Kratom Vs Matcha: Key Similarities & Differences

Kratom is mostly considered a special and different plant. Regardless, it is still imperative to look at its functionality and working when contrasted with other natural products. Experts advise that you absorb as much information as you can about kratom before consuming it. One natural product that it can be compared with is green tea/matcha. 

Both of these herbal products are rooted in dried-out leaves. Many people think that it contains many benefits because of the alkaloids. Traditional retailers like Supernaturalbotanical will usually sell kratom and matcha in a green, powdered form. Typically, this is a powdered form of the herbal plant. For matcha, it is taken from tea and in kratom’s case it’s in powdered form. Both of them differ in nay ways. In this article, we will discuss the comparison of both the products.

Origin of Kratom Vs. Matcha

Kratom is usually found in the Southeast Asian Pacific Islands. Places like Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea is where kratom is the most common. Although it has been around for centuries before. People have been using it for many years. Nowadays, it has made its way into being used in social gatherings and religious rituals. But before this, it was very common in all aspects in many different countries.

Matcha is typically originated from green tea that is crushed into a powdered form so that it can be consumed by humans. The method of dipping it in hot water to have it as green tea is very popular among people. Chinese were among the first tea drinkers of the world, with evidence of tea found in great historian’s tombs. This tradition has trickled down in Japan as well. People believe that even though china started the preparation, it was japan who did it the right way.

Chemistry of Kratom Vs. Matcha

Mitragyna speciosa commonly known as kratom is a natural supplement used as a remedy for fibromyalgia pain. It is a magic drug usually found in Southeast Asia. Chemical composition of kratom is an alkaloid named as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It eases the aches and relieve the muscular stress. The leaves of the plant can be chewed as medicine. In low doses it do not affect the neurological system of the brain but long term use of mitragynine can reinforce addiction of the drug.

Now taking a look at their chemistry, we see that both the plants, kratom, and matcha have alkaloids residing in them. Alkaloids are considered as an extremely beneficial element having numerous advantages on the consumer. This trait is very common in the entirety of the plant world.

The effects that are caused by alkaloids are due to the presence of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. In green tea and other types of tea plants, the main alkaloid is always caffeine. Although caffeine is namely used for coffee, it is also present in cocoa, tea, drinks, and other plants. Usually, you can find this alkaloid in the leaves of kratom. As far as caffeine in tea plants is concerned, cultivators typically like growing it in shade. The reason for this is because the process becomes slower, hence causing more caffeine to be produced.

Uses of Kratom Vs. Matcha

There are countless advantages of kratom that can be accessible to consumers. Feedback from some of the users states that it can get rid of fatigue and tiredness in an instant. On top of that, it increases the energy levels as well. There have been numerous times where people say that it is a great product to help increase relaxation. It can affect different parts of your body. It may help ease the mind or maybe the body or simply help in making your mood better. It entirely depends on the strain the user consumes. 

Green tea is another drink that is loved by many tea drinkers. The people who have it religiously claim it to be very uplifting and helps in the improvement of focus. Another use of green tea is its power to instantly boost energy. Matcha and kratom have very different flavor which some people enjoy a lot. Like numerous tea products, it can also be prepared with decaffeinated matcha powder.

Fibromyalgia pain is effectively cured by using this drug. It is available in the market in paste, capsule and tablet form. The active alkaloids mainly mitragynine has an analgesic effect on the muscular aches. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which is helpful in easing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It works on the same principles as opiates but it is not an opiate. It reduces the pain by blocking the brain’s detection of any pain, injury, or wound and relieves the pain.For this reason kratom is an effective drug for the treatment of musculoskeletal pains.

But due to its opiate like behavior it is labeled as a Drug of Concern by FDA and is not legally recommended for medicinal purposes.Major side effects of the drug are nausea and constipation while long term use may cause spasm, insomnia, tremors and sometimes hallucinations.

Preparation of Kratom Vs. Matcha

The traditional method of its consumption is by chewing on the leaves of the kratom tree. This is where you will be able to get the most out of the alkaloids part of kratom. People tend to nibble on dried or fresh leaves. However, in today’s world, retail marketers sell kratom in a powdered form. They are crushed so much that they take a powdered form. This can be consumed either directly or added to tea. Other retailers prefer to sell the extracts of kratom. 

On the other hand, we see that matcha is crushed powder. There is s a proper methodology of how harvesters plan on growing matcha. They believe that the tea grown in the shade is much finer. Although this does cost them more and is also very time-consuming. Once it undergoes the entire process, it can then be added to tea for consumption. People usually want to add to hot milk and make matcha lattes. Matcha is also a famous product to add flavoring for other products. These products vary from mochi ice cream to soba noodles.

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