LiGenics Reviews (Scam or Legit) Real Weight Loss Ingredients Without Side Effects?

LiGenics is a metabolic support formula to help everyone trying to find an effortless weight loss plan. According to the official website –, this supplement works by speeding up the metabolism and targeting the issues that slow down the natural metabolic rate. Once these hindrances get removed, the body can start maintaining its natural weight, with no notable dietary or lifestyle changes. 

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Obesity is a global health issue, and the biggest reason people are gaining weight beyond a healthy limit is the poor nutritional and lifestyle choices. Being more than just a disease, obesity is linked with various other health conditions, presenting itself as a metabolic disorder. This disorder includes several issues, such as low energy, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and poor circulatory health of the body. Those who are caught in this metabolic syndrome are at an increased risk of developing diabetes type 2, heart diseases, and immunity-related disorders. 

Thankfully, there are many ways through which you can prevent this problem from hitting you without making extreme dietary changes. One of these ways is to use a metabolic booster like the LiGenics supplement which works by making it easy for your body to burn calories with low chances of fat accumulation. 


Taking only two capsules of LiGenics may help the body target all the key areas that lead to obesity. According to, it works on adipogenesis, resting metabolic rate, insulin response, and hormonal health of the body to help users make weight-related progress. Right now, this supplement is available on at discounted prices so hurry up and place your order today.

If you have queries about this new weight loss formula or wish to know more about its working, ingredients, and pricing, continue reading this LiGenics review to find all answers. 

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LiGenics Review – What To Know?

LiGenics is a dietary formula that helps support healthy weight loss. According to the manufacturing company, it contains the ten best weight loss ingredients inside that assist in fat loss and complete body transformation. Based on the official information available on LiGenics diet pills, they target four areas of obesity that are; hormones, adipogenesis, metabolic rate, and insulin response. The supplement comes in a capsular form that is easy to consume on a daily basis.

The whole idea of the LiGenics formula is based on a unique morning trigger that can push the body into a natural fat-burning process through the four areas mentioned before. However, triggering the body is impossible without taking help from an external force, for which the LiGenics ingredients can prove to be resourceful. Once this trigger gets activated, the body starts to lose weight with minimal dietary changes and activity. This makes this supplement more desirable for people with desk jobs or long working hours who have limited time on hand.

These properties make LiGenics a potentially convenient choice for everyone who has tried conventional diet plans and strenuous exercises but is still unable to see any weight changes. Being a US-made product manufactured under a GMP-certified as well as an FDA-approved facility, it can be a reliable solution to stubborn obesity.

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Who is Behind LiGenics Pills?

The person who is behind the creation of this supplement is named Jacob Stewart. He gives full credit to the LiGenics ingredients that have helped him and his family, after which he decided to make it available for the rest of the world struggling with weight loss. As mentioned on the official website, LiGenics pills have spread to 234,560 people from all parts of the world so far, and all of them are happy with their experience and weight loss outcomes. However, Jacob clearly states that he is neither a doctor nor a nutrition expert. By profession, he is an industrial engineer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, who just happens to be interested in remedial plants. 

After taking early retirement from work, Jacob gained a lot of weight during subsequent years. Eventually, he hit a point where he could not move around and fit into normal-sized home furniture because of his obesity. During a medical emergency, he was stuck on the stretcher, and paramedics failed to move him, calling more people for help. This incident was eye-opening, after which Jacob decided to get help for himself and eventually formulated LiGenics capsules.

The next few months, he was trying everything with potential weight loss benefits; he contacted dozens of doctors, weight loss experts, and dieticians to formulate an effective plan. He didn’t want to use synthetic pills or undergo surgery, so he switched to the herbal world and tried to find herbs with anti-obesity effects. Fortunately, he was able to shortlist ingredients that trigger a natural weight loss without causing any damages to other body functions. He named it LiGenics, and after trying it on himself and his family, he started commercial production of this formula, making it easily available to everyone who needs it.

According to him, he has lost 32 pounds consuming LiGenics capsules with basic dietary changes. After experiencing these results, he first shared it with his wife, who initially didn’t believe it, but after losing weight by herself, she was convinced that herbal ingredients could work just like chemical fat burners but without the risks and side effects. Right now, Jacob and his family are living a healthy and happy life, and they can’t thank LiGenics enough for its help. 

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How Does LiGenics Really Work? A Guide To Its Weight Loss Action  

The LiGenics official website highlights its four-way action to target the issues in weight loss altogether. There are hundreds of weight loss supplements currently available, all of which offer lucrative benefits. 

People who have tried any of these supplements before would have an idea about how most companies only work on one function and don’t pay much attention to the others. For example, same weight loss supplements only target metabolic boost, whereas others only focus on hormonal help to make weight loss possible. Having one formula that works on all sides at the same time is rare and beneficial and LiGenics can be of great help in this context. Though individual results may vary, here is how it works. 

Adipogenesis: It is the process of creating fat cells, also called adipocytes, in the body. This process is completed by a hormone called adiponectin; as the body reduces its levels, it gains weight. LiGenics works by maintaining the adipogenesis process by saving the hormone to limit its function. This way, it can control the amount of weight gain for the body.

Insulin balance: Once inside the body, food particles are broken down into smaller units called glucose. But this glucose can’t be used by the body without taking help from insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. Stable insulin levels in the body maintain glucose levels, ensuring that all cells have direct access to the glucose to break it down and generate energy for running its functions. When insulin production is affected, the number of glucose molecules in the blood increase, leading to accelerated fat storage that often appears as obesity. In such circumstances, LiGenics ingredients can improve insulin sensitivity and response of the body, saving it from potential fat deposition. 

Metabolic rate: Metabolism and metabolic rate are often confused with each other, but in reality, these two represent two different things. Metabolism is the sum of all activities that involve food breakdown and energy production whereas metabolic rate shows the speed by which the body burns calories. The LiGenics formula targets this resting metabolic rate and increases it so that the body can burn more calories and lose weight no matter what a person eats. 

Hormone balance: Many times, the stubborn weight gain around the belly, thighs, and hips is due to an additional problem in metabolism i.e. hormonal imbalance. Hormones are a normal part of body functions, and sometimes they go wrong and trigger the wrong functions, too. All thanks to the LiGenics supplement, these hormones can be regulated and all extra weight can be expected to shed off naturally without any side effects.

The LiGenics formula offers a complete metaboost using these above-mentioned four ways to trigger fat burn. Every capsule contains a proprietary blend made of 10 natural ingredients that are behind all these effects. In addition to weight loss, LiGenics pills can also improve digestive health, energy levels, cellular health, and the immunity of a user. So more than a diet pill, it is an overall health booster supplement. 

However, keep in mind that its individual effects and results may vary from one user to another.

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Evaluating LiGenics Ingredients for Weight Loss 

As described by the company GenicsCare, LiGenics is a fine blend of selective ingredients obtained from the finest natural sources. The company mentions no details about the merchandisers to get these ingredients, but considering the high promises made on the official website, it is likely that they are from a reliable source. 

All the LiGenics ingredients are mentioned on its product label, and the first glance at this label gives the names of zinc, green tea, chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, berberine, and resveratrol and a proprietary blend as primary ingredients. The company further explains that the LiGenics formula is a mixture of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbal extracts, combined in a perfect ratio. The manufacturing takes place in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility, so the chances of contamination are next to zero.

Here is what you would find inside the LiGenics ingredients list. 

Green Tea Extract: The first name in this LiGenics ingredients list is 150mg of green tea extract that contains more than 90% polyphenols, up to 80% catechins, and around 50% EGCG inside. Green tea has proven health benefits for metabolism, free radical damage, toxins damage, and oxidative stress. It also relieves inflammation that is one of the biggest causes of a slow metabolism. Most studies show a direct connection between green tea use and weight loss, as it mobilizes the fat from adipose cells, increases fat burning, boosts metabolic rate, and suppresses appetite, saving the body from unhealthy eating.

Berberine: The Next ingredient added to LiGenics pills is 100mg of berberine, which is a naturally occurring compound found in different plants. Although its benefits are more effective for a diabetic person, particularly due to its insulin regulating function, it is added to this formula along with other ingredients as it can also contribute to weight loss which often goes side by side with diabetes. Some studies also show the role of Berberine in maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure, two key issues that obese patients experience. 

Resveratrol: It is an antioxidant that is naturally prevalent in grape seeds, berries, peanuts, and many other food sources. It is also available in the market in the form of supplements but taking Resveratrol supplements alone normally does not help in effective and rapid weight loss. It has been added to the LiGenics ingredients so that its effects can synergize with other ingredients and lead to faster fat burning. Based on studies, resveratrol antioxidants possess anti-inflammatory effects, and it can relieve the chronic inflammation of the gut that may otherwise hinder weight loss. It is also a natural immune booster that saves the body from cancer, heart issues, and digestive disorders. 

Minerals: Next in the LiGenics metabolism formula are two essential minerals that are zinc and chromium. Chromium is vital to maintain a healthy insulin response in the body. Considering that most prediabetic people are deficient in chromium, this addition holds significant value. Once inside the body, chromium improves insulin production and release, making it available for the body. On the other side, zinc works on building immunity, boosting metabolism, and ensuring a healthy functional body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA); It is a compound that works like an antioxidant. Although ALA is already a part of the daily diet, due to poor dietary choices, sometimes the body becomes deficient and needs an external source to fill in for this deficiency. ALA supplements are readily available in the market as ‘energy boosters,’ but if you are using the LiGenics supplement for weight loss, there is no need to use an external supplement as it already contains ALA inside. Various studies on ALA prove its role in improving mitochondrial functions, leading to an increased generation and storage of energy inside the body. This energy lasts for a longer time, making a person active and energetic all day, despite losing weight.

Others; LiGenics formula also contains additional ingredients, but their values are minor. It further includes a proprietary blend (112mg) made with milk thistle seed extract, cayenne, ginseng, banaba leaf extract, and corosolic acid. All of these ingredients are herbally originated and have proven benefits for health. 

Overall, the ingredient list of LiGenics likely makes it stand out among all similar options promising weight loss benefits. Moreover, there are no additives, fillers, or hormones added to its composition as mentioned by the company; thus, it is least likely to go wrong for a user or cause any undesirable LiGenics side effect.

The effects of LiGenics pills may be different on different users, and based on their current body weight, dietary choices, and lifestyle habits, it may take variable time to produce noticeable results. Most LiGenics reviews by customers imply that most of them were able to see changes in their weight within the first month of using it. However, if you have to lose 10 pounds or more, it is better to continue its usage for three to six months. 

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How To Use LiGenics Pills?

Using the LiGenics metabolism formula is super easy; all that you need to do is take a glass of water. Swallow one pill like any multivitamin supplement or medicine with the help of this water and leave the rest to it. 

LiGenics comes in a pack of 60 capsules inside, and the daily recommendation is to take only two pills per day. The best time to take these capsules is in the morning. This way, the ingredients have an entire day to work on the deficiencies inside the body which otherwise make it hard to lose weight. 

Being a natural ingredient is not an excuse for experimentation. LiGenics is a potent formula that may still cause side effects if taken wrongly or in excess. It is advised to stick to the company’s guidelines to consume it and never exceed the daily dosage in any case. 

Dietary supplements should not be confused with medicines. LiGenics is not a medicine, and it can’t treat any medical condition. If you suspect that your obesity issue is linked with a disease such as PCOS or thyroid problem, it is high time you contact a doctor and get yourself checked first. Once this primary tissue is controlled, managing weight may not be a problem. 

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Where To Buy LiGenics? Pricing Information and Discounts 

The only place where you can find LiGenics diet supplement is its official website. There are no other distributors and vendors of this supplement. So visit today to place an order now.

The actual price of one LiGenics bottle is $297, however, the company has introduced a discount offer which cuts its original price to $59 only. Plus, if you buy more bottles at one time, the price can further reduce to as low as $39 only.

Read the following pricing guidelines to know the final sum that you would be paying. 

  • One Bottle of LiGenics capsules (30-day supply)- $59.00 + Shipping charges 
  • Three Bottle Deal of LiGenics (90-day supply)- $49.00 + Free Shipping 
  • Six Bottle Deal of LiGenics (180-day supply)- $39.00 + Free Shipping 

Typically, people buy only one bottle, try it and then decide about continuing its use. But if you are on a limited health budget and can only afford $200-$300 in total, the best is to buy a bundle pack. Buying a three bottles bundle will lower the overall price to $147 all-inclusive, and the six-bottles pack for $234 all-inclusive. Moreover, bundle packs are shipped for free so that you would be saving that money, too. 

All orders are protected with a solid money-back offer. The company is so confident about this formula that it is ready to return the order value to all unhappy customers. If you have tried LiGenics diet pills and think that it is not a suitable choice for you, feel free to contact the company and ask for a refund. The time to avail of this refund is 60 days after purchasing the LiGenics bottles. There are no questions asked, but you have to return the used/unused bottles to the company. Also, the company won’t pay you for this return parcel, and you have to bear these charges. 

The LiGenics refund policy is applicable on all orders purchased from the official website only. If you have purchased it from other sources, the company will certainly know about it and will reject your refund request right away. 

If you wish to search for any LiGenics Amazon ads or try finding them in local stores, you are not likely to succeed as this supplement is only available for purchase on its official website. Consider all other offers as a LiGenics scam and stay away from them.

About The Company Behind LiGenics – GenicsCare

From the details mentioned on, LiGenics is a product designed by a retired industrial engineer named Jacob Stewart, who lives in Arizona. There are not many details about the production unit of this supplement, but Jacob ensures that it meets all the quality standards followed in the U.S. 

The supplement is sold through BuyGoods, and all the product-related questions are also answered through BuyGoods, not through the creator directly.

Here is how you can contact the company regarding product information. 

LiGenics Reviews – Conclusion 

Keeping in view all the information provided in this LiGenics review, it appears that this dietary formula can likely induce real-time weight loss benefits. It can cater not one or two but four aspects of obesity, all of which carry equal importance in weight management. By working on insulin, metabolism, hormones, and fat storage altogether, LiGenics pills target metabolism to burn all the calories that the body consumes.

The original price this supplement is much higher, but right now, it is now available for a discounted price. All orders are backed up with a return option where you can get a full refund of your order if you find it unhelpful. For more details, orders, and questions regarding LiGenics pills, visit the official website here.

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