5 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Protect Your Wristwatch

Buying new watches and building a collection can be fun. Watches hold meaning, and every piece tells a story. It doesn’t matter if you own just one piece or a dozen; protecting them is essential. These watches are valuable, and you would be at a loss if they ever get damaged or stolen. But if you prefer a fantastic watch but want it to be budget-friendly, visit https://www.spotthewatch.com/best-affordable-watches-under-100. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to treating yourself to a stunning timepiece but without having to break the bank.

Suppose you’re unsure how to store your watch correctly or aren’t comfortable with the necessary steps to safeguard your precious piece. In that case, you should contact a professional horologist who can make the storage procedure quick and straightforward for you. That being said, simply stacking up your watch in your dresser isn’t the best way to protect them. Here are five mistakes you should avoid to prevent needing watch repair services.  

1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures and Direct Sunlight

To ensure your watch stays protected and lasts longer, you need to keep it out of extreme temperatures and light. Watch faces and bands may crack when exposed to sunlight. How you store your watch does depend on what type of watch you have. If you have a leather watch band, you should keep it in a cool, dry area. You should keep watches with leather straps like most NOMOS Glashutte. If your watch has a metal case, then you should avoid magnets. 

2. Avoid Storing Your Watch in Unsuitable Places

When it comes to watches, there are two basic types: analog and digital. The glass or crystal encasing your watch keeps time. However, it also displays the time in either numbers or seconds. Because of this, all watch styles utilize some type of display.  The watch case, which is the most significant part of your watch, holds all of the inner workings of your wristwatch and protects them from damage as well. Watch boxes vary significantly in size depending on what shape of watch you need it to cover. 

There are watch boxes most suitable for watches with round cases, square cases, and rectangular cases. Although some watches come with a box, the packaging box might not be the most suitable place to store your wristwatch. Depending on how expensive your watch is, the box might not be made of high-quality materials. In that case, you would need an alternative option. 

3. Invest in a Suitable Box

You might want to opt for a bigger box. There are a few different things that a watch case should contain. For one thing, the watch box needs to be large enough to accommodate all of your watches comfortably. 

If you have many watches, then it’s probably a good idea to invest in a custom-made watch case. These come in various sizes and can often be customized with your preferred material, color, and shape. A watch case made of thick material such as leather will keep all of your jewelry from scratch. 

If you travel regularly, you might need a box with a handle. Investing in a quality watch travel box will help protect your timepieces when you travel. Having quality travel boxes also allows you to store other valuables in an attractive and accessible manner.

4. Avoid Scratches and Polish Regularly 

Watches are made of metals and are bound to get scratched along the way. To maintain your watch’s luster and pristine condition, it is recommended you use a polish cloth for gentle buffing once in a while. Some watches come with a polisher embedded in their case; if not, you can look for a high-quality polisher that will make it appear brand new.

When you are polishing your watch, it is vital to know what you need to avoid. First, always make it a habit to clean your watch after every time you wear it. Second, do not polish your watch if it is damp. Water particles can get into the inner workings, which will affect your watch’s overall performance. 

5. Avoid Cleaning With Chemicals 

While cleaning your watch, you should avoid using cleaning chemicals as this might be harmful to your watch. Some cleaning agents have a chemical element that can damage the rubber component of your wristwatch. There are also special cleaners that need to be applied carefully. 

Buffing is an excellent method that you can use to get rid of any small or big blemishes on your clothes. You do not have to spend too much money to do so. Once you get the hang of it, you can even try to buff your clothes. 


Knowing how to store and care for your wristwatch correctly will allow you to keep it safe and in good condition for many years. Watch repair can be expensive compared to the little effort you need to maintain them.

Your watch can be an essential part of your appearance and personal style, so you want to make sure that it is in the best shape possible. There are several ways to protect your wristwatch, and the methods will all depend on what type of watch it is and how you plan to use it.

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