5 Simple Exercises For Seniors That Don’t Require Equipment

As Frank Lloyd Wright rightly said, “The longer I live, the more beautiful I become.” 

As a senior, you want a fantastic quality of life-based on simple, enjoyable exercises and tips where you sleep well and wake up refreshed and eager and able for the day ahead.

If you don’t exercise and take care of your body, you won’t keep up with your grandchildren. Moreover, you’ll develop cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, depression, and your joints will ache. You will also not have the energy to enjoy a life of fulfillment and friendships.

You will drift into a dull existence where you spend your time doing little but simply surviving. Each day will be filled with boredom, and you will not have the confidence to go out and socialize with others. All these are other negative issues that can be successfully addressed by regular exercise.

We have mentioned simple exercises you can do at home to stay fit. 

Have a look. 

Single Limb Exercise

Single limb stance is one of the best exercises for seniors, especially those who have suffered foot, ankle, or leg injury. The balance-challenging task forces muscles on the opposite side of your injured limb to kick in and help out. That leads to better balance and improved strength over time.

When training Single Limb Stance, be sure you have a steady chair and always stand in front of the chair to move away from it. This is because when you fall forward, you don’t want to hit your head on the chair accidentally.

Heel To Toe Walking

Walking heel to toe is something anyone can do. There is no equipment needed other than a good pair of shoes, and most importantly, it benefits everyone regardless of their age or fitness level. Walking with a good posture may help manage sciatic nerve pain.

Place your right foot ahead of your left foot. Make sure the right foot’s heel touches the toe of your left foot. Then, place your left heel in front of the right foot. Make sure you put all the bodyweight on the heel. Next, transfer all the weight to your toes. Repeat the same step with the left foot. 

Make sure you walk for 20-steps using this technique. 

Clock Reach

Get yourself a chair for this exercise. 

Imagine that you are in the center of a clock. 12 o’clock is in front of you, and 6 o’clock is on your back. Use your left hand to hold the chair. 

Raise your right leg and hand simultaneously so that it points at the 12 o’clock time. Then point your arm to the 3 o’clock position, followed by the 6 o’clock on your back. 

After this, bring your arm back to the 12 o’clock and then to the original 12 o’clock position. Keep your head straight and steady all the time. 

Back Leg Exercise

This strength training exercise works the hip and back muscles. It strengthens your lower back and lifts your rear end. It’s one of the best exercises to do if you have problems with your lower back. 

Here’s how to do it:

Stand behind a chair, feet flat on the floor. Place one hand on the seat of the chair for balance. Lift your right leg and hold for one second. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat 10-15 times for each leg.

Single Place Marching

Single Place Marching is a great form of exercise for seniors. It’s easy to fit into your schedule and can be done indoors or outdoors. It helps improve your balance, posture, and strength in upper and lower body muscles.Wearing slip-on shoes for the elderly with balance problems can give great comfort.

Stand straight in one place. Raise your left leg as much as possible. Then lower your left leg and raise your right leg. Repeat this process 20-30 times.

Final Word

Doing the exercises mentioned in this article will keep you fit. However, if you have severe medical conditions and are enrolled in Medicaid, we’d suggest consulting a doctor first. 

You can also choose a CDPAP associated Fiscal intermediary that will assign you a personal caregiver. Make sure you discuss the caregiver contracts so that everyone is on the same page. 

Stay safe and fit!

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