Alive Reviews (TryAlive) Scam Complaints or Alive Weight Loss Supplement Works?  

Alive is a 5-second morning routine which enables you to effectively lose weight. It is a dietary supplement that takes a different approach toward weight loss. As per the official website –, the product is a high-quality one, having been manufactured following advanced and strict procedures and practices.

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The Alive weight loss supplement acknowledges the main reason why you are unable to lose weight despite doing everything to boost your metabolism. You would expect that on using special products for giving your metabolism a boost, exercising and dieting, you would notice a difference. But then you still keep failing when it comes to achieving your desired waist size.

The answer behind this issue is that weight loss is also linked to your brain, not just the physical aspect of metabolism. This is what the Alive capsules address, they do more than just trigger fat burning as they make weight loss possible in the brain. The product makes sure that you are effectively able to get results from your weight loss efforts. 

If you would like to try out the Alive weight loss supplement, then you can know more about it below. The following Alive review aims to talk about every piece of information about this supplement out there. Let’s dive in. 

alive reviews

Alive Review 

Is your weight stubborn? Are you fed up of doing everything in your power to lose weight, but nothing has shown you results? Being overweight is a tough journey. It’s easy for others to recommend ways to lose weight, but only you know how impossible the task is. Unfortunately, people don’t understand. When it comes to physical appearance, they show no empathy. 

When you’re overweight, people blame you for eating too much, not understanding that there is something that keeps you from controlling your appetite. However, science acknowledges the reasons behind why you are unable to suppress your cravings. But is there a solution for helping you effectively lose weight by means of making you stop overeating?

There are many products out there which claim that they can suppress your appetite. However, most of them do not acknowledge the root cause of why your appetite has expanded to this extent in the first place. This is where a new supplement that goes by the name of Alive comes into the picture. This dietary supplement helps you lose weight by simply changing the way your brain handles overeating.

It balances a specific hormone which is responsible for weight gain. It also allows your metabolism to do its job perfectly so that you are able to melt pounds effectively. The Alive Supplement enables you to live a confident lifestyle as you are able to slim down finally. It shows you actual results rather than just making fake promises. 

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How Does Alive Weight Loss Work? 

Alive works efficiently thanks to its stellar composition. The product contains special ingredients which impact your brain. Basically, even if you do everything to boost your metabolism, you will not be able to see any results if your increased metabolism speed stands against your big appetite. But why is your appetite so huge to begin with?

Thing is, when you become dependent on dopamine which is released in your brain when you enjoy your favorite foods, you keep craving more and more of it. Your brain releases dopamine, which is the happy hormone when you eat food that you like. The ecstatic feeling that you get from eating is the reason why you’re unable to control your appetite. 

What the Alive weight loss supplement does is that it makes sure that there is enough dopamine released in your brain as it is, without you having to indulge in overeating. Therefore, you are able to see results when you work out or when you diet rather than gaining the pounds that you lose because of giving in to your cravings. So, to wrap up, when dopamine is produced in enough amounts in your brain: 

  • You don’t have to rely on junk food to get its dose. 
  • You get the feel-good vibes (a boost in your mood). 
  • Your metabolism is not combated and is able to do its job. 

If you take a look at the ingredients of this supplement, you will learn that many of those are fat burners. This means that they boost your metabolism along with increasing dopamine production. By increasing your metabolism, they burn off fats at a super fast rate to ensure that you are able to achieve optimal weight loss in a short time. 

Just one last thing to remember is that the Alive weight loss supplement is not a cure or treatment for obesity or another disease. In fact, it is just a supportive supplement for weight loss and other benefits for your health. It is a natural product, not a medication.

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Why Try Alive Supplement? 

There are countless weight loss products on the market, then why is it that you should purchase this one for your health? Firstly, you need to understand what most supplements do to be able to see what Alive does differently. To tell you, most other dietary supplements work toward the end of boosting your metabolism. They enable your body to burn fats faster into energy so that fats are not collected. 

This is an important step as when your metabolism is sluggish, fats are stored which leads to weight gain overtime. The only hitch over here is that even if your metabolism is fast, you are able to lose only so much weight, as your positive efforts are overcome by your habit of overeating. So, you are able to lose a few pounds which you gain right away as you indulge in unhealthy foods. 

Alive combats this problem as it enables you to enjoy dopamine release as it is so that you don’t give in to overeating. Therefore, dieting and working out finally show results that increase rather than reverse. So, you can say that while other products and weight loss methods address your metabolism, they completely ignore what goes on in your brain. On the flip side, Alive addresses both.

Features Of The Alive Supplement 

You might be wondering what makes this product stand out apart from the approach that it takes toward weight loss. Learn about more great features of Alive as mentioned on to see what all the hype about this supplement is about: 

  • No use of unnatural ingredients 

Other products make use of appetite suppressants and stimulants. However, this supplement doesn’t do that. If anything, it makes use of only natural ingredients which work effectively. These ingredients are taken from the best sources to ensure that they work effectively. Moreover, they are combined in precise amounts so that they work together to do their job perfectly well. The Alive supplement does not consist of any toxins or chemicals. 

  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility 

Another pro of this supplement is that it has been manufactured in a facility that has Good Manufacturing Practices certification. Moreover, the facility is also FDA certified. It follows advanced procedures and makes use of regularly disinfected equipment for the processing of ingredients. At the end of the day, no ingredient loses its potency. Also, there is no lacking in terms of hygiene and cleanliness so that the end product can be used without hesitation. 

  • Orally administered capsules 

One more reason why this product is a good choice is that it is available in the form of capsules. You just have to take one capsule a day to be able to notice amazing results within a short time. The first impact that you will notice is that of increased energy and then your mood will also get a boost. Eventually, you will start noticing a decline in your habit of overeating as your brain will no more be dependent on dopamine from junk foods. 

  • Comes without negative side effects 

You also don’t have to worry about any unpleasant side effects since the product is one that is of good quality and composition. It doesn’t have any ingredients that can trigger negative side effects. Hygiene has been taken care of too. However, please read the ingredients of Alive to make sure you’re not allergic to any. Overall, so far, no complaints of any adverse side effects can be found, and neither are there any negative reviews. 

  • Is based on research claims that the Alive weight loss pills have only been composed after each ingredient has been studied. This is to make sure ingredients are added for meeting the main purpose and are done so in the right proportions. Apart from prior research, the supplement has also been tested to ensure that it will work effectively and show you results. Unfortunately, the clinical trials conducted or the scientific evidence behind the product haven’t been shared on its website. 

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Who Is Alive Weight Loss Supplement For? 

Alive is for everyone who wants to lose weight and is noticing that overeating is the main reason they’re unable to shed off excess pounds. The dietary supplement is for people of all ages, male or female. The natural supplement can help you lose 8 or 80 pounds of weight depending on how overweight you are. In fact, it might also be the only game changer that you need for finally getting results.

Just one thing to keep in mind is that certain people are better off not using this supplement. You shouldn’t use Alive if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. You should also not use this supplement if you have another medical condition or are on other prescription medications. This is because drug interactions and negative reactions are possible even though the supplement is fully natural. Hence, it is advised that you first consult your doctor regarding the use of this product and then go for it.  

Some Benefits Of Alive

On including Alive in your routine, you will not only experience weight loss. In fact, there are some other benefits that you may experience as well, though individual results may vary. Let’s explore the benefits of Alive below: 

  • Better mood 

As Alive supports dopamine production, naturally it elevates your mood. It fights off mood disorders and restores positivity without you having to resort to unhealthy means of getting your dopamine hit.

  • Higher energy 

As mentioned, this supplement contains caffeine. This means that it does wonders for your energy levels. You are able to get rid of fatigue and become more mentally and physically active. 

  • Brain clarity 

The regular use of this supplement doesn’t just melt fats from your body, but it also increases your focus by providing you with mental clarity.

  • Boosted health 

As your weight goes down on the scale, your risk of several diseases is cut down. You experience better health on the whole as your immunity is also made stronger. 

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Composition Of The Alive Weight Loss Capsules 

TryAlive has been made using the best quality fat burners and dopamine supporters. It doesn’t contain any harmful agents. Take a look at some of the ingredients of this supplement: 

  • Kucha tea leaf
  • Green tea extract 
  • China tea 
  • Guarana 
  • Organic ginger 
  • Bioperine 
  • White willow bark 
  • Piperine 
  • Vitamin D3
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine
  • Tropical fruit 
  • Fenugreek seeds 
  • Pepper extract  

As you can see, these are all-natural ingredients. Mainly, the ingredients are either dopamine enhancers, fat burners or appetite suppressors. The plant- and vitamin- based formula comes with many other benefits for your health. The Alive capsules are also non-GMO and vegan.

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Using The Alive Supplement 

You can easily include Alive in your weight loss regime. You just have to make sure that you take the recommended number of capsules each day so that the product works effectively. Please do not miss days in between as that can delay results. It is recommended that you take one capsule of this product each morning so that you are able to stay energetic throughout the day. 

You have to take your pill with breakfast and a glass of water. It is advised to take this product at breakfast because it contains two ingredients which are caffeine sources. The product contains green tea extract and guarana. This means that taking this product at night may disrupt your sleep and it’s always better to benefit from high energy first thing in the morning. 

However, you have zero reasons to worry about any jitters or energy crashes that are typically associated with caffeine intake. This is because Alive also contains TheaCrine which counters the effect of caffeine. Since taking this supplement only takes 5 seconds of your day, it doesn’t take up much time. Other than this, you also don’t have to put in much effort as you are just supposed to pop the pill in your mouth. 

This makes Alive a very convenient solution for weight loss. Including Alive in your routine does not mean that you need to stop following a healthy diet and exercise. You always need to eat healthy in order to keep your weight maintained and you also need to exercise. Both also help in boosting your metabolism. 

Where to Buy Alive Weight Loss Supplement? Pricing and Refund Policy

If you want to buy Alive weight loss pills at the best rates online, visit This supplement is not presently available at any physical store or online website. You can choose from either a deal of 1 bottle, 3 bottles or 6 bottles. You should go for a single bottle if you are only trying the product out, and if you are sure that it will work effectively, go for the more budget friendly, bigger deals. 

Take a look at the pricing of Alive below: 

  • One bottle of this supplement comes at a charge of $69. 
  • You are charged $59 for a bottle in the deal of three bottles. 
  • Moreover, you experience a bigger discount on the purchase of 6 bottles as each in this deal is available for $49.

Shipping is free of cost for the two big deals. However, if you buy just one bottle, you will have to pay shipping charges. To place your order, go to the official website, add your preferred package to the cart, add in your details in the form that is shown to you, and confirm your order. 

You will have to make your payment through either your debit or your credit card from American Express, MasterCard, Discover or Visa. Worried what if the product doesn’t show you the results that it promises? Don’t fret as this supplement is backed by a solid refund policy. Accordingly, there is a money back guarantee that lasts for 60 days. 

During this time, you can try out the product then if it doesn’t give you effective results, you have the option to return it and get a refund by returning the bottles first. This refund policy shows that the company is sure that its product will work effectively and also that it cares about its customers’ investment. An iron-clad money back guarantee also makes it easier to invest in a product that you’re purchasing online. 

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TryAlive Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What if you experience negative side effects? 

In case you experience any negative side effects on using this dietary supplement, you have the option to return it. Please stop using the product if it shows any negative side effects. If the side effects are serious, get in touch with your physician. However, it is not a risky product which is why such a situation shouldn’t arise. 

  • Do you need a prescription to buy Alive?

No, Alive is a natural supplement which is why you don’t need a prescription to purchase it. You should, however, show the bottle to your physician before using it.

  • How many Alive capsules are there in one bottle? 

One bottle of the Alive supplement contains 60 capsules. Therefore, this product is enough for an entire month’s use. 

  • Are there any further discounts? 

This supplement is already being offered at a discount. If you want to avail the best discount when purchasing Alive, you should go for the bulk deals. 

  • Are there any terms related to the refund policy? 

Fortunately, the refund policy is strong and doesn’t require you to give any explanations. It is a no questions asked, hassle-free money back guarantee.

  • Is there any auto-shipping program? 

No, there is no auto-shipping program which is why you do not have to worry about canceling any subscriptions that you have not opted in for.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

 No, apart from the charges that have been mentioned on the website of this supplement, there are no hidden fees that are associated with their purchase of Alive weight loss pills.

  • Has this supplement been evaluated by the FDA?

Like most other supplements on the market today, this one has also not been evaluated by the FDA. However, this isn’t a major drawback since the process of FDA evaluation is too strict and complicated which is why most supplement manufacturers don’t go for it.

  • How to contact the customer support team? 

You can contact the manufacturing team behind TryAlive supplement through email at the following address: The address where you can return the product for your refund is the following: 6000 Pardee Road, Taylor, MI 48180, USA. 

Alive Reviews – Wrap Up Thoughts 

Alive is a dietary supplement for weight loss that works on the brain. According to this formula’s approach, you put on weight when you overeat so even if your metabolism is fast, your efforts go down the drain. Therefore, this supplement increases dopamine production in the brain as it is, so you don’t need to drive it from giving in to your unhealthy cravings. 

The Alive capsules are easily includable in your routine. They also don’t have any unpleasant negative side effects. The product is safe and of a high quality as well. It doesn’t contain any harmful agents and works efficiently using only natural nutrients and herbs. If you would like to still know more about the Alive supplement or to place your order at a discounted price today, visit the official website here


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