Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelves

Restaurant stainless steel shelves are neutral equipment for storing packaged food, tableware and kitchen utensils. The kitchen rack is used in washing and cold shops, storerooms, in freezers in the kitchen of restaurants and other premises of public catering establishments and food production enterprises. On the market, production racks are presented in various models, and if you consider that almost any product can be made according to the client’s preferences, the range of racks becomes simply limitless.

Tidying up and expanding your space with a stainless steel wall shelf requires a minimum of effort. Very little maintenance is required to keep the metal shelves looking immaculately clean. The metal can easily withstand prolonged exposure to a variety of, including aggressive substances, retaining its luster and original appearance. Stably tolerates any temperature fluctuations. So the expediency of purchasing such equipment for modern catering enterprises is beyond doubt.

The main subspecies of restaurant shelving stainless steel

The main advantage of stainless steel wall shelves is that they are much cheaper than wooden counterparts, although they significantly exceed them in strength and durability. Among the main subspecies are the following:

  • with solid shelves — suitable for any purpose;
  • with perforated shelves — with lightweight shelves, which makes their weight much lighter;
  • with inclined shelves — very convenient for placing boxes with food or kitchen accessories.
  • stainless mobile racks — equipped with accessories (shelves casters,) which allows them to be moved across the area depending on the needs;
  • reinforced — designed for storing heavy products, kitchen equipment;
  • pipe — instead of solid shelves, they are equipped with cross beams made of pipes, which minimizes the accumulation of dust and lightens the weight of the structure.

These are basic options, but they can vary depending on the height and width of the structures. It is on these parameters that the price of a restaurant shelving stainless steel depends.

Top advantages of wall mounted metal shelving

The high performance of wall mounted metal shelving is what made them so popular. Let’s list the main ones:

  • durability — a standard production rack made of stainless steel can withstand up to 150 kg of weight. On it you can place not only products, but also various equipment for the kitchen;
  • resistance to a chemically aggressive environment — they are easily treated with detergents and disinfectants, withstand prolonged contact with moisture and exposure to high temperatures;
  • compliance with sanitary standards — production racks used in the food industry are made of special steel, in which there are no additives harmful to health;
  • versatility and wide assortment — stainless steel wall can be used in various places, and due to the wide variety of models, not a single corner of the kitchen will be left without attention;
  • anticorrosive properties — stainless steel used in production can withstand constant contact with water without any damage to itself.

After evaluating the range of restaurant equipment, restaurant owners can choose a trustworthy manufacturer, the type of equipment, its dimensions, design features and other parameters. Customers who demand the highest hygienic and aesthetic requirements for stainless steel production structures will be satisfied.

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