What are the Biggest Slot Machines Wins Ever?

Slot machines are the most played casino games, and there are few good reasons for that. Firstly, slot machines are easy to play and easy to understand. You don’t need any gambling experience or gaming knowledge to press a button and see if you are lucky enough to win some money.

That’s why they are very popular for people that play at the casino for the first time. As we mentioned, slot machines don’t require any kind of skill or knowledge as the game is based purely on luck.

All you need is a perfect alignment of the symbols and you can walk away with million dollars. There are different types of slot machines in terms of rewards and combinations. 

Progressive slot machines offer the biggest jackpot out of most casino games, and people can walk away with millions. They take a percentage of each bet placed and redirect it towards increasing the maximum jackpot.

With that said, in today’s article, we decided to highlight a few lucky people who won a life-changing amount of money out of slots.

A woman won close to $13 million in Las Vegas

The casino in Aria Resort, located in the Mecca of casinos in Las Vegas emptied their pockets after a woman won close to $13 million on slots. The woman was there to celebrate her niece’s birthday, and it definitely turned into the luckiest day of their lives. 

After the party and before returning to her room, she decided to place $6 on a random slot machine. The machine started flashing random numbers on the screen and she was there confused looking at the $12.8 million jackpot prize.

Veteran Wins a $21 Million Jackpot

You can find luck at any age, which was proven by this 92-year old veteran called Elmer Sherwin who won one of the biggest prizes in slot machine history. We are talking about one of the luckiest people on the planet since this wasn’t his first win. I guess it makes sense since he got “win” in his last name.

Back when he was 80 years old he won $4.6 million playing a Megabucks slot. From there, he became a huge slot machine lover and after 12 years he won his biggest jackpot prize of $21 million.

A large portion of his first prize was devoted to traveling the world, and his second win was used to cover some of the damages and help people that suffered a lot from Hurricane Katrina.

Finnish Punter won $24 Million Slot Machine Prize

A professional Finnish poker player decided to change his tactics from playing a game of skill and knowledge like poker to luck on slot machines. This transition was proven to be profitable as the 40-year-old man ended up winning $24 million from only a 25 cent bet.

He said that these were his last 25 cents in his pocket and he decided to have fun with them. After that, he quit his poker career and enjoyed his money.

Cocktail Waitress Wins $34.9 Million

Yes, you’ve read it right. Cynthia Jay Brennan visited Desert Inn casino after her shift back in January 2000. She deiced to play the slot machine at the gaming center, and after an hour of reel spinning, she ended up winning $34.9 million.

Women Won $43 Million

Katrina Bookman went through a life-changing phase after hitting the jackpot at the Resort World Casino in New York four years ago. She was playing on the Sphinx machine and ended up winning around $42.9 million.

However, things take an unexpected turn as she later finds out that the casino cannot give her the money. They claim that the highest amount won at that particular slot machine is only $6,500. The result that flushed on the screen was a malfunction. She dragged the casino to court, and the case is still going.

Here you have it, some of the biggest slot machine wins ever. If you want to find out more to inspire you check out this list from TwinSpires Edge: https://edge.twinspires.com/casino-news/the-10-biggest-slot-machine-wins-in-history/

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