The Menopausal Switch Reviews (Deborah Murtagh) Real Results or Waste of Money? 

The Menopausal Switch is a digital guide aimed at middle-aged women, educating them about menopause and how to pass this phase with ease. The person behind this program is named Deborah Murtagh, who is a medical doctor and a certified weight loss coach. According to her, this program helps reduce inflammation, sleeping difficulties, and mood-related disorders while maintaining a healthy weight. 

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Menopause is a natural phase and every woman has to go through it. Usually, weight fluctuations are normal during this period but without any prior information, it is hard to follow with these body changes. As a result, the body goes into stress, gains weight, and becomes obese, which makes a woman even more anxious. This time begins somewhere between 45 and 55 years of age and lasts for nearly one year. Menopausal symptoms are extremely uncomfortable such as hot flashes, anxiety, unexplained mood changes and weight gain. 

Interestingly, it may not require a medical treatment unless there is some real issue affecting the health. Many times, it’s just that the woman is not ready for menopause and she has no prior information about what is going to happen next. This leads to anxiety and makes this period even more difficult for her. 

The Menopausal Switch by Deborah Murtagh is a 21-day guide that explains everything about this process. Deborah discusses natural strategies and ways to handle menopausal symptoms that lower the stress and obesity linked with this stage. Is this information based on scientific evidence? Who is Deborah Murtagh and is she a credible person to write these guidelines? Find out everything in this The Menopausal Switch review.   

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The Menopausal Switch Review – What Is Menopause?  

Menopause is a time when your menstrual cycle stops and fertility drops. It is identified by going 12 months without any single menstrual period. The average age where menopausal symptoms start to show is between the ’40s and ’50s, but in the US, the average age to go through menopause is 51 years. But there are many ethnic, genetic, or environmental factors involved to determine this age. 

This period is a developmental phase, just like puberty, and the only difference is that the body prepares itself for older age. The hormones begin to change, the body loses fertility, and this process causes a number of uncomfortable symptoms that could make everyday life extremely hard. Some of these symptoms are;

  • Irregular periods 
  • Vaginal itching and dryness 
  • Hot flashes 
  • Excessive sweating at night 
  • Mood changes
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Sagginess of breasts 
  • Sleeping difficulties 
  • Hair thinning and hair fall 
  • Slow metabolism

These issues are common in all cases, and only their intensity changes in every woman. Having prior information about menopause helps women manage these signs. Plus, the herbal remedies and solutions make all of this easier without requiring any medical help. 

The Menopausal Switch is a guideline that explains this whole process in the simplest manner, helping every woman who is unsure about what would happen to her. Keep on reading this The Menopausal Switch review to know what’s inside it and how it helps. 

the menopausal switch

What To Know About The Menopausal Switch?

The Menopausal Switch is an informative guide designed on natural principles and remedies to help women manage their hormonal shifts. Typically, women search for over-the-counter medicines, diet pills, and other supplements, thinking all of this is due to ‘weaknesses. Little they know is that menopausal symptoms are common, and every single woman has to go through them. Also, the use of medicines only offers limited help, and excessive use of medicines can cause a lot of complications. 

If you are in your 40’s and expect menopause to hit you soon, it is the perfect time to get yourself prepared beforehand. This entire guide is simple and easy to follow by all women. It not only explains how to manage menopausal symptoms but also helps to understand your body. The information mentioned in The Menopausal Switch helps independent of diet and workout plan. 

Everything inside The Menopausal Switch is based on scientifically approved facts and simple to follow plans that work within no time. All this information is based on independent studies, providing safe solutions for menopause symptoms. Within a few days, you will start experiencing changes in your symptoms, including dizziness, cramps, flashes, and sleeping difficulties.

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How Does The Menopausal Switch Help?

The Menopausal Switch program is based on the approach that women have to understand their hormonal changes are normal, and they can help themselves by controlling the onset of menopausal symptoms. Menopause hits aging women, and at this time, the body is at high vulnerability to weakness, slow metabolism, sexual dysfunction, unexplained weight gain, and fatigue. All of these symptoms are a normal part of aging, but when the body starts this hormonal transition, managing these symptoms becomes impossible.  

Deborah mainly focuses on weight changes that are common during this time. It is normal for women to gain weight, but this hormonal change shouldn’t be a reason to be obese. Besides, metabolism is different for everyone, but having a little help on the subject can make it easy.

Inside The Menopausal Switch, Deborah explains the simplest strategies that help control weight gain and manage the symptoms associated with menopause, thus ensuring a happy and healthy life. According to the official website (, this program has helped more than 40 thousand women successfully manage menopausal symptoms.   

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What’s Inside The Menopausal Switch Guide?

Hormone Class method: this is a method that explains the working of hormones that directly play a role in weight loss after menopause starts. It teaches every reader about how to deal with hormonal imbalance and save yourself from unnecessary stress. 

Clean Your mind, home, and body: these self-care techniques prepare you to deal with the changes taking place in your body. It also explains the injuries caused by synthetic hormonal medicines and supplements that offer miraculous benefits but are actually more damaging for the body.  

Flipping The Menopause Switch: it teaches about the hormonal shift and how to make this shift more manageable. These methods are based on natural solutions, using no medicines, hormonal pills, or supplements to make menopausal symptoms easy.

Medical Proof – it is based on medical advancements explaining the whole menopausal process giving an idea about the changes that it makes. 

Components Of The Menopausal Switch Program

The above-mentioned learning opportunities have been added into three eBooks that are a part of The Menopausal Switch. Here is a quick summary of each of these guides.  

Book Number One: The Menopausal Switch Quick Start Guide

This book is the primary guide to understand menopausal weight loss. It explains eight unique methods that induce natural fat burning leading to a highly desirable weight. 

Book Number Two: The 21-Day Menopausal Switch eBook

This is an extensive guide that provides a 21-day program covering everything about what happens and how to tackle the symptoms during menopause. In this eBook, the individuals will learn the basic steps that help to activate the “Menopausal Switch” that stays dormant inside the body and is only activated when you make efforts. 

Deborah says that she has tested these phases, each of which lasts for seven days. Following this information accelerates the fat burning process through high metabolism, cognition, and energy levels. 

Book Number Three: The Menopausal Switch Food Plan

The last book is based on the diet and nutrition that these menopausal women need. They will get to know about various food sources that provide essential nutrients to the body and are low in calories. Hence, their intake is better than consuming random diet plans. Moreover, Deborah also explains how to create portion sizes, food pyramids, calorie count, and different recipes that can be easily replicated.  

To make it more clear, this guide comes with 20 video-based tutorials explaining the Wholefood Secrets Cooking School. This information provides guidance on how to make diet recipes that are easy on the stomach and don’t affect hormonal health.  

Other Resources  

  • 21-Day Menopausal Switch Weight Loss Tracker: this is a document with columns and sections to make entries and mark your progress. 
  • 21-Day Menopausal Switch Weight Loss Diary: here, you can add entries about your dietary intake and overall experience after taking certain types of foods or trying the recipes. 
  • A Direct Access to the Facebook community of 10,000 Users: through this, you will connect with the existing and new members of The Menopausal Switch. You can share information, ask questions, and participate in live presentations about making this process even better.  
  • FB Live X10: it includes the Top 10 Facebook presentations by Deborah on how to understand your body and make peace with it. These presentations are in two parts; the first is “The Mindset Portion,” and the second is “The Execution of the Plan.”

So far, it appears that The Menopausal Switch not just makes menopause but overall aging easier for a woman. Weight management is highly desirable with or without menopause for women of all ages. The information provided by this manual is helpful even after menopause is over. You can continue following diet control and remedies to maintain your weight for as long as you want. 

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Step By Step Working Of The Menopausal Switch 

The Menopausal Switch uses science-based solutions for managing weight and other menopausal symptoms. Deborah Murtagh, the person behind the creation of this program, is a medical professional with a specialization in hormonal health. She has used her years-long knowledge to help to make natural aging easier for women and saving them from the health risks waiting for them. Hundreds of women have already tried this program and call it a real-time help. 

This guidebook’s wording and writing style is simple and understandable for people of all educational backgrounds. It doesn’t use fancy words or medical jargon that is impossible to understand by an average person. In the simplest manner, Deborah explains all information and their potential solutions for the user.  

The biggest hurdle to start this self-care plan is that most women don’t know where and how to start. They start to experience metabolic changes, but none of them make sense because they assume it is normal. Only menopause is a normal thing; making yourself suffer its severe symptoms is not normal, and there is no reason to undergo them. 

Deborah Murtagh’s The Menopausal Switch tells practical and handy techniques that can help to avoid all these issues altogether. Following these plans, every woman can manage hot flashes, mood-related symptoms, sexual strength, and metabolism affected by hormonal change. 

From start to end, the complete information is listed. It is not necessary that one has to be in menopause to know this information. Knowing it before the symptoms hit you is probably better. Following are three steps that help to regain this control over the body. 

STEP One: first, it educates about the little changes in the diet and lifestyle that affect weight loss and hormonal health. Having this basic knowledge about how a woman’s bodywork is necessary, once it is clear, devising the remedies and plans to control its functions becomes easier. 

STEP Two: this step focuses on metabolic boost. Here you will start a weight loss journey with full zeal and zest which is uncommon when you follow a restrictive diet or a weight loss exercise plan. You will start to learn new things and value your body again, despite aging. 

STEP three: this is the final step where you will learn and impose the techniques to reward your body. The strategies added here will improve the body’s overall health, saving it from menopause symptoms and general health risks common for older individuals.   

Where To Buy The Menopausal Switch? Price and Refund Policy

If you are convinced to give it a try, The Menopausal Switch is only a few seconds away from you. 

Click Here To Get Instant Access to The Menopausal Switch Program by Deborah Murtagh

This is a digital product that is available online for direct purchase at It is only available on the company’s official website, and you can’t find it anywhere else. Give it a reading to understand how you can flip this hormonal switch and live a life like every other woman. Also, this book is available for an amazingly low price, which makes it highly affordable for everyone. 

You can get The Menopausal Switch by paying $37 only. This is a one-time payment that includes all eBooks and video guides included in the program. After confirming the order online and completing the payment, you will get a confirmatory email with a link that allows you to access and download these eBooks right away. However, it requires an active internet connection. 

The role played by The Menopausal Switch in managing menopausal weight gain is remarkable, and Deborah urges every woman who is over 40 years of age to have its copy. Every woman has to go through this phase sooner or later, so it is better to prepare for it. 

Lastly, every order of The Menopausal Switch comes with a 60-day refund option. Within these 60 days, you can decide if it is worth your money or not. In case you don’t find this information helpful, the company will gladly refund you.  

Just contact the company and let them know about your decision. The plans inside The Menopausal Switch take only 3-4 weeks to show the results. So this 60 day time period is enough to decide about it. Most followers will notice changes in their health within the first two weeks but make sure to follow the instructions for a full-time period, as suggested. 

If you can’t see any changes and find this product unhelpful, contact the company and tell them about your final decision. Remember this refund request has to be made within 60 days; after that, the company will not cater to your request. There is no cancellation or discontinuing fee, and you will be returned the full sum of your order value. 

A Quick Summary Of The Menopausal Switch Program

The Menopausal Switch program has so much to offer to women who are in their menopausal age. Though individual results may vary, here is a list of the pros and cons of The Menopausal Switch guide to help you make your final decision.  


  • Simple, easy-to-follow program
  • Doesn’t require any equipment
  • May prevent weight gain and fix issues in metabolism 
  • Helps maintain a stable hormonal health 
  • Provides the emotional support needed during menopause
  • Helps relieve menopausal symptoms without medicines 
  • Doesn’t require any strenuous exercises or workouts 
  • doesn’t require any weight loss diet 
  • Helps clear the body from toxins 
  • Makes aging easy and smooth 
  • Makes a woman feel young without any medical issue 
  • Regulates the sleep cycle protecting from insomnia 
  • Maintains mood changes and saves from mood disorders 
  • Helps ease hot flashes, numbness, and night sweats. 
  • Improves sexual health and keeps your sexual health alive 


  • It is only available online, and you can’t possibly buy it from any other source. 
  • It is not accessible without an internet connection. 
  • Its results may vary in every user, as per health status and body response. 

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Is The Menopausal Switch System Legit?

Menopausal therapy doesn’t only include the medicines and supplements that a doctor may prescribe you. It also includes the dietary and lifestyle changes that make this phase much more manageable. Changing the lifestyle, switching to healthy, low-calorie food, and following an active lifestyle make this hormonal shift easier. It also saves you from gaining weight which is highly desirable when you are aging as older age slows down metabolism and increases the likelihood of obesity. Considering all this, The Menopausal Switch seems like the help that every woman needs in her life. 

The sudden changes in hormones are evident with age, and there is no way to ‘avoid’ them. However, with the help of natural remedies, diet, and lifestyle changes, this period can be passed without anxiety and medical issues. Anything that helps in this regard can’t be lying, especially if it doesn’t promote the use of medicines or supplements. 

The Menopausal Switch only focuses on natural solutions and doesn’t encourage using any supplementary help. These are the least chances of it to go wrong and cause side effects in any user. Likewise, there are more reasons to believe that it is a legit product and not a scam. 

The Menopausal Switch Reviews – Final Thoughts

In verdict, it is clear that The Menopausal Switch is worth spending your hard-earned money. If you are a woman who is already in the ’40s or soon to cross it, this is the best time you start taking your health seriously and be prepared for what’s coming next. From hormonal changes to weight fluctuations, menopause can cause everything. 

But it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of yourself and let the hormones take over. You have all the rights to live a healthy and happy life which is only possible when you get up and make decisions for yourself. These decisions include what to eat and how to plan your day, which becomes much easier when you have someone to guide you. 

Getting access to The Menopausal Switch is super easy; all it takes is an electronic device, i.e., a mobile phone or a laptop, and an active internet connection. This process takes no more than ten minutes, after which you can start the journey to a better you despite aging. 

What are you waiting for? All orders are protected with a 60-day money-back offer. If you don’t find this guide helpful, the company will refund your order value without hassle. Hurry up and get your copy of these eBooks before the discount offer ends. Visit the official website here to get instant access


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