Breeze Maxx Reviews – Waste of Money or BreezeMaxx Portable Air Conditioner Legit?

Breeze Maxx AC is a small, compact, and portable air cooler that will make your summers cool this year. According to the official Breeze Maxx website, it cleans, improves, and cools the air making it easy to tolerate the scorching summer heat. 

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Climate change has drastically affected temperature, making it go to extremes that were never heard or seen before. In some areas, these temperature changes are so drastic that people are forced to try cooling solutions and without them, passing the summer weather is a nightmare. If you are living in a hot and humid area, there is absolutely no life without an air cooler and air conditioners, as the weather is totally unpredictable. 

Most people use the built-in temperature control systems and air conditioning units, but what to do when you can’t afford a centrally controlled temperature unit or live in a shared facility where these types of options are only a solo investment? People who live or share an office with other people know this idea that having one old air conditioner is not going to save all of them. Not only does it consume a lot of electricity, but it also does nothing in terms of temperature changes.

So does this mean you have to tolerate suffocating summer heat because you can’t afford a hefty investment? Do you wish there could be something to change it? Say no more; Breeze Maxx is here to make your day. 

breeze maxx

Breeze Maxx air conditioner is a modern, small, and creatively designed air cooler that is a savior for your summer days. It is an affordable air cooler plus humidifier that is enough for a single person. If you have seen people using it and are interested in giving it a try, read this Breeze Maxx review before proceeding with the order. By the end of this review, all the confusion in your mind would vanish, and you will get to know about options on where to buy Breeze Maxx for a discounted price. Here is everything that you would like to know.

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Breeze Maxx Review

All air conditioners work on the same principle; they remove the heat from an enclosed capacity by pushing it outside. Then they blow the cool and chilly air back to the room, creating an enjoyable environment no matter how hot it gets outside. The method through which the machine completes this air cycle involves several pipes, which are called evaporator coils. These coils are the same as in the refrigerator that keeps the food cold. 

This evaporative coil has a coolant surrounding it which could be in liquid form or a gas; either way, it absorbs the heat from the room air and pumps it to another coil while removing it from the room. Here it cools this air and sends it back inside, using a device called a compressor that is responsible for moving this cycle between these two coils. This entire process needs electricity to run, and when the device becomes old, the consumption of electricity increases, which adds to your monthly bill.

It is no lie that an air conditioner is a necessity, but many times, when people share a roof with others, the efficiency of an air cooler is compromised. No one really takes responsibility for the maintenance, and if it is around a sandy area or an area with wild winds, the air filters are most likely to get blocked with dirt, sand, and other particles, blocking the air.

The dirty compressor, faulty motors, incorrect thermostat, leaked coolant, and many other reasons can justify a slow cooling air conditioner. Does this mean you should spend a load of money on replacing or arranging its maintenance? Probably not a good idea when you have a limited budget. So here is an alternative. Invest into a small portable air cooler that you can take anywhere and use whenever needed. 

Breeze Maxx portable AC is one such option that would save you from all of this. But there are tons of similar products available, and honestly, all of them look the same to a new user. It is necessary to do a complete background check before finalizing one option to spend your money. Although Breeze Maxx is not expensive, it doesn’t mean you can waste money on it, especially when it is not suitable for you. Continue reading this Breeze Maxx review to know if this AC is a good option for you or not. 

What is Breeze Maxx?

Breeze Maxx is a tiny air-cooling system that can make a person comfortable with its super cooling power and lightweight design. If you are looking for something to make your summer easy and need a single user device, it is the right option for you.

This small ac is designed for a small room or suitable for single-person usage. You can move it around anywhere, plug it and start enjoying the cool breeze without spending hundreds of dollars on a fully functional ac unit and the electricity bill that would come next. It is specially designed for lone users or in areas where you don’t really expect people with you.  

Breeze Maxx is presented chiefly as an air cooler, but according to the official website, it can also be used as a humidifier. A humidifier is a device that clears the air from toxins, allergens, dust, and other waste materials that may initiate an allergic reaction, sinus issue, flu, or any related condition. This ac catches all allergens with the help of a special filter used inside, plus the humidity generated through a water body makes the air quality better and more breathable. 

Based on most Breeze Maxx reviews online, it has helped customers clean and cool the air without costing a fortune. Click here to read Breeze Maxx customer reviews on the official website. 

Breeze Maxx Product Specifications

According to the official website, here are the technical specifications of this air conditioner. You can cross-check or discuss them with any technology expert for surety.

Model: WT-F10

Material Used: ABS / SilicaGel

Product Dimensions: 6.69×5.98×6.18”

Average Weight: 776g

Input Charge: 5V

Water Tank Volume: 380mL

Speed of Motor: 2,200rpm (low setting), 3,100rpm (middle settings), or 3,600rpm (high settings)

Current Used: 0.2A to 1.0A

Working Charge: 1W to 5W

Items In Every Box: Main body, water curtain, USB charging cable, and instruction booklet 

Working Of Breeze Maxx Portable AC Explained 

Breeze Maxx AC is not just any other portable air conditioner; it is a 4-in-1 option enriched with a Polartec coated unit for cooling the air. It contains 2-pieces of water tank that locks with each other and provide cool, humid air for a very long time. 

Unlike most air conditioners that remove the moisture from the room, Breeze Maxx adds it to the air. All air conditioners are based on an evaporation and condensation mechanism using metallic coils; however, Breeze Maxx is different as it uses a built-in system for temperature control, cooling the air, and adding humidity to it. 

You might have heard people complaining that their air conditioner is making their skin dry. Well, it is not the case when you choose Breeze Maxx AC + Humidifier. It doesn’t suck the moisture from the skin or make it dry. In fact, it adds moisture to the air, making your skin enjoy the best of its health. Hence an environment built by this small AC is much more health-friendly than any professional-grade air conditioner installed in your room. 

The Breeze Maxx air conditioner does two things;

  • It cools the air 

Breeze Maxx air conditioner cools the air with the help of two bodies inside. One of them is a water tank and the other is a water curtain. During this cooling mechanism, it adds moisture to the air, making it easier for the skin and breath. 

Every AC comes with a water tank that has to be filled before you switch it on. This water is used to create the moisture that makes Breeze Maxx AC no less than a humidifier. While the water curtain is needed to pass the air before releasing it to the other end. The process of evaporation takes place here in this water curtain using the moisture from the water tank.  When the air cools, the temperature of air gradually decreases, it becomes cool and then it is released from the other side.  

  • It filters the air

Almost all portable air conditioners work as air coolants. But Breeze Maxx is a lot more than an air coolant. As mentioned before, it has four-in-one features that include; cooling the air, adding humidity, circulating the air, and filtering the air. Despite being a small AC, it can spread throughout the room but if your room size is bigger, place it in front of you to get the direct air. It can also remove contaminants from the air, such as dust and allergens. 

If you have allergies, this AC is probably the best investment to make this summer.  First the air passes through a filter that removes all toxic materials, after which it is sent to the water curtain where water from the tank adds humidity to it. Finally, a cool, clean and fresh air is expelled from the other side directly facing the user. 

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Best Features Of Breeze Maxx

As per the official Breeze Maxx website, here are its best product features. 

  • 4-in-1 Product 

Breeze Maxx has four functions that it performs at the same time. It provides cool air, changes the humidity of the room, cleans the air, and circulates it all around. It is like you are using a fan, AC, humidifier, and air purifier at the same time. But would you spend your money on buying four products when you can get all of them in one?  

  • Cools the Room

BreezeMaxx is a small size machine that is designed for one-person use only. If you are planning to use it in a room, pay attention to the room size. If it is a small size room, this air conditioner plus humidifier is perfect for it. But if your room is above average size, this AC is probably not enough for it. So you would either need multiple portable AC or a professional built-in air conditioner. 

  • Ease of Usage 

Breeze Maxx is very user-friendly. No matter what your age is and how ‘technically informed’ you are, having this device in your hand has nothing to do with it. All that you have to do is to add water to the tank and plug the device. Leave the rest on this AC, as it will start working immediately.  

  • Clears Allergens 

It is common to use an air purifier to clear the toxins, dust, and allergens in a room or house. But an air purifier is an expensive device, and keeping it running along with a humidifier and an air conditioner might increase your electricity bill to a very high level. It is wise to invest in a product like Breeze Maxx portable AC that serves all the purposes without adding much to your financial burden.  

  • No Maximum Usage 

Unlike the rechargeable AC and coolers that only work for a few hours, you can use Breeze Maxx for as long as you want if you plan to wish it for a longer time, set your preferred level, and keep a check on the water tank. You are good to go for a few hours, after which you might have to refill the water body that literally takes 10 seconds.  

  • Zero Installation Needed

As it is a small and portable device, it doesn’t need any installation, so you will definitely save the cost of a technician that is common with other air conditioners. You can self-start this AC by plugging it into the electricity with a full water tank and enjoy the cool air right away. 

  • Unique design 

Breeze Maxx has an innovative design that is different from any typical air conditioning unit. It is also different from other handy air conditioners that you may find in the market. Its lightweight, small size, and compact design make it more handy and even travel-friendly. 

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Directions To Use Breeze Maxx

Here is how to use your brand new Breeze Maxx portable AC.  

Once you receive the product, unbox it carefully and take everything out. You can easily spot the water tank that is on one side of it. Simply add water into it to its full capacity, then put the unit to an electric source using the USB cable that comes in the box. This water tank is an optional thing and if you don’t wish to make the air humid, simply skip the step where you add water into it.

You can even connect this AC to your computer using the USB port or if there is a power outlet near it, plug it in it. Turning it on would start the default fan option. You have to press the button that changes its modes and choose between small, medium, and high settings. Continue using it for as long as you want. Although adding the water is optional, filling the water tank improves Breeze Maxx AC’s efficiency and working.  

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Maintenance Tips For Breeze Maxx Portable AC 

Breeze Maxx portable AC requires little to no maintenance. You only need to clean the water tank if you are using it excessively.. Plus, the water absorption curtain may need a replacement after some time determined by your usage of this device. 

Changing this curtain requires no professional expertise. If you wish to change the curtain, unplug and switch off the BreezeMaxx AC and remove its top cover. Here you will clearly see the water absorption curtain. Simply soak it and then replace it. Add the top cover back, and you are all set to use it. 

Here is an additional tip; if you don’t plan to use your Breeze Maxx air conditioner for a very long time, remove its water and dry the water absorption curtain with a blow-dryer. This curtain is good for six to eight months, but if you leave it soaked with a full water body for weeks or months, it is most likely to become moldy and unusable. Follow a proper cleaning plan when you switch off your AC after the summer ends, or it will become useless soon. 

breeze maxx reviews

Where To Buy Breeze Maxx Portable AC? Pricing Details and Discounts 

If you are interested in giving it a try, here is good news. Breeze Maxx portable AC is now available online and is only a few clicks away from you. To make it easier, here is the link to the official website. 

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The price of one Breeze Maxx portable AC unit is $89. But you can save a lot of money when you choose to buy multiple units for your friends or family members. However, we recommend buying a single unit to give it a test drive before purchasing in bulk.

Here are the pricing details; 

  • Get One Breeze Maxx air conditioner for $89.99 
  • Get Two Breeze Maxx AC units for $170.98 
  • Get Three Breeze Maxx units for $242.97 
  • Get Four Breeze Maxx units for $305.97 
  • Get Five Breeze Maxx units for $359.96

Shipping charges are applicable. You will get the main body, water curtain, a USB cable for its charging, and a booklet with instructions for every order. There is no need to buy any accessory for it as the company includes all its parts in every order. 

The company is currently offering a one-time offer with three years extended warranty for $48.59 only. This amount will get you 100% protection for the next three years that this product works without an error. 

BreezeMaxx Refund Policy 

All Breeze Maxx orders come with a 30-day refund policy. During this time, if you don’t like this product or find it unfit for you, contact the company and get a refund of your money. The company needs no reason to proceed with this refund request. All requests are taken seriously without making it unnecessarily complicated for the user. The only requirement is to file the refund request within 30 days of the purchase, after which this offer will automatically expire. 

The company keeps a full record of all its sales, so a lie is not going to save you. Your refund request will be marked with your order number, which would be confirmed from their records first before proceeding. Also, this money-back offer is only valid for the ACs purchased through the official website and is not applicable to the devices bought from unreliable sources.   

Note: you have to return the Breeze Maxx AC back to the company in original packaging without damage. If you are unable to provide it, the company will instantly reject your refund request.  

The Company Behind Breeze Maxx

Breeze Maxx is a US-made product created by a company that is located in New Jersey. It is not the only product made by this company; in fact, there are so many other electronics launched by them. 

The physical address for this company is as follows.

2345 hall Road, Union, NJ 07083

The company has an active customer care line to address the questions and queries on products, orders, deliveries, and returns. Here is how to contact them.


Phone: 1-877-821-0177

Breeze Maxx Reviews – Conclusion

Breeze Maxx is a small, affordable, and easy to use a cooling system that is currently in stock and ready for purchase. It is perfect for single-person usage and can be moved anywhere in a house or office. There is a water tank and water curtain inside, which helps to add moisture to the cool air coming out of it, making it more enjoyable and easy on the lungs. 

The company is currently offering a huge discount in the form of bundle packs. All orders are protected with a 30-day money back offer, so there is no financial loss involved. Don’t think anymore, and get ready to welcome summer with your Breeze Maxx portable AC.  

Visit The Official Website Here to Order Breeze Maxx Portable AC

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