How the US Government’s Stance on Immigration Has Shifted

Immigration law is something that dominates the news cycles of countries around the world. It dominates the minds of civilians and politicians alike and is debated frequently.

With millions of people emigrating for many reasons, there is no doubt that a vast majority of this number dream of living in countries like our own.

Various policies and legislation are implemented and upheld by law enforcement forces up and down the country. This legislation changes when the government adopts a different stance on immigration. 

Most of this is based on which political party holds power at the time. Read on to find a little more about this and how the stances compare. 

Current Stance

With a new administration in power, changes are happening. Immigration is a topic that resonates with people from all walks of life. 

An estimated 35 million people in the United States are lawful immigrants. There is no surprise why so many feel strongly about it.

The current administration laid out a plan for protecting unauthorized immigrants living and working in the United States. This is a complete overhaul of legislation implemented by the previous administration.

A further one million people living in the United States are estimated to be protected under the DACA program. This protects unauthorized immigrants who have lived in the country since before the program’s inception from deportation. 

Use the services of an immigration law firm, like Farmer Law, to learn more DACA facts. Professionals like these can assist any unauthorized immigrants looking to protect their citizenship status. 

Legislation has been proposed to increase the number of employment-based visas that are issued each year. The previous administration restricted this number. 

Previous Stance

Immigration was a focal point for much of the previous administration. The previous administration attempted to end programs like DACA. This would have displaced thousands of people, deporting them to countries they had either never been to or remembered. 

Refugee admission is also a hot topic. The previous administration reduced the number allowed into the country during a fiscal year. 

This has since been overturned. Numbers are lower than usual because of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Foreign nationals can get green cards through a ballot. This diversity program was set to be scrapped by the previous government. This lottery accounts for fifty thousand green cards per fiscal year to diversify the population with citizens of underrepresented countries. 

Like the H-1B visa, employment-based visas underwent an increased number of denials under the previous administration. This is said to be the result of stringent policies. A review is scheduled to overhaul these policies.  

It is evident to see the contrast in stances between the current and previous administrations concerning immigration. During the last twelve months, external factors have played a significant role in the number of foreign nationals entering the country. This is subject to change in the coming months and years. 

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