs and foam in one best quality mattress. If you think you’re going to be hot in the bed, you won’t because of a gel layer mixed in the bed, making it cool throughout your sleep.


It’s versatile; it has lots of beautiful qualities from latex or foam mattress and innerspring mattress. It’s considered an innovation in the mattress industry because of its clever use of different layers. Additionally, you have more firm levels.


Despite a hybrid bed being expensive, you can only use it for six years, making it impractical to purchase a costly bed that will last for only six years. Because of the springs used, the isolation of movements is low.

3. Memory Foam Beds 

Memory foam mattresses are well-known for their incredible comfort level that can hug your body’s shape, and you won’t feel unsupported with the bed.


Memory foams are considered the best mattress for individuals with neck and back pain and those who sleep on their side. It can conform to the body’s shape allowing for enhancing pressure point relief. It’s an affordable option in comparison with an organic mattress. Because it’s comfortable, you’ll feel relaxed, and hence it will improve sleep.


Users of the mattress say that it sags and dips over time, and it doesn’t bounce back. When a bed sags, you won’t be getting the support that your body needs which causes back pain and body aches. Additionally, if you don’t like smelling a chemical smell when relaxing in your bed, it’s best to avoid this bed because it has an odd chemical smell. 

Albeit there are instructions on dissipating the scent, this isn’t a mattress you would want your infant child to use.

4. Gel Beds 

Gel beds can be used as an infusion to foam or just a standalone layer. It’s a new invention in the mattress industry. Have you seen the pads that they use to stand on? It’s the same material, but it’s been modified when placed in a mattress to suit a human’s weight. 


It’s much cooler as compared to memory foam mattresses making it more breathable. A gel bed can reduce the transfer of motion excellently, making it perfect for couples. As soon as you stand up in this mattress, you will bounce back immediately, and the bed will return to its original shape.


It can sag over time, and its quality of returning to the original shape and wear off over time. There are also fewer firmness levels. It can be an expensive option because of the gel or layer used for individuals on a budget. 


5. Air Mattress

Airbeds are an inflatable mattress. It’s an ideal bed when you travel or if you live in a communal or tight space. Even though it’s made out of the air, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t comfortable.


If you have a partner with a different preference from yours, you can change the level of firmness with just a push of a button. Because it’s made of air, it’s terrific for camping trips and backpacking. Additionally, it’s durable, and it doesn’t sag! It’s affordable with many uses.


It cannot be used as a permanent bed, only for guests to sleep in temporarily. It takes too long to assemble with a noisy pump. Even though it’s affordable, it has a shorter warranty.


Now that you know the different advantages and disadvantages of a mattress, you can make an informed decision. You won’t let the sales talk pursue you into buying something you don’t want. Invest in your body’s needs by changing your mattress for a new one.

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